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"I just Wanted You come Know" is a tune written by Tim Mensy and Gary Harrison and also recorded by American country music singer note Chesnutt. It to be released in November 1993 together the third single from his album practically Goodbye. The song reached number-one on the U. S. Billboard Hot nation Singles & monitor (now Hot country Songs) chart and on the Canadian RPM country Tracks chart.

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Are friend alone, have the right to you talk to one old friendRight or wrong, I had actually to hear her voice againUnwritten law, protocolSays to leave the previous aloneI just wanted you to recognize Sometimes driving home at night ns let your memory take controlAnd you"re sit by my sideI rotate up the radioAnd cruise under old path 59And girl it"s heavy gold, well, I"ll let friend goI just wanted you to knowThrough the vine, i heard your life has actually turned the end wellAs for mine, you recognize it"s really had to tell"Cause now and then what might have beenInterfaces through what can bePlease don"t cry, I"ll to speak goodbyeAnd i won"t contact you anymore

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note Chesnutt note Nelson Chesnutt (born September 6, 1963 in Beaumont, Texas) is an American nation music singer. Chesnutt recorded and also released his an initial album, doing My country Thing, in the late-1980s on private independent document label, Axbar Records, with the vinyl album version currently a collector"s item. His nationwide debut came in 1990 through the single, "Too Cold in ~ Home", the debut single from his 2nd album i beg your pardon was additionally titled also Cold at Home. Much more »


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