The one piece of assembly that i seem to have actually an awful the majority of is eyeshadow. And also as I’ve browsed through my palettes, they all seem to have something in common. They all share a very similar colour story. I’m a warm kinda guy; so over there are particular palettes that will always appeal come me (even if I have every the shade already).

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My very first eye shadow palettes were from urban Decay. I think I stated in my critical palette review, that the Naked warm palette is most likely my ride-or-die palette. If I could only usage ONE color pension from here on after, that would be it. But not everyone deserve to afford Urban degeneration prices. I mean, also I can’t afford the a lot of the time. Therefore I determined to look at some an ext affordable options.

As ns browsed every the pharmacy brands in Superdrug, there was one display screen that recorded my eye; makeup Revolution. Every little thing on the display screen looked choose it was decent quality… however the prices. They were so cheap. Now, us all know that cheap doesn’t always mean good; however after playing around with a few palettes, and covering mine arms with swatches; i spotted the New-Trals vs Neutrals palette and I knew it was coming home with me. That was also £6.99. Yes, that’s right. Less than £7!!! because that 16 shadows… and also a brush… oh it all appeared too great to it is in true… yet in mine basket the went.






New-Trals room the new Neutrals. Update your brand-new natural eye looks v the brand-new generation of natural shades.

So new NATURAL becomes NEW-TRAL… yeah ns still don’t get it either. Therefore what’s in the palette? Well, you obtain 16 shades in a mix of matte and shimmer shades. Every pan has about 1g the product – so for £6.99, you obtain 16g that product. The Naked warmth palette has actually 12 shades with 1.3g for a total of 15.6g and also retails for £39.50. So you get an ext product for one fifth of the price. That’s an absolute bargain if friend ask me. Now, the colours room not the exact same together the Naked heat (and i’m no saying this is a dupe); however I perform feel the the colour story is very comparable in part respects; for this reason if you’ve to be curious regarding whether the colours can work for you, climate this might be one affordable location the start.


Blend, Blend, Blend…

The naked Palettes are known for your smooth creamy texture and also supreme blendability. Ns was anxious come see exactly how this would certainly compare. The matte shades are a small on the powdery side; so once dipping in with a brush, over there is quite a little of absent back. Yet they swatched smoothly and once ~ above the eyelid, they execute blend out practically effortlessly. Over there is a kind amount of pigmentation, so you deserve to go light because that a very an easy day look; or layer that up because that a slightly much more glam night look.

Not all shades are produced equal, I need to say. The two darkest shades in the color pension (‘Custom’ and also ‘Strong’) space slightly much more patchy; for this reason they carry out require a little much more work, yet with patience, they perform blend out. The metallic shades space a small hit and also miss. They are quite chunky, and also they were the an initial pans come look messy after just one use. Over there is a small fallout on the cheek as soon as laying the metallic shades; so flour under the eye would probably be worth doing here. As soon as on the lid though, they execute blend and they don’t watch or feel chunky.

Staying Power…

I’ve supplied the palette number of times; and you deserve to do a very an easy ‘neutral’ look at using few of the lighter shades. The bolder corals, pinks and also plums space the far better pigmented shadows, and they space the ones I have the most fun using. Once applied, the shadows execute seem to remain in place well, and when provided on optimal of a primer (I switch in between the Urban degeneration Eye medicine or the Mac agree Longwear repaint Pot), I do not notification any creasing or fading. They bolder colours continue to be vivid throughout the day. I just wish the metallic shades were a little brighter, and also a small easier to apply. Yet you know, because that £6.99, ns really can’t be also harsh. It’s decent quality, blendable and most the the shadows are beautifully pigmented. I am actually really excited to shot out some much more from this affordable brand.

Creating a an easy look…

So together I mentioned, the corals and pinks are my favourite shades native this palette, therefore these room my go-to’s once using this. To start, i took the the shade ‘New-Tral’ and also worked that together my change shade, focusing it in the direction of the brow and above the crease. Next, ~ above a smaller sized blending brush, ns took the the shade ‘Tone’ and also buffed that into the crease, focussing on the outer corner and then scan it through.

On a smaller sized brush, ns took the shade ‘Custom’ and also just supplied that come darken the outer edge a little more, to just add a little much more dimension. Then, I supplied the brush I supplied to lay under the shift to just buff away any kind of harsh lines. Ns then set the the shade ‘Partial’ over the lid, through a little of setup spray ~ above the brush to aid it use better. ~ above the reduced lash line, i took a pencil brush and smoked the end a mixture the ‘New-Tral’ and also ‘Tone’. Ns then take it the Urban decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in the shade ‘Deep End’ in the waterline.

Final Thoughts

I need to admit, that i was rather skeptical regarding whether this palette would be any good, and also it did surprise me. The colours use easily and they eliminate nicely as well; i’ve had actually no problems with any staining or stubbornness. The formulas execute contain Dimethicone, for this reason if you have actually a silicone allergy, you may wish to avoid.

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With plenty of change from a tenner, I actually do highly rate the New-Trals vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette. Is that the best quality in the world? No. Yet it’s absolutely not the worst. It’s blendable, pigmented, comes through a an excellent sized mirror inside the palette together well and has 16 shades, all for just £6.99. OH! and don’t forget the comes v a double-ended brush also (which, for complete disclosure, i did no use; only due to the fact that I have my brushes that ns love and also feel comfortable using). But also, i did lose it. I’m SORRY!!! they are likewise cruelty-free and also (mostly) vegetables (this color board is vegan). Because that an affordable brand, I do really choose this palette, and I cannot wait to shot out part more!

Mica, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Silica, Polybutane, Dimethicone, Methylparaben, Propylparaben <+/-: Cl 77891, Cl 77491, Cl 77492, Cl 77499, Cl 15850, Cl 16035, Cl 77007>

Where to Buy

You deserve to pick this up digital or in-store (at selected branches) in ~ Superdrug. Friend can likewise order direct from change Beauty.