Luella"s Bar-B-Que it is provided fall-off-the-bone meat magnified by i can not forget BBQ sauces and rubs. Come hungry, because there"s no such point as tiny plates in ~ this Asheville favorite.

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The phibìc Asheville place of Luella’s Bar-B-Que is a perennial favorite through locals and also visitors come the western an ar of phibìc Carolina. This famous BBQ share was inspired by owner Jeff Miller’s grandmother, that passed down several terrific recipes. The restaurant’s kitchen employee strives to respect Grandma Lue every day, and also it shows.Luella’s serves a variety of traditional barbecue entrees, such as ribs, chopped pork, and also beef brisket. The meat is delectable, yet the sauce at some point sets the restaurant apart. Prepare come sample a variety of very delicious sauces, ranging from mild to spicy.Delicious food might be a priority at Luella’s Bar-B-Que, yet the restaurant likewise seeks to establish a relaxed and homey environment. To accomplish this end, the dining establishment regularly hosts local musical acts. Live music adds to the colorful atmosphere without detracting indigenous visitors’ conversations v one another. In other words: nothing worry about shouting to be heard end blasting music. Just sit back and enjoy.If yes one occasional complaint from visitors, it’s the the service at Luella’s can be fight or miss. Many civilization report attentive and also kindhearted waitstaff, however others observe indifference or downright crude behavior. Almost all agree that the delicious food makes any kind of visit worthwhile, no issue who offer it or how.A couple of of our menu favorites include the following:Ribs-Luella’s fall-off-the-bone ribs space sure to satisfy. Order a full or half rack alongside hush puppies, and leave room because that sides — you gain to choose two. Favourite sides include calico beans, fried okra, and collard greens. If you like to stick with ribs alone, friend can, but the sides room not precious missing.Smoked Andoille Sausage-If she in the mood for something a little bit spicy, this is simply the ticket. Share by Luella’s as “medium spicy,” this delicious entree is smoked daily to perfection.Big Boy’s Blue Ribbon BBQ Platter-Bring a group of hungry friends or family members members and also get prepared to dig right into the best BBQ selection in Asheville. The large Boy platter includes half a lb each that brisket, ribs, chicken, and also pork. You and also your group can also select three sides, and also of course, the plate comes v plenty the hush puppies. Every little thing is served family style, for this reason be ready to share.Ezoicreport this adCheese N’ lull Fries-Nothing claims comfort quite choose a heaping plate of fries. But these aren’t just any fries; they function a one-of-a-kind cheddar sauce, eco-friendly onion, bacon, and also Lue’s BBQ rub. You’re likewise welcome to include pork or chicken. The fries space so good, some people order them together a enjoy the meal in lieu of a timeless entree. The best option: re-superstructure fries and BBQ with a friend.

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Insider Tips:On the hunt because that affordable barbecue in the Asheville area? don’t forget come hit increase Luella’s top top Wednesdays for wing night, once you have the right to score superior deals on the ideal BBQ in town.Every Sunday, Luella’s master a jazz and barbecue brunch featuring music native the Django era. If you love jazz music and BBQ-inspired brunch, this is the time to visit.Ezoicreport this ad

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