A brand-new feature in Tales the Zestiria is the capability to collection up a mr of the Land because that each area. This enables you numerous benefits, consisting of save allude travel and also detecting hellions. You also get accessibility to Normin, little creatures through abilities, later on in the story.

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I"m going to define everything around the lord of the Land function so that you can use the to your advantage. Be certain to visit the Tales of Zestiria Beginner"s guidefor more help.

This guide will go over everything about the lord of the Land function including:

Lord that the floor Info-Basic details on the mr of the floor to gain you started.Lord the the Land attributes - every the points you deserve to do as soon as you establish a lord of the floor in the area.

Lord that the floor Info

Each area in the game needs a seraph come bless it v a domain, and also someone to praise them. When you do this, the seraph i do not care the lord of the Land. This gives you access to a menu of alternatives from any kind of save allude in their domain.

I will obtain to the functions soon, but very first let me define how you boost your Blessing level through the lord of the Land. Each area is separate and also there are two ways to rise the level:

Defeating adversaries within their domain to get Grade.Trading items in because that Grade.

You need to increase your grade come level increase the Blessing for the mr of the land in that area, so the you can have accessibility to an ext boons.

Remember, there are multiple Lords of the Land, therefore be certain to examine the save menu to watch which one is in her area. If friend did not establish a lord of the soil in your present area, no food selection will be obtainable from the save points.

Lord of the floor Features

Besides the save allude travel, there space 4 things you can do withthe mr of the Land:

Boons - select which boons to set, prefer skills.Normin - choose which Normin to collection for the Lord of the Land.Offer item - offer items for Grade.Bless Equipment- Bless equipment to make it stronger.


At first you only have access to a few and as your Blessing level increases, and you development through the story, the others gain unlocked.


Below is a perform of what every 25 boons. You unlock castle left to right, climate it drops down and goes left to right again. Example: Traveler"s Repose unlocks first, followed by endowment Restoration, then Hellion Detection. Credit to animeloverzz for listing the boons previous number 8.

AllLord that the soil boons:

Save suggest travel price is reduced.Opened chests respawn with various equipment after time has actually passed.Symbols appear on her mini-map to display locations that hellions.Food impacts increased by 20%.Bless devices option available.Prevent death once per battle.Item autumn rate boosted by 50%.Greatly reduce save allude travel cost.Occasionally, food usage won"t decrease ~ battle.Increased variety of Normin you can set by 1.Increased rarity that items uncovered in respawned chests.Chance to obtain a snack back after fight if you supplied one.Increased to run speed.Decreases stagger time indigenous enemy strikes by 20%.Drop rate enhanced of equipment yourcharacteris wearing as soon as they defeat anenemy.Increased item drop ate by 50%. Stacks with other boons.Decreased damages from adversaries higherlevelthan you.Increased time adversary staggers by 20%.Reducedchance of party gaining stunned.Increased variety of Normin you can collection by 1.Reduced save point travel price to 0.Reduced time come activate assistance talents by half.Increased rarity the items uncovered in respawned chests. Stacks with other boons.Doubles Gald to reduce by enemy.Damage done to opponents higherlevelthan you enhanced by 20%


Normin are small cat-like creatures you can uncover throughout the game. every one is named after among the equipment an abilities and supplies a bonus to that skill. They have the right to also add their skill to a piece of equipment when you find them, as lengthy as you have an open slot.

After you discover one, girlfriend can set it come a lord of the Land. This boosts the chance that tools drops v their skill. It likewise increases the adversary level of the area, depending upon the level of the Normin.

Offer Items

You can trade items because that grade in enhancement to gaining it for battles. This option allows you see just how much class you obtain for trading every item, and how lot you require to obtain to the next level.

Bless Equipment

You must first unlock this choice and set it from the lord of the land menu. ~ that, you must talk come the Lord directly to accessibility the feature.

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This feature allows you to bless equipment, that is +10 or higher from fusion, to double the impact of the skills.

That wraps up my guide on the lord of the Land features in Tales that Zestiria. Please examine out my can be fried Equipment skills guide for an ext details on how that works. Allow me understand if you have any questions!