The little Sisters of the negative announced on Sept. 16 the they will be withdrawing from Somerville’s Jean Jugan Residence.

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The sisters met with the residents, their families, lay associates, staff, and also volunteers to share your decision.

“As you deserve to imagine, this is a very daunting decision,” a exit statement read. “The tiny Sisters have served in the Archdiocese of Boston continuously because 1870.”

Eight small Sisters arrived at the harbor of Boston ~ above April 19, 1870 to start a residence for the elderly negative in Roxbury. In the expectations of 17 years, two other houses for the yonsi were developed — in Charlestown and Somerville. The Charlestown home closed in 1896. In 1978, the inhabitants of Roxbury and also Somerville to be welcomed right into their new home on Highland Avenue, behind the previous building.

“As part of a strategic arrangement aimed at strengthening our ministry and also bolstering the top quality of our spiritual and neighborhood life, we little Sisters of the poor have recognized the have to withdraw native a certain variety of homes in the joined States, while in ~ the same time dedicating our resources to much needed upgrades and reconstruction tasks in numerous others,” wrote mommy Alice Marie Jones, the small Sisters’ provincial superior, in the statement.

The tiny Sisters the the bad are proactively seeking a mission‐driven sponsor to gain the Somerville Home and also continue to provide high top quality compassionate care for the needy yonsei women and men who the Sisters have actually been privileged to serve. Lock announced lock will provide periodic updates as the transition process proceeds.

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“As the small Sisters that the negative prepare come depart the Archdiocese, we express ours gratitude for your 150 years of selfless committed service to the poor and also needy elderly,” wrote Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop that Boston. “The Sisters’ ministry gives an especially witness come the church’s teaching on the sacredness of human being life, with specific attention come the senior years until the moment the mr calls a person home. We will miss the Sisters’ presence in our regional community, yet are urged to understand of your strategic planning for sustaining and building up the other houses in the U.S. Together they go forward with the mission established by Saint Jeanne Jugan.”

Mother Alice Marie concluded the notice by thanking every those who have actually supported Jeanne Jugan Residence and also the little Sisters of the negative for so countless years. She thanked the Archdiocese that Boston because that its leadership in promoting and supporting the mission that the tiny Sisters that the bad for the last 149 years. She assured everyone influenced by this decision that the Sisters’ ongoing prayers and support transparent the shift period.

In letter to the residents and also their family members, mom Maureen Weiss, exceptional of Jeanne Jugan Residence, also offered the inhabitants the opportunity of relocating to one more home sponsored by the tiny Sisters of the Poor: “Know the if you wish to go to any type of of our other residences so the you can continue to be component of the small Sisters’ family, you will certainly be invited with open arms.”

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