I'm trying to decision if the SNES or GBA variation of ALttP is the definitive version. They both have their pros and also cons, like the SNES variation has better sounds, graphics, and dialogue. The GBA version has far better controls, high quality of life improvements, and also a much much better saving system. Ns really can't decide, and also want entry from various other people.

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It's tough to say which is the definitive version.

The GBA one has some QoL alters like you said, they adjusted the ice royal residence slightly and gave far better translations, part dialogue has been readjusted to far better fit in through the Zelda as whole story and also timeline. Eg. "Wise Men" end up being "Sages"

The GBA game also includes 4 Swords and a bonus "End Game" dungeon (need to complete FS very first which deserve to be hard due to it's co-op requirement, ideal to hack into the dungeon with a code)

The SNES does have some benefits though, firstly sprite size/resolution is much much better allowing you to see an ext of the civilization at once. Sound is better quality too, a far-ranging change is when swinging the sword in the GBA version connect does his OoT "shout". Some find this annoying but if you've played OoT it's really not that bad. Controlwise it's mainly the same in between the two, both play fine.

I've played both the SNES version and also the GBA variation (playing the GBA version an initial time through) and also I execute think the GBA variation is the definitive one. The display screen size shouldn't bother you too much unless you've played the SNES version however even climate it's not poor anyway. If you're emulating and Link's voice clip really bothers you, there's a rom hack you can download to remove it.

It's worth mentioning a SNES Rom Hack called 'A connect to the Past: Redux' (iirc), it's one overall development to everything in ALttP. It includes all the transforms made in the GBA version in the SNES video game (minus the FS stuff and the Extra Dungeon) while preserving the big resolution. It provides some pallet changes and adds even an ext QoL changes.

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Though I'd recommend playing ALttP as vanilla together possible. I'd recommend this hack because that a second playthrough though.