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practically done!

It is no to difficult to do this Fix.

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Just don"t touch something else and be cautious while acquisition the plastic sheathe off....

Everything is going to it is in fine.


It is no to hard to carry out this Fix.

Just don"t touch noþeles else and be careful while acquisition the plastic covering off....

Everything is walking to be fine.

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Shume mire no A ke Informacion si po ndrohet " Displayglass", jo krejt Display, po vetem ajo Pjesa e pare.

Tfala Bekim Jakupi

i am not sure who this is walking to yet I wanted to know about the repair of the flickering and also fading screen of the LG G3. Is the procedure a long term fix and what causes the symptoms. Additionally is the little piece of document any type of fire hazard. The fix worked and also it blows my mind. Say thanks to you therefore much. I lugged my phone come a fix shop and also they were unable to solve it, say thanks to you again. If you great to respond come me. My surname is rich and also my E-MAIL attend to is raidernation61

do you have actually a gmail ? i want ask about this lg g3 problem . Ty

i don"t understand why, however this works! thank You!

absolutely worked. Thanks for this. The flex cable just need to it is in push difficult to the socket.

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