It unlocks the capability to offer stolen items to certain NPCs, boosts your popular in the Rattay Mill area, and also unlocks tutorials because that lockpicking and also pickpocketing.

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Unlocking the Quest

Go speak to müller Peshek in ~ Rattay Mill. He’s the guy who took you in after the Homecoming quest. Theresa is also there. Agree to assist him. Execute not pay him off.

Get a Spade

First you must find a spade. The game doesn’t ar a quest marker because that the spade location. Check the screenshot below for wherein to discover the spade place in A great Thief quest:

Kingdom Come Deliverance – A great Thief where to uncover Spade Location
The Spade place in prior of the wood cart

Get the Dead Man’s Ring because that Miller Peshek / dig Up the Grave

Go to the quest marker top top the Gallow Hill. To the left the the wooden executioner platform is a grave you have the right to dig up making use of the spade. Side Note: if you’re delivering too lot (inventory weight in red) friend won’t have the ability to jump earlier out the the hole! Make certain you inventory load is no over the limit. You deserve to still drop points from her inventory ~ digging up the hole. You can press

(PS4) /
(XB1) to rise out.

Get earlier to Peshek

There’s no ring in the grave. So return to Peshek. He will tell girlfriend the executioner must have actually taken it and also wants friend to go steal the from him. This also unlocks the Lockpick tutorial i beg your pardon you can play by talk to Peshek. He will give you part Lockpicks for your task. Much better save right here (sleep in her bed because that autosave) so in case the lockpicks break you have the right to retry the next bit.

Find the Ring concealed in the executioner’s house and steal it

The video game will mark the executioner’s residence for girlfriend on the map. It’s wherein you dug up the grave on the Gallows Hill.

There are two crates located in the executioner home that you deserve to lockpick. The one in the left room (where the bed are) had the ring because that me. If it’s no there examine the crate in the middle room (storage).

While lockpicking you need to avoid being watched by the executioner. There are a couple of options:

Sneak previous him once he’s external or sit in the room ~ above the right. When lockpicking package in the left room nearby the door behind you so he won’t see/hear you.Simply speak to him. If you have high decided attribute you deserve to pick the speech special dialogue to tell him he owes half a sack of corn come the miller. He will leave at as soon as to pay his debt and you can go into the house.
Ring place in executioner’s home (inside package in bedroom that needs lockpick).

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Go earlier to Peshek

Head to the Rattay mill and also talk come Peshek about what girlfriend found. You now unlock the capacity to sell stolen goods to that (he acts as a fence) and he will now teach you just how to pickpocket when you speak to him! in ~ the same time, this gets rid of your debt through Peshek so friend don’t need to repay him any type of money.

Take the Ring to the miller in Kohelnitz

Peshek wants you to bring the ring to a friend of his in a nearby town, just north-east that Rattay. It’s not far. Go there and also deliver come the ring to the various other miller. It’s revealed that all was just a test and the ring to be worthless. The was just to watch if you’re ready to obtain your hands dirty. Currently he and also Peshek will sell you new side quests and also you deserve to sell stolen items to them!