A performance art team presents a theatrical piece around society, consumerism and also blows come the groin.

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At a meeting for human being struggling with sex addiction, Wendell shares a sultry tale about an encounter he had actually with a pizza delivery woman.

An Al Qaeda member grills his associates ~ above why they"ve been unable to punch up an airplane in over a decade.
Carlito do the efforts to present the members that his gang just how wild and crazy he can be ~ a brand-new initiate is labeling "the loco one."
A man comes earlier home to share some great news v his family, however he deals with resistance indigenous his abrasive enlarge brother.
An airline passenger discovers the he"s been seated beside two males who are method too eager around the prospect of fighting terrorists.
Two sodoyourpartparks.orger players go overboard in your attempt to obtain the rest of the team amped up because that the big game.
Barack Obama and also Hillary Clinton discuss the upcoming election with some aid from their respective anger translators.
Two couples having dinner together struggle to come up through a conversation topic that doesn"t save spoilers.
T-Ray Tombstone and also Shaboots Michaels educate an all-male audience around how come behave as soon as women room on their periods.
Two jar anthropologists lament your uncomfortable run-ins through isolated tribespeople from roughly the world.

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