Welcome come the very first DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Jaws of Haakon. In this DLC, you"ll be pitted versus an Avvaar tribe recognized as the Jaws that Haakon if you try to i found it the fact behind the last Inquisitor"s disappearance.

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There are just a few achievements in this DLC and also most of castle are associated with just finishing off the main story that the DLC. While you can start this DLC prior to finishing turn off the game, i would extremely recommend finishing the key story prior to moving onto this DLC. The difficulty level has actually really been jacked up and also if you"ve perfect the main storyline turn off on Nightmare mode, climate you can play this on Casual if you"d like. This whole DLC is very frost based so if you room playing top top a higher challenge level you will really desire your frost resistant gear and tonics. Going through this whole DLC you will certainly pretty much uncover the whole map without even trying. There space no achievements related to completing the astrariums or gathering the shards indigenous the oculariums in this DLC. These space optional. Ns have provided the astrarium options for those who pick to finish them. More treasure is always fun. Collecting the shards in this an ar will unlock a door here that grants her Inquisitor much more frost resistance.

**One point I desire to point out early here is the there is a door in the finish temple of this area that you require a rogue to choose a lock for. I"m no 100% sure if you need the Deft hand Inquisition Perk for this lock or not, yet by currently you should have picked up this inquisition perk anyway. Therefore if for some reason you haven"t acquired this perk, then i suggest getting Inquisition affect from quests in this area and also gain a level and also make certain you unlock this perk. You"ve to be warned.

So without further ado, let"s jump into this DLC.

You"ll begin off at a camp talk to enlightenment Harding. Once your excellent talking with her, you"ll have to go and speak v Professor Kenric. You should now already have a few quests. Native here, i would very suggest just experimenting the map and also unlocking campsites for rapid travel. Occupational on part the searches you have already to progression the story and also make your way over to the east to Stone-Bear Hold. At Stone-Bear Hold, you will certainly be introduced to Thane Svarah Sun-Hair. She"ll send girlfriend on a search to shot and discover their Hold-Beast Storvacker. One of the achievements in this DLC is impressing the residents of Stone-Bear Hold:

Legend-MarkedImpress the Avvar that Stone-Bear Hold and also gain your friendship.


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You"ll should earn 5 points of influence with Stone-Bear host in stimulate to earn this achievement. The achievement won"t pop till the quest Hakkon Wintersbreath has been completed, yet seeing as your walk to be travelling anywhere the map to complete the DLC storyline, you might too get functioning on this and also get your 5 points. The following quests/actions each award 1 influence with Stone-Bear Hold:

Send Skywatcher come Stone-Bear Hold: This is a battle Table procedure that deserve to be perfect if you have recruited Skywatcher as an certified dealer of the Inquisition in the Fallow Mire. This grants 1 influence with the hold.Send Relics of Tyrdda Bright-Ax: This is a battle Table operation that have the right to be completed if you have previously done the battle Table operation - find Weapon the Tyrdda Bright-Axe. This grants 1 influence with the hold.Hakkon"s Trials: This pursuit will begin once you have talked to Trainer Arrken in Stone-Bear Hold. You"ll should requisition an offering for the arena. Conference 2 silverite and 2 everite (quite numerous in the Frostback Basin) and use a requisition table to do the item. When you have the providing go and also speak v Trainer Arkken again and tell that you"re ready to walk to the arena. You"ll need to defeat 3 tide of enemies. Once they space all defeated, return to Trainer Arkken to complete the quest and gain an influence allude with the hold.A Father"s Name: depending on how you complete this quest, you will certainly either acquire 1 influence with the hold or no influence. To start this quest speak v Gyda Myrdotten at Stone-Bear hold where she is prepare a body for burial. She"ll call you to go and talk with the Huntsman. The Huntsman will certainly ask girlfriend to death 3 fade-touched beasts so that appropriate burial rites might be perform on Caldan Enversen"s body. Apparently, Caldan"s boy Finn was an alleged to do this but he has been badly injured. You can speak through Finn in the hut right beside the Huntsman. Go and kill the 3 beasts and return come Stone-Bear Hold. Girlfriend can select to offer the items to Finn so that he might retain his rite to gift Caldan"s son or offer the items to the Huntsman to gain 1 influence with the hold.It remains to be Seen: A good time to begin this pursuit is once you are also doing the pursuit Storvacker Caged. Both quests take ar in Swamp Kuldsdotten i m sorry is significant as #2 on the map. In the swamp are 5 enchanted skulls that are scattered around. Finding among these skulls will start the quest. The skulls room enclosed in triangular lumber holders and found hanging indigenous the stumps that the trees (to acquire to some of them you have to climb up on the tree branches). Discover all 5 and also return to Stone-Bear organize to speak v the Augur. Irradiate the veilfire in the Augur"s hut and use the irradiate to uncover 3 veilfire ruins by Gyda Myrdotten, wherein she is prepare the body. Unlock the codex entries and also return come the Augur to complete the quest and also earn 1 influence with the hold. In Exile: This quest is started by speaking through Sigrid in a hut significant at #1 ~ above the map. She hut is right beside an Ocularium. Sigrid has exiled it s her from Stone-Bear Hold. Go and speak to the Auger to find out more about Sigrid. He speak you that she was supposed to perform a ritual to banish the spirit that has actually been residing v her and teaching her how to usage magic due to the fact that she to be a small girl. If girlfriend head south from Stone-Bear hold you will come to the site where Sigrid was to carry out her ritual. You discover signs, by using the search function, that she never actually went through with performing the ritual. Return to speak through Sigrid around the fail ritual. Friend then have a choice of making she go and also speak with Augur or recruitment her as an agent for the Inquisition. I"m not certain if recruiting she grants you any kind of influence with the hold. I"ve always sent her to speak to the Augur. Recruiting she gains girlfriend an agent and a war table operation.Up and Away: This search is started by speaking through Linna at the boat launch situated at #3 on the map. This is additionally where girlfriend will require to concerned cross end to the island. Linna is worried around her cousin Runa that she believes went climibng in the hills. Head to the pursuit markers and use your search duty to discover traces the Runa"s passing with the area. At some point you will discover Runa and need to aid her hit off part Lurkers. Runa will then tell you the she headed approximately the hills to make a prayer and asks if girlfriend would like her to include you in her prayer. If you expropriate you will obtain +1 come an attribute if friend agree and also stay and listen come the prayer. Really no allude in disagreeing. You additionally get one influence suggest with the hold.

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To progression the storyline of this DLC the adhering to quests need to be completed:

Jaws that Hakkon, The basin Beckons, Worthy the Publication, What however Lingers, and On Ameridan"s Trail.

These searches are all an extremely straightforward and also as always once you begin them your missions are presented on the map. Throughout the quest On Ameridan"s follow you will reach a Tevinter Ruin and also Scout Harding and Professor Kenric will accomplish up through you at the ruin. There is a floor puzzle that you can complete there to open up two doors with some treasure. I"ve posted the systems to the floor puzzle in this youtube video: