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"If your desires do no scare you, they are not large enough."

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (1938-) is Liberian politician and also economist that was president of Liberia indigenous 2006 come 2018. She was the an initial woman to be chosen head of state of one African country.

Johnson Sirleaf was one of three recipients, follow me with Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karmān, the the 2011 Nobel peace Prize "for their non-violent battle for the safety and security of women and for women"s civil liberties to full participation in peace-building work." She to be conferred the Indira Gandhi Prize by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in 2013. In 2016, she was detailed as the 83rd-most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.

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Hello! I have been v the Laidlaw structure for end 2 years, helping united state strengthen the worldwide Laidlaw community and expand our program to break the bike of poverty, reduce inequality, and also develop a new generation the leaders.

I am initially from Kazakhstan and also I studied person Sciences at UCL. Ns am a pan of all things human- and also design-related, as well as an avid swimmer, obsessive podcast listener, documentary enthusiast, and film photography fan.

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