This DIY “If you provide a computer mouse a Cookie Costume” renders the perfect enhance to this lovely childhood story. Its quick, easy and budget-friendly and makes for a great last-minute costume for your baby or toddler.

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I simply couldn’t quite obtain my action together at an early stage enough this year. And, let’s be honest, v a 5 month old, the only reason he was truly gaining dressed up because that Halloween was for mommy to take a commemorative photo. That being said, this “super” mom pulled together a little something the day before that to be quick, cheap and also inspired through a children’s book (which counts for extra points, right?)



Optional: shirts or Onesie

1 8 x 12 piece of gray felt

1 8 x 12 item of pink felt


1 8 1/2 x 11 item of irradiate brown cardstock

1 8 1/2 x 11 piece of dark brown cardstock

“If You give a mouse a Cookie”, through Laura Joffe Numeroff


Outfit: I started out by perusing our small man’s closet because that an outfit we could pull off that we had actually on hand. When the shade of the overalls may have not to be perfect, they were free.
Ears: i cut approximately a 1-inch-wide piece of the gray felt and sized it to our “mouse’s” head. Then, I provided a dot of hot glue to organize it together.Next, I cut each ear item (no stencil, just eyeballed it) and hot glued them come the headband.
Cookie: I cut out a huge circle native the irradiate brown cardstock and punched two holes at the top. Then, I cut out several “chocolate chips” from our dark brown cardstock. Finally, I added a item of twine come tie this delicious record goodie around small man’s neck.
This entirety costume price under $5, took less than 20 minute to throw together and took every one of 3 minutes because that our male to be completely done with.

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