There room songs around every page of the human being condition, indigenous birth and marriage to divorce and also death.

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And the course, there are plenty that songs around money.

Money is what encourages much the our resides – the job-related we do, the garments we wear, the houses we live in, also sometimes the human we marry.

Money is spread out out an extremely unfairly as well – the top 1% of family members own 43% of the world’s wealth. Ridiculous, however true.

There’s no wonder the money is a prevalent theme in a many songs. Struggling artists never ever have enough of it. And even when they’re famous, hanging on to it isn’t simple (as we hear in The Beatles ‘You Never give Me her Money’).

In this post, we reveal the finest money songs out there about them greenbacks.

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Our pick of the best Songs around Money

Our choose of the best Songs about Money

“Money (That’s What ns Want)” by The flying Lizards

The tune ‘Money (That’s What ns Want)’ was written by Tamla founder Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford and has been extended by plenty of bands, consisting of Barrett strong (marvelous name!), as well a little-known group dubbed The Beatles :-).

This brand-new wave version sprang to life in the late ’70s through the eccentric British band The paris Lizards.

“The best things in life room free, yet you can offer them to the birds and bees, I desire money”

“Money” by Pink Floyd

It’s difficult to think around money-related songs and not think around ‘Money’, through Pink Floyd.

The an initial track top top the 2nd side the Floyd’s best-selling Dark side of the Moon album (the one with the iconic sleeve), it’s a cynical look at our dependency on money, “get a great job with good pay and also you’re okay”

Like lot of i get it Waters’ writing, there’s a scathing criticism of greed, “I’m all right Jack, keep your hands turn off of my stack”. This is one of numerous songs about greed by Waters.

Interestingly, he’s no the an initial to contact himself a hypocrite.

On the twentieth anniversary of the Dark side of the Moon album (with among the ideal album consist of of all time), he claimed “I’m quiet keen ~ above a general welfare society, but I became a capitalist. You need to accept it. I remember coveting a Bentley favor crazy.”

You can additionally see Waters taking out his prized Bentley in the intro come his excellent Us and Them concert video. Need to admit, it’s a gorgeous car!

“Money for Nothing” through Dire Straits

For plenty of ‘Money for Nothing’ is the sound of the ’80s. Dire Straits were easily one of the ideal bands in the ’80s, and their album Brothers in Arms (from which the song is from) is just one of the ideal albums.

The lyrics room an attack on ‘primadonna pop stars’ native the point of see of two working males who space sick of every the occupational they gotta do. “We gotta install microwave ovens, practice kitchen deliveries, we gotta relocate these refrigerators, we gotta relocate these shade TVs” while these ‘yo-yos’ (young, wannabe absent stars) “get money because that nothing and also chicks because that free”.

It’s additionally an attack of MTV video music culture in general, wherein the music frequently took a ago seat because that over-the-top music videos (the sentiment likewise of Queen’s anthem, ‘Radio Gaga’).

We additionally include this track on our songs around work playlist.

“Opportunities (Let’s Make numerous Money)” by pet Shop Boys

The track ‘Opportunities’ comes from synth-pop duo pet Shop Boys’ debut album, Please.

The lyrics are around two losers – one intellectual and educated “you can tell I’m educated, i studied in ~ the Sorbonne, doctored in mathematics, I might have to be a don”.

The other male is good-looking v a little bit of ‘brawn’.

The narrator proposes “I’ve obtained the brains, you’ve acquired the looks, let’s make lots of money” (like he’s to plan a bank heist or something!)

Of course, the tune is tongue in cheek and also really they’re making fun of this sort of crass obsession through money (remember, the ’80s to be the era the the money-obsessed yuppies, identified by Gordon Gekko in the movie wall surface Street).

The narrator knows every this is a facade, finishing through this thought-provoking line:

“All the love that us had, and the love that we hide, who will bury us, when we die?”

“For the Love that Money” – The O’Jays

This soul/funk track by The O’Jays may be more familiar to modern audiences together the theme track to the us version the The Apprentice.

The title comes from a well-known holy bible verse (1 Timothy 6:10) which says “for the love of money is the root of all evil”.

“You Never offer Me her Money” by The Beatles

Written by Paul McCartney (though credited to Lennon–McCartney together was typical) ‘You Never provide Me her Money’ documents the financial challenges facing the tape in 1969, just before they split.

The lyrics were borne out of frustration v manager Allen Klein “you never give me your money, friend only offer me your funny paper.”

In the 2nd bit the the song, McCartney jumps earlier to the early on days that the fab four “out of college, money spent, check out no future, salary no rent, every the money’s gone, i do not have anything to go”

Funny to think also The Beatles were broke once. Likewise check out among their various other songs around money, ‘Taxman’.

“Money transforms Everything” through Cyndi Lauper

Written by the ’70s band The Brains, ‘Money changes Everything’ is a an easy pop song about money, specifically the method money can damage love.

At an initial “they shake your hand and also they smile, and they buy you a drink, they to speak we’ll be her friends, we’ll stick with you till the end”

But then money comes into it (she doesn’t explain how exactly) “it’s all in the previous now, money transforms everything”

“Take the Money and Run” by Steve miller Band

A small story around two young bandits (Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue). They go nothing however “sit about the house, get high, and watch the tube”.

Then they decided to “cut loose” and also headed southern “to old El Paso”.

“Billy Joe shoot a guy while robbing his castle, Bobbie Sue take it the money and also run”

With Mack the detective on your case, that “makes his livin’ off of the people’s taxes” they control to escape v the money.

If you acknowledge the song, Run-D.M.C. & Everlast walk their very own version in 2001. We also feature this track on ours songs about breaking the regulation playlist.

“C.R.E.A.M.” – Wu-Tang Clan

No, this isn’t a song about food. Here, C.R.E.A.M means ‘Cash rule Everything around Me’.

The words are about teenage poverty and also ‘hood life, warning the following generation no to monitor in his footsteps.

“Get the money, dollar, dollar invoice y’all”

“Mo Money, Mo Problems” by Notorious big ft. Puff Daddy and also Mase

Success can be a double-edged sword. It’s what many artists effort for, however in rap music, it appears success each other a many jealousy the can expense you her life.

“I don’t recognize what they want from me, it’s choose the more money us come across, the an ext problems us see”

‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’ was a substantial hit for the infamous BIG, featuring Puff Daddy and also Mase.

“Money, Money, Money” by ABBA

Swedish phenomenon ABBA knew how to compose hit songs, and also this one was no exception. As the follow-up to their hit solitary ‘Dancing Queen’.

This line “money, money, money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world” has actually etched its way into the cumulative psyche.

It’s composed from the perspective of a woman: “I work-related all night, I occupational all work to pay the bills I have to pay, ain’t the sad?”

But she’s tho broke.

So she hatches a setup to gain a wealthy male so she “wouldn’t need to work at all, I’d silly around and also have a ball”.

But she can’t discover one, and even if she did, she thinks he wouldn’t be interested “if he wake up to be cost-free I bet he wouldn’t an elaborate me”.

Lyrically, it’s a touch outdated. The idea that a no hope gold-digger mrs who requirements a affluent man’s riches is violation to women and a little ‘meh’.

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If you desire a chuckle, examine out this Alan Partridge medley that ABBA songs.

“Material Girl” by Madonna

At first glance, it’s a song around absolute greed…

“Cause the boy v the cold tough cash, is always Mister Right”, “Only guys who save their pennies, do my merganser day”

But it’s tongue in cheek, the course. She’s not saying she’s actually materialistic.

Rather, it’s a comment on how the dream of so many world is shallow: fame, money, and also material possessions.

Madonna was and constantly has been above all the nonsense