Need button Info? inspect the switch Site allies enter bathrooms and also other spaces with civilization who may be fear or concerned about their safety. One ally offers support, buffering, and nonviolent aid when asked.

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NOTE: In the wake of the 2016 us election, subsequent discriminatory plan changes, and also the increase in violence against marginalized people of plenty of varieties, we are deliberately expanding our project to covering what we’ve always believed: all world deserve to feeling safe and a buddy deserve to help. Check out our notice of our brand-new “stealth”/intersectional button architecture for more info. 

What is this idea?

We, the organizers, are part of the queer community. And also while some members of ours community can “pass” because that cisgender enough to protect against comment in gendered spaces, no all members of our ar can carry out so, desire to carry out so, or are confident in their capability to perform so. This threatens the security of transgender, genderqueer, and other gender-nonconforming people. Additionally, the legal status of gender-nonconforming people accessing gendered spaces is inconsistent, and often challenged.

We to speak this sucks. No one should have to feel unsafe making use of a toilet or other gendered room that conforms with their sex identity.

Our pledge, the pledge that, is the those the us through passing privilege offer to be a restroom buddy, a watch-your-back person, a stand-up-for-you person. says “I will have actually your back. I will certainly be your witness.”

What have the right to I Do?

First of all, it is in the change you desire to see in the world. If you view someone gift bullied because that their sex expression or identity, speak up, aid them gain out, or gain help.

The organizers have also created buttons you deserve to wear on a coat or backpack to indicate publicly the you space willing to it is in tapped together a bathroom girlfriend (or other kind of ally — sometimes you just need who to ~ do so to recognize you long enough to get some arbitrarily jerk to ago off).

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You can also Tweet or short article on Facebook, Tumblr or various other social media v the hashtag. Remember the hashtags are NOT case-sensitive, yet you CANNOT usage an apostrophe! We’re usually in donate of good punctuation, just not in hashtags!

Steps because that Allies

If you space asked because that help, and you feel safe act so, help! Ask exactly how you can assist your girlfriend the most.