The word “toilet” derives indigenous the French «toilette», which intended «dressing room». In the 19th century in the USA, toilet started to be associated with the room where civilization get dressed, and being the place with the machine that we now call ‘toilet’. In spite of the truth that us all have to go there miscellaneous times during the day, it isn’t really common in English come say ‘I need to go come the toilet’.

Indeed, just like many taboo words concerned bodily functions, ‘toilet’ is generally replaced with more informal words and imaginative euphemisms. Some are much more polite, while rather are more common in specific countries. So, without further ado, below are some different ways to say you desire to walk to the toilet in English.

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Other ways to say ‘Toilet’ in English


This is most likely the most common means to to speak ‘toilet’ in every English speak countries. Bathroom as a euphemism for toilet source in the united state in 1920 , and also was originally a source of confusion for brother travellers.


This is much more common in the USA. In various other English speak countries world may be confused by restroom, and show you come a bedroom! The ax was first used in the beforehand 20th century, and also refers to «rest» definition to update oneself.


The ‘loo’ is very common in the UK & Ireland, and is a safe and polite way to say toilet. There are plenty of theories about the origin of this word, yet it is still an unsolved mystery!


John together a term because that toilet is more common in the US, and is reasonably informal. You can examine out the somewhat complex origin of «John» in this link.

I need to PEE

This is one informal method of saying you need to use the toilet. Using the word ‘pee’, however, could be thought about a little impolite. “Pee» is simply a short kind of «piss», and started in the 18th century when it stood for the first letter the «piss».


This is informal, so usage it only when roughly friends! come piss originates from the Vulgar Latin verb pissiare.


This is a polite euphemism for making use of the toilet, and is general used humorously.



This usually describes #1 and also is considered to be very polite. This euphemism began to be used in talked and written type in the mid-18th century.




This is usually claimed by a male and is very informal and more ‘slangy’. To leak together in «to urinate» was initially used together a verb. Shakespeare, Henry IV, part 1., act 2, scene 1:

Why, they will allow us ne’er a jordan, and then we leak in your chimney; and your chamber-lie each other fleas like a loach


This would generally be said by a female, and is currently rather outdated. This euphemism because that toilet comes from the 1940s once powder room referred come a ladies’ toilet in a hotel or restaurant.

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So, over there you go! following time you’re through a group of indigenous speakers and also need to go to the toilet, you can make her English sound more natural through using few of the terms and expressions we’ve just seen. But remember to select them carefully since some space ‘ruder’ than others!

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