FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just around any situation and is top top a mission come unite and also entertain the human being through song.

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Women and girls in well-known music have actually been celebrated, villainized, and categorized. There room pretty girls, emotionally ones, and strong, brave, authentic women ... Girl belonging come a man, smart and also dumb girls and dangerous women. Which are you?

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What kind of Woman are You?

In spite of Adele, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and also Beyoncé, the music industry is still largely a man's world. Women's voices are missing. At the very same time, however, women continue to be a favorite topic because that pop, rock, country, and R&B songs.

Many well-known songs describe us as "girls" and attempt to lump us right into neat categories. They describe women by ours physical functions or together belonging to a man. They compliment us as pretty girl or denigrate united state as overly emotional. Famous songs also evaluate united state as smart or stupid girls, an excellent girls, negative girls, angry girls, mean girls, or naughty ones. And also sometimes they portray us as strong, brave, authentic women. Thankfully, women are three-dimensional and also complex.

Make a playlist come celebrate the full variety of the mrs identity. We have actually a substantial list of songs to begin you out!

1. "Brown-Eyed Girl" by van Morrison

In this standard 1967 rock song, the narrator fondly recalls his ex-lover, a carefree young woman v unforgettable brown eyes. Originally, the tune explained a brown-skinned girl and an interracial love affair. Being the '60s, however, that part was transformed to do the tune an ext acceptable come radio stations and their audiences. Currently you know.

2. "Blonde" through Bridgit Mendler

There space so plenty of ridiculous stereotypes based upon hair color, and also the blonde narrator in this 2012 pop song pokes funny at plenty of of them. In talking to a male she likes, she referrals stereotypes around blonde bimbos, dumb blondes, stunner blondes, and blondes having an ext fun. The narrator acknowledges that in reality, she's much more three-dimensional—for example, sometimes forgetful but additionally smart and also fun.

3. "Fat Bottomed Girls" through Queen

Praising the virtues of ladies with too much junk in the trunk, the grown male in this 1978 classic rock tune recalls whereby he gained his love of big boned women. It appears that huge Fat Fanny, the cheeky nanny that looked after ~ him as a youngster to be doing things that would gain her arrested nowadays.

This is just one of those popular classic songs that wouldn't paris today. As lot as ns love this tune (because hey, I grew up top top it), the lyrics make me go, "Wait. Whaaaat?"

4. "Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison

Maybe you're prefer me and also mistakenly assumed the Roy Orbison wore dark glasses since he was blind. (That would certainly make this tune ironic due to the fact that the narrator explains ogling a beautiful woman he sees on the street.)

Named by Rolling Stone as among the 500 ideal Songs of every Time, this 1965 chart-topper functions a guy who marvels out according to whether a mrs he's checking out on the street may be lonely choose he is. (Hey, leaving her alone, Roy!) simply when friend think the his admiration is amounting to verbal harassment, she turns around and decides to sign up with him.

5. "Big Girl (You space Beautiful)" through MIKA

Order another twin cheese pizza and also forget about the Diet Coke when the leaded variation is what you really want.

The male in this danceable 2007 rock song provides a shout out to larger ladies everywhere. He compliments them as having a totality lot of curve in all the ideal places.

While part might contact him a chubby chaser, rather would merely say the his body hopeful message reflects reality since beauty yes, really does come in all species of packages.

6. "Hey quite Girl" by Kip Moore

When he sees a lover woman who strikes his fancy, the man in this 2012 nation ditty gets means ahead of himself. The imagines recording her eye, at some point taking her home to accomplish his mama, and building desires together that incorporate a house and a family members of your own. Now that's love at an initial sight!

7. "Pretty Girls" by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

Oh, to be pretty, young, and also clueless about how things really work. What a attention combination! In this 2015 popular music song, two female popular music stars team up to boast around how looks have the right to take girlfriend everywhere. They want to "wipe the floor v all the boys" and also "do what we like, acquire what us want" ~ above account of your youth and attractiveness.

8. "Crazy Girl" through Eli Young Band

The woman in this 2011 country tune isn't crazy at all—simply insecure—and she loving partner tries to reassure her that he's in it for the lengthy haul. After a lover's argument, he merely stepped the end for part breathing room. Now he needs to earn her trust earlier by convincing his sweetheart that he requirements her and also won't it is in leaving your relationship.

9. "Broken-Hearted Girl" through Beyoncé

Queen Bey expresses some conflicted emotions around love in this 2009 pop song. Faced with the possibility of break up through her unfaithful lover, the narrator expresses she heartache and disappointment about her man's betrayal. The diva marvels if she has actually what the takes to make their partnership work. Ultimately, she decides to stay:

You say you acquired the many respect for meBut periodically I feel you're not deserving the meAnd still, you're in my heartBut you're the only one.

About fifty percent of permanent relationships are marred through infidelity.

10. "This small Girl" by Cady Groves

Mark this gal's words: "I'm three procedures from the edge, woah. Don't push me over it." The attention young mrs in this 2012 country song has proof that her partner is cheating top top her. It's gotten in the means of she rational thinking, making her vengeful together she stalks him. She defends her terrible behavior by saying the every girl is qualified of murder if you hurt her.

Maybe she should just listen come revenge songs rather than act on her impulses. At least that would keep her the end of jail!


These gutsy women room Kurdish battle aircraft who room on the prior lines battling against ISIL.

Kurdishstruggle via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

11. "Not Your tiny Girl" by Jann Arden

Talk about a solid woman! i love this 2018 woman empowerment song that attributes a defiant, badass woman totally owning her identity. She refuses to it is in stopped, is okay through being smart yet not pretty, and knows the she is bold, brave, and also as powerful as one army. If you're doubting yourself, beat this song on repeat till you've erased any fears.

13. "Woman" by Kesha (featuring The Dap-Kings Horns)

Although I'm no traditionally a big Kesha fan, this 2017 girl power song is an exception. All my husband have the right to do is eye roll once I an outbreak in Kesha's track lyrics: "I'm a motherf*cking woman!" and "I run this sh*t, baby, I operation this sh*t." (It's a great thing ns married a guy with a sense of humor.)

The narrator in this 2017 pop tune is proud to be financially independent and in regulate of her very own life. She doesn't must cling to a man for she identity.

13. "You Don't own Me" by grace (featuring G-Eazy)

Who would've imagined the Lesley Gore's taunting, standard rock tune from 1963 can be improved? yet here that is, Grace's 2015 cover version of the original.

Call this "You Don't very own Me" 2.0 because it amps up the narrator's sassy confidence and adds a hip-hop backdrop. The narrator's lover provides a testament that she is one elevation woman who cannot it is in owned. He knows due to the fact that he's tried and failed. She self-reliance and charisma save him coming back.

In 2016, Lesley Gore's original was inducted into the Grammy hall of Fame. Who perform you think sang the tune better?


"In our society, the ladies who breakdown barriers are those who disregard limits." - Arnold Schwarzenegger, American bodybuilder turned actor turned politician

Tom Merton via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modification by FlourishAnyway

14. “Grown Woman” through Beyoncé

In this 2013 pop song, Beyoncé embraces the flexibility that comes with being an adult who is steering her own ship. She can make her very own choices, to speak what's on her mind, and live the way of life she wants:

15. "Girl top top Fire" by Alicia Keys

Never underestimate a mrs on a mission. The narrator in this 2012 R&B ballad is a dreamer through her head in the clouds and also her feet top top the ground. The song's soaring vocals reflect the narrator's decision to make a strong impact top top the world, also if she has to do it every by herself.

16. "Yes Girl" through Bea Miller

Are you too much of a "yes girl?" In this pop song from 2016, the young mrs realizes the she's to be going follow me to obtain along. In the process, she's lost her way, her voice, she choice. No more. Fairly than informing her lover what he desires to hear, this girl will certainly speak she truth. Let's expect it doesn't avoid with her love life.

17. "My Girl" by The Temptations

The love smacked male in this 1964 classic pays tribute come his honey and the means she makes him feel. He feels like a rich man who doesn't require anything rather as long as he has this mrs by his side. Decades later, some women still appreciate such admiration while rather will cut you down quick if you insinuate the they belong come a man. Which room you?


"The point that is really hard, and also really amazing, is providing up on being perfect and beginning the work of coming to be yourself." - Anna Quindlen, American author

Dana Tentis via Pixabay, totally free Domain

18. "Rich Girl" by Hall and also Oates

Easy wealth have the right to indeed it is in a curse in developing character. This chart-topping soft rock song from 1977 describes an emotionally shallow girl who uses her father's riches to obtain by in the world. Daddy rescues she from facing any after-effects of her actions, and as a result, she doesn't find out to it is in strong. We've all more than likely met someone favor this, male or female.

19. "It Girl" by Jason Derulo

If you're a happily married woman, you're somebody's "it girl." Someone picked you above everyone else (and friend obviously go the same). Perhaps they said:

You can be my "it girl"Baby you're the sh*t, girlLovin' you might be a crimeCrazy just how we fit girlThis is the girl.

The male in this 2011 pop song has actually a love attention in his crosshairs and makes it clear the he would do anything to take it their connection to the next, can be fried level the commitment. He desires to build his world about her and seeks a sentence the "25 come life."

20. "Good Girls" by 5 secs of Summer

The premise behind this intriguing 2014 rock song is that all an excellent girls are poor girls who haven't been caught. Even if it is you're labeled as a "good" person is as such just a matter of ability at hiding your sex-related prowess. Okay, women of all ages, why room we letting anyone rather shame united state for ours sexuality once men can fanoodle half the world and also not be judged for it? very own your identity and forget the gossip and also the haters.

Will you be the type of woman who changes the world?

Globally, women's earnings are 24% much less than men's.

Products marketed "for women" price on typical 7% much more than those marketed "for men" also when product materials are the same. The "pink tax" is real.

4 out of 5 victims of person trafficking are girls

The percent of females leading happiness 500 carriers reached an all-time high in 2017 at nearly 7%.

Australian women obtained the right to vote in 1902, Finnish ladies in 1906, American ladies in 1920, French ladies in 1944, Greek females in 1952, and Swiss ladies in 1971.

According to the U.S. Room of Education, over there is a large gender void in degree attainment at all college level levels. Women started to earn much more Associates degrees starting in 1978, Bachelor's degrees in 1982, Masters levels in 1987, and Doctorate degrees in 2006.

Here are simply some the the countries roughly the people that execute not outlaw domestic violence today: ivory Coast, Egypt, Iran, Haiti, Lebanon, Niger, Latvia, Pakistan, and also Russia.

Around the world, a woman die from pregnancy or childbirth complications when every 90 seconds. Maternal death rates in the adhering to African countries are amongst the worst: Sierra Leone, The main African Republic, Chad, Gambia, and Liberia.

Two-thirds that illiterate adults global are female. Women are twice as likely to miss out on out completely on one education.

21. "Wild One" by faith Hill

Here's a shout the end to all the rebellious wild girls, past and present, who dance to their very own rhythm. You know who friend are. You buck the system and also dress how you wanted. You fill your heart with dreams of her own, rather than those the others. This 1993 country song understands that and encourages you to simply keep being you.

22. "Woman, Amen" through Dierks Bentley

This upbeat, uplifting 2018 country song features a narrator who is ever before thankful because that the love that his partner. In a people that breaks civilization over and over again, he feels fortunate to have actually her strength, love, and also forgiveness. He wants to scream his love indigenous the mountaintops and also get under on his knees and thank God because that "the night that she provided this drifter's heart a home."


Does the Music Industry have actually a gender Gap?

Forget Rolling Stone's 1997 proclamation the women have started to rule popular music. Entirely untrue. Sure, there's Adele, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Beyoncé, yet there's a gender void in the music industry you can not have actually been conscious of. I wasn't aware myself until I interviewed musician Emma Cole, a talented young R&B singer, climate researched the issue.

Male songwriters and producers far outnumber females in the music market by a whopping margin of 49 to one. Dude musicians receive more radio airplay—especially on nation stations, whereby nine songs by masculine artists room featured because that every one track by a woman artist. Men also dominate the top 40 charts, and also as a result, they offer also more CDs and also concert tickets.

In 2015, a prominent country music sector consultant made the jaw-dropping pointer of acquisition female musician off nation music radio in the name of better ratings. "They’re just not the lettuce in our salad. ... The tomato of ours salad are the females.” (He may have simply claimed out loud what plenty of music executives think.)

And climate there space the industry awards. Nine out of 10 Grammy nominees space men, and also in early 2018, the recording Academy chairman attributed this to females needing come "step up" more.

Think around this when you're making your playlists, watching a music market awards show, or buying ticket to that following concert.

23. "I said You ns Was Mean" by Elle King

This chick is no Tammy Wynette, if you understand what ns mean. In fact, the lady in this 2015 rock track is proud that she ain't no lady at all. She lies and breaks hearts without remorse then blames her lover for not having actually known better.

24. "Drunk girls Don't Cry" by Maren Morris

What carry out you do as soon as your friend is behaving like a foolish woman, a doormat in her partnership with a loser? In this catchy 2015 country song, one girlfriend gives an additional one some directly talk about all the excuses she's been making for she man. The narrator notes the "good guys" behave like an excellent men, and also she tries to convince her friend to watch him because that what the is—a mistake:

There's a well line in between an accidentAnd a L-O-S-E-R.

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25. "Stupid Girls" by Pink

In this 2006 pop song, Pink proud proclaims the she's glad to be amongst the outcasts and girls with ambition. In a country where we still don't have a mrs President, she notes the there is an overemphasis ~ above unattainable requirements of beauty at the price of applauding women's intelligence and contributions. She doesn't desire to be one of those fake "stupid girls."

"If you desire something said, asking a man; if you want something done, ask a woman." Margaret Thatcher, British prime Minister and also stateswoman

Mon Mer via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway

Know a song around different species of women? If it's no on this playlist and also should be, do a tip in the Comments ar below.