“I offered to be a wonderful auditioner. When I was living in New York, Id audition eexceptionally day. And I choose to audition. But then it gained to a point wright here I didnt choose it anyeven more. So when it got to tbelow and also I likewise kbrand-new more about the organization and also I believed, "I cant carry out this anymore."” — Ed O"Neill —

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“Sometimes you cant understand why things take place the way they carry out.. unwillingly were required to ride the waves.. and also thats difficult for us people, considering were programmed to make feeling of the chaos, rationalize with the unrational.. and best when you feel theres no life left to be drained, ideal prior to the point of providing up.. something happens. its virtually super organic, this phenomenon in which tright here constantly appears to be a slight, bleak sign of hope. a little light in the dark. but its all i required. and currently that the waves have actually calmed.. i feel practically, warmth, senseable.. i feel safe, i feel sound. and also in this moment. i know wright here i stand also. i dont question it anyeven more. its simply where im suppose to be.”

— William James Peter O"Brien

“I was wrong. I need to have actually never questioned you. I do trust you. I love you, and I can not execute this anyeven more. I do not want to be ... " He struggled to find the best words. " ... without you." And then, ultimately, his arms slackened, releasing her, providing her the option aacquire. She felt his shoulders slump, and also his heart shudder. "Please ...”

— Kimberly Derting

“I must have told you? I did tell you. I said, "I can"t execute this anyeven more." I said "I love you, yet I"m not certain it"s enough, i"m not sure it will certainly ever be enough." I sassist, "I don"t desire to live choose this, Georgie" remember?”

— Rainbow Rowell

“You should tell me what"s going on. Tell me something, babe. I can"t perform this anyeven more, this sick twisted worrying, I require more of the story." The sad smile he available me pulled at my insides, "I don"t want fifty percent of you, or bits and also pieces, baby. I bloody want every one of you.”

— Christine Zolendz

“I can not carry out this anyeven more," I cried, "Why will not you simply leave me alone?"Because you would never before leave me.”

— Alexandra Bracken

“I can"tI can not think around anypoint or anyone else," he whispered. A hand drifted up, dragging earlier with his hair. "I can not think right as soon as you"re around. I can"t sleep. It feels favor I can not breatheI just""Liam, please," I begged. "You"re exhausted. You"re barely over being sick. Let"s just ... Can we simply go ago to the others?""I love you." He turned toward me, that agonized expression still on his challenge. "I love you eextremely second of daily, and I do not understand why, or exactly how to make it stop" He looked wild through pain; it pinned me in area, even before what he had sassist registered in my mind."I recognize it"s wrong; I recognize it dvery own to my damn bones. And I feel prefer I"m sick. I"m trying to be an excellent person, yet I can"t. I can"t carry out this anyeven more.”

— Alexandra Bracken

“He was getting undressed and also it snapped something inside of him that had actually been drawing taut, ready to break for months."I"m hungry, Bruno," he said, in a soft voice, as he removed the shirt from his broad shoulders, revealing a perfect sight of smooth dark skin. "I can"t wait for dinner," he ongoing, with a smile.When he put his hands to the fastening of his trocustomers, Bruno let out a sigh and also put the take out menus on the counter. He couldn"t look at him, because he kbrand-new Lyon was trying to seduce him on function. He didn"t want to talk or hear him out or spend time through him that didn"t finish via an orgasm."I can"t execute this anyeven more," Bruno confessed, quietly.”

— Elaine White

“My mouth went dry, my heart clattered. "Nick, do not leave. Don"t go," I said unevenly. "Look, it"s not that I"m not, you understand ... it"s just that this is all really new and sudden, and also it"s hard-""It"s not difficult for me!" he barked, bring about both the cabbie and also me to jump. "Harper, I"ve loved you all my adult life, yet you just can not believe that, and also nothing I execute will adjust your mind. You want a guarantee, you want a fucking crystal round to see the future, and I can not give you one. The just thing I have the right to say is that I love you, I always have. I constantly will, yet somejust how that"s not excellent sufficient for you. And I simply can not carry out this anymore.”

— Kristan Higgins

“There isn"t a need to sugar coat life anymore, Cant we view we live with enough lies, deciet and painful realities to produce more, by stagnating the development of the ones your expect to make an Impact on and also more importantly yourself. Let life be funny, yet never a joke.”

— Nikki Rowe

“I can not do this anyeven more, I think, my very own voice practically lost in the storm. I can not perform this anyeven more. I can not face this on my very own. I am drowning in this river and I am haunted in this residence my father constructed and my mind is breaking.”

— T.J. Klune

“I was in "Seussical," and also I remained in a cage onstage in a purple yarn suit singing backup, and I was like: "I"ve had actually it. I can not execute this anyeven more." I will certainly say for the record that I did love the present, but I was like: "I want to do something else. I require a small even more."”

— Casey Nicholaw

“The worst type of sad is the sad wbelow you attempt to ignore it and also then it gets so poor that one day you simply breakdown. And you cant take anypoint anyeven more.”

— Anonymous.

“If I"m not interested in a woman, I"m straight-forward. Right after sex, I usually say, "I can"t perform this anymore. Thanks for coming over!"”

— Vince Vaughn

“You act one way in front of everyone else, however at night once I"m on the phone through you, I obtain the actual Charlie. It"s going to be absolute torture not dialing your number and also hearing your voice prior to I go to sleep each night, however I can not execute this anymore. I can"t just love that component of you-the actual component of you. I desire to love you once I talk to you at night and I also desire to love you once I check out you in the time of the day, yet you"re beginning to present two various sides of yourself.”

— Colleen Hoover

“SALLY    Harry, I can not execute this anymore. I am not your consolation prize. Goodbye.”

— Nora Ephron

“I used to be a wonderful auditioner. When I was living in New York, I"d audition every day. And I favor to audition. But then it acquired to a point where I didn"t choose it anyeven more. So once it gained to tbelow and also I also kbrand-new even more about the organization and also I believed, "I can"t carry out this anyeven more."”

— Ed O"Neill

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“I dont think it renders a distinction if you have actually kids or you don"t have children. I think it"s all in the head around just how you feel and, I do not know, I constantly choose to be active and also work-related out and eat appropriate and also simply be active so I never before see it as, oh when you"re a mommy you can"t be sexy or you cant be in lingerie anymore looking good.”

— Heidi Klum

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