photo from the original Destiny’s Sparrow Racing league mode. Bungie/Activision

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The Sparrow S-10, the very first vehicle every Guardian received in Destiny. Bungie/Activision via Destiny Wiki as minor an problem as it might seem, this was one of the most annoying elements of my time through Destiny 2 throughout a preview event last month. Sure, i was originally content to explore Earth, Titan, Nessus and Io on foot. Each place was a gorgeous new playground come gawk at, and was full of potential: What would certainly I discover if ns strayed indigenous the beaten path?

Yet I conveniently tired the sprinting everywhere; the scenic jogging route wasn’t fast sufficient for my liking. You can think that the presence of quick travel in Destiny 2 mitigates the Sparrow issue, but that’s less true until later on in the game, because you unlock fast travel clues on each destination as you progress. There is no them, ns was required to operation from place to place — or find for a spot where enemies on Pikes, Destiny’s armored hovercraft, to be hanging out.

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I asked Bungie why Sparrows space so scarce in Destiny 2. The studio stated that the design decision was a conscious choice, made in light of the truth that the game’s destinations market much more to do than the comparatively barren worlds of that predecessor.

“There’s a the majority of content currently that we place in these human beings — yes sir a lot of of tiny offshoots and bits of history — and we nothing want human being just blasting past it,” Jason Sussman, an elderly environment artist in ~ Bungie, said me.

“And it was finding that appropriate balance of once , right, and how lot we want you come walk those destinations,” Sussman continued. “But it to be intentional.”

It’s true the Destiny 2 players can miss important locations or tasks if they’re just speeding indigenous one waypoint to the next. Because that instance, the white graffiti that marks the place of a shed Sector is obvious, yet it’s lot closer in dimension to the Mona Lisa 보다 to a mural. Yet even if Bungie demands to encourage football player to stop and smell the roses every for this reason often, there needs to be a far better way to perform it than depriving castle of the (expected) ability to get approximately quickly.

Being grounded became a glaring worry once I began doing open-world activities with other world in a fireteam. Together it turn out, both of mine squadmates had been lucky enough to have Sparrows drop because that them. Ns felt bad asking them come wait about for me, therefore they zoomed front to a Public event while I complied with on foot. By the time I recorded up, they had virtually taken under the boss. As soon as they sped turn off to a faraway locale the wasn’t close to a fast-travel point, ns actually made decision to leave the fireteam and rejoin it when they had actually reached their destination, because I knew the game would autumn me close to them.

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All along, Bungie has been saying the its guiding viewpoint in making Destiny 2 is “finding the fun,” and finding it directly in the game. However the Sparrow issue is opposing of fun, and also it’s one unforced error top top Bungie’s part. The case is even more frustrating since players have no recourse except to hope the a Sparrow drops because that them at some point. At the very least they have plenty of experience with praying come RNGesus by now.