NBA 2K17, the 18th installment in the game franchise is now available on vapor and additionally for consoles. The is thought about on of the ideal NBA’s ever before made. The brand-new basketball simulation video game brings a many amazing features. Developers spent the last year functioning on new solution that instantly detect jersey changes and introduce rules. Also, 2 of the most amazing features that the game, my Career and also My Player were upgraded and also now castle have brand-new ways to play.

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The game is available for some time currently but since of some updates, you could encounter different worries from time to time. The most recent error the players are currently complaining around is NBA 2K17 freezing, apparently, this worry stops a most players native a smooth gameplay.

The 2nd issue, remember that we are currently talking around recent problems in 2017, is the efeab30c 2K17 error code. This error appears when you shot to attach to a game server.

Because the video game comes with a many of new features and system the developers operated on in the last year players are complaining around issues and also bugs that room making the video game unplayable. The most common NBA 2K17 errors that users are complaining about are FPS issues like Low FPS and FPS Drops, Crashes, different Error Code (some of the players reported the adhering to errors codes once they tried to affix to the game server 4b538e50 or efeab30c).

NBA 2K17 no loading, is one more issue the bugs a lot of players in ~ the moment. The game stucks at the loading screen and also it won’t fill anymore. From this suggest you space unable to carry out anything, just restart your game.


If you room experiencing one of the worries from above, you’ve concerned the best place because we space going to aid you settle them. Simply read below and fix your problem in the errors list, there you will also find a workaround or equipment for it.

Following the record-breaking launch of NBA 2K16, the NBA 2K franchise proceeds to stake its insurance claim as the most authentic sports video clip game v NBA 2K17. Together the franchise that “all sports video games need to aspire to be” (GamesRadar), NBA 2K17 will take the game to new heights and also continue to blur the currently between video clip game and reality.

System Requirements



I hope the you confirm the device requirements the the game over and that your pc meets at the very least the minimum. If that’s the situation we have the right to go ahead and fix your issues. Below you will discover a list of the NBA 2K17 errors and also issues. Because that each issue, girlfriend will have actually a workaround or systems on exactly how to settle it and also play the game. If you have any kind of questions or if you are not sure how to usage a workaround, you deserve to use our Support organization here and a member of our team will help you fix your game.

NBA 2K17 Errors List:

#1 NBA 2K17 Crashes


A many players space complaining about crashes in the game, many of them room random crashes while playing a match, startup crashes, mine Carrer crashes or some weird crashes while playing the my Park attribute of the game. Because that example, this is what a player report on the heavy steam Dashboard about his crash:

“Anyone else experiences video game crashes while playing my park. Didn´t have any type of problem yesterday. Yet after the brand-new patch (what walk this anyway) i can´t beat in the park”

To settle the NBA 2K17 crashes friend can shot and use the workarounds below and also if nothing works just skip come the solution and it will settle your game.

Disable antialiasingTry to reduced the game settings

Solution: If nothing functions for you and also you room unable to play the game due to consistent crashes, you have to follow the tutorial in ~ the end of the post, there you will discover our patch that will aid you resolve the crashes and you will be able to NBA 2K17. Go to the end of the write-up for much more details!

#2 NBA 2K17 Invisible Players

Some players are complaining about a weird problem in which they begin a match and also after a few minutes the playing, some personalities just revolve invisible. Some guys on the game forum uncovered out that this concern is caused by her antivirus as soon as it’s to run in parallel v the game. Apparently, the video game has some conflicts with a few antiviruses and when to run in parallel that will cause some issues like the invisible player issue.

Update her virus definitions.Update her antivirus program.The last systems is come disable your antivirus before beginning the game.

Note: You should do all the steps over before launching the game and also not once you room playing it.

#3 NBA 2K17 Error code (4b538e50 & efeab30c 2K17 and others)


When you push the Connect switch in the main menu, you room unable to connect to the video game servers or you obtain some long error codes, the most usual one being “EFEAB30C 2K17”. You room receiving this error because the 2K application needs to it is in updated or because the servers are not working. Follow the workarounds listed below to settle this issue!

This is exactly how the worry looks like explained by a player ~ above the forum: “I’ve been gaining the error password efeab30c 2k17. I can’t attach to the web or also make a 2k account. Before I do any online activity, it shuts me out with the error code. I’ve tried play multiple quickplay games and nothing happened. I’ve do the efforts waiting top top the menu and also let the cycle v demo mode for 3 hours, and it still didn’t work. Walk anybody know a definitive way to settle this?”


From the main food selection go come Options/FeaturesHere walk to the Credits and wait because that the credits to runAfter that, you should see the 2K application updatingIf this workaround is not working for you and you space still receiving the error password you require to use our patch to your video game in order for this issue to be fixed. Go to the end of the short article for an ext details on how to fix the NBA 2k17 error code!

#4 NBA 2K17 challenge Scanning Issue

The confront scanning attribute of the NBA 2K16 to be super buggy and a many players complained the they to be unable to usage it and put their challenge on a character face. The brand-new version the this feature, in the NBA 2K17, has the very same issues, still gift buggy and also hard to use.

If you want your character to have actually your face, you have to download the MyNBA2K application on your iPhone or Android mobile to scan your face. Make sure that you scan it in a room the is no dark and that you room not wearing any kind of sunglasses or hats. The application will certainly scan your face and after that, girlfriend will have the ability to modify that from the game options and also include another function to her character.

For more detailed information on exactly how the MyPlayer face scanning function works you deserve to read this short article here.

#5 NBA 2K17 FPS concerns (Low FPS & FPS Drops)


You space encountering NBA 2K17 short FPS or FPS Drops and friend don’t understand why because you have actually a high-end PC and also you can run other gamings with high graphic settings? The problem is not v your PC, it appears that in ~ this moment the game is poorly optimized and a the majority of players are complaining about performance issues.

This is a major issue in the game and it’s not that simple to fix but our members uncovered some workarounds and also a definitive systems on just how to optimize your game and also play the with consistent high fps. First, apply the tips listed below to your game and also after the follow our equipment to optimize the fps.

Make sure that you satisfy the minimum mechanism requirements.Update your GPU to the recent driver, compatible through NBA 2K17. (our spot will do that because that you)Close every the lift applications that space interfering through the game.

Solution: For a sure means to fix your performance issues and optimize your game and also frames, you need to use our patch to her game. For more details, examine the tutorial in ~ the end of the post!

#6 NBA 2K17 Pre-Order Bonuses no Working

If friend pre-ordered the video game or if you bought the Legend Edition girlfriend will receive a number of Virtual money bonuses. Because that example, the Legend version will attribute Kobe Bryant MyPlayer add-ons. The concern with these bonuses is that some players are not receiving any type of Virtual money bonuses, even if they purchased the Legend variation of the game.

The developers stated that the bonuses should appear immediately in your account after friend purchased the game. A rapid workaround on how to do them appear if friend can’t see any type of is to go to MyTeam area and also stay there for a couple minutes and after the closing her game, restarting vapor and launching the game again.

#7 NBA 2K17 Freezing

Is her NBA 2K17 freezing at the loading display screen or occasionally randomly while play a match? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right ar to fix this issue. One of two people if you space playing the game on your Xbox console or on her PC, below you will uncover workarounds for every one of these problems.


NBA 2K17 freezing on Xbox Workaround:

First, battered the video game by pressing the Xbox button. Once you’re at the dashboard, walk to “Manage Games.” Then choose NBA 2K17 and scroll under to “Save Data” and also select it. Scroll down to “Reserved Space.” Click it and also then click “Clear scheduled Space.” Finally, restart NBA 2K17.

At this point, it will start to pack on the location screen, however there will certainly be a an extensive delay. Ultimately, you’ll see a screen that says: “Please wait, retrieving data indigenous 2K servers.” There will certainly be an option to cancel. Carry out NOT press CANCEL. IT will DELETE all of YOUR DATA.

Once that component of the process has finished, you have to be prepared to walk and totally free of the logo display freezing and also extended delays.

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NBA 2K17 freezing at loading screen Workaround:

Try clearing the reserve room for 2k17 under ‘manage game’ settings. I think you must click begin on the title of the video game then you’ll find the option. Then pick reserve space and select clear 2k17 to make reservation space. Do not click your user profiles in this options menu.