A ar with home window guards is a an excellent sign the security. Window guards are a protection measure come prevent youngsters (ten years and younger), native falling off the windows. But there will be a time the these security no longer become a necessity, i m sorry is why we have to know just how to remove home window guards.

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Whether you’re plan to change your old home window guards or planning come put screens in that is place, us will provide you some fast steps on how to remove home window guards.

Quick steps To Remove window Guards

Working on just how to remove home window guards will require a most handy work. Most window guards room attached come windows making use of one-way security screws. These screws are designed with different heads. That is make this means so that a constant screwdriver will certainly not be offered to eliminate them. There may be special screwdrivers capable of removing one-way screws, yet it will certainly be difficult to uncover them in your continual home innovation center. You have to still have the ability to find some tools that will eliminate those one-way screws indigenous your home window guard.

Let’s get started. The an initial thing to perform is to determine what kind of head your home window guards use. We will divide these right into three:

Thick screw headThin screw headFlushed or indented screw head

Removing A thick Screw Head From home window Guards

OPTION 1 – v a rotary tool. Situate the area at the top of your protection screw. Using a rotary tool, reduced a slot over it. If the screw has actually a special head, you can use a cutting wheel.

OPTION 2 – with a cutting wheel. Put the cut wheel in the rotary tool and cut the slot ~ above the peak of the screw head.

NOTE: do NOT cut too deep right into the screw head. It need to not exceed half the thickness that the screw head.

OPTION 3 – through a hacksaw. Attach two of the hacksaw blades to the hacksaw and also create the slot. You can do this the same means you would through a solitary hacksaw blade.

STEP 1 – position your flat-head screwdriver right into the slotSTEP 2 – press the screwdriver through force turning the screw counterclockwiseSTEP 3 – turn the screw counterclockwise till the screw is removed from the home window guard.

Removing A thin Screw Head From window Guards

STEP 1 – file the slim screw head utilizing a medium-coarse file. Submit the screw head have the right to flatten the screw head come be ready for the next step.

NOTE: execute NOT totally flatten the screw head. You want to leaving a small thickness therefore you can still take it with some pliers.

STEP 2 – Clasp the jaws of her locking pliers about the thin screw head. You might do this together tightly as possible.

TIP: the is better to use rounded-jaw locking pliers instead of flat-jaw locking pliers till you can accomplish a tighter grip.

STEP 3 – rotate the thin screw head in a counterclockwise motion with your locking pliers till you are able to remove the screw indigenous the window guard.

Advantages and also Disadvantages Of window Guards

Window guards room meant to protect youngsters from falling out of the windows, but they still have other benefits and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer watch at window guards.


Child protection. This is a requirement for part residences, especially with youngsters ten years and also below.Theft-deterrent. As soon as burglars see home window guards, they end up being doubtful of start the home, especially when this is located on the very first floor.


Window guards deserve to trap friend inside during an emergency. In the event of a fire or a burglary, you will lose another means of escape.It will certainly be tough for firefighters to access the interiors with home window guards.Window guards might give the wrong impression to prospective buyers that the property. It gives the impression of one unsafe neighborhood or area.

If girlfriend feel that the flaw outweigh the advantages, there’s an additional solution.Modern window guards are installed with a quick-release mechanism. These mechanisms room designed to give the same security and also protection while enabling you to open the bars conveniently from the inside.

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NOTE: it is not recommended to usage models that need a key for opening or tools for removal. The device needs come be situated with ease and also should be opened up with simply a small force. Though among the far-reaching benefits of home window bars is to help protect children and also prevent them from falling out of the window, older children should still know just how to run it in the event of one emergency. Find out more about window Guards.