Chests are an essential for storing your over thousands of different weapons and also items you will certainly come across. There space over forty different chests you can craft in Terraria. They space all functionally similar and your recipes will call for two iron/lead bars and eight of whatever material they are made from. For example, a wooden chest would need eight of any kind of wood and two iron/lead bars, whereas, a meteorite chest would need eight meteorite blocks and two iron/lead bars. Because that this guide I will present you just how to do a an easy wooden chest.

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Required Materials 

To do a chest in terraria, you will certainly need:

8 Wood2 Iron/Lead BarsWorkbench

A chest is a reasonably cheap recipe as it only requires pre-hardmode materials. Wood can be uncovered by chopping trees v an axe. Chopping down every tree nearby your spawn should offer you lot of of hardwood to job-related with.

Iron and also lead can be used interchangeably depending on what has created in your world. Destruction underground to find yourself part iron or command ore. To handmade iron/lead bars friend will must make a furnace. 

Finally, to do a chest girlfriend will need to stand in ~ a workbench to handmade the chest itself. 

How to make a Chest in Terraria

Start by recognize a natural cavern or destruction down until you uncover some iron/lead ore. This ore have the right to be found very close come the surface ar so you will certainly not have to go too much down to find it. 


My people generated command which is a blackish gray. Stole is a comparable shade the gray, simply much lighter. Every iron/lead bar will require three piece of ore each. Seize at the very least six iron/lead ore. For your heater you will need twenty rock as well. Conference some rock while you room mining for the ore. 

Stand next to a workbench and craft a furnace. A furnace will price twenty stone, 3 torches, and four lumber to make. Location your furnace and stand next to it to scented your ore right into bars. 


With your 2 iron/lead bars and eight hardwood you have the right to now craft a chest! just stand alongside your workbench and also look for the chest icon.


That’s it! You have the right to place chests close to her crafting stations to use anything in your chest for her crafting. Chests call for 2x2 tiles to place and you deserve to place lock on wood platforms for straightforward access. 

A chest will host forty various blocks or items. Opened a chest will show you a bunch of different chest regulates at the right of the chest inventory. 

“Loot All” will attempt to relocate every items in that chest to her inventory.

“Deposit All” will certainly attempt to move every article in her inventory to the chest (excluding your hotbar)

“Quick Stack” will move any kind of item in your inventory to an already existing stack of the item in her chest. For weapons and items that execute not stack, rapid stack will likewise move those items right into the chest if there is a slot available.

“Restock” will carry out the the opposite of quick stack. It will relocate items from your chest right into your list if you space holding any kind of items that space in the chest.

“Sort Items” will kind the chest by the block id.

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“Rename” will enable you to rename your chest. Renaming her chest will also show you the surname of the chest as soon as you float over it through your cursor. 

You might also an alert when you open your inventory, in ~ the bottom best of the inventory over there is an icon that claims “Quick ridge to adjacent Chests” this will certainly quick-stack every item in your inventory to existing chests nearby. Having a heat of chests complete of different items can aid you conserve time once you depot her items ago home. 

If you would choose to prevent an item from being quick-stacked into a chest you have the right to hold alt and also click top top the item in her inventory. This will “favorite” the item and will neglect that item once quick-stacking or once depositing. You deserve to favorite any number of items friend want. A favourite item will display a border roughly it. You deserve to unfavorite an object by alt clicking the article again. 



Q. Exactly how do you open up the dead man’s chest in Terraria?

Very carefully! The dead man’s chest is a golden chest that deserve to be randomly generated during people spawn. It appears a tiny out of place as there is not any other framework generated around it. Opened this chest carelessly will create a dozen various traps indigenous boulders, come dynamite, to lava. Lock are extremely dangerous and can kill you also at full health. Dig below the chest come unearth the gunpowder and over it come disarm the boulders. 

You can likewise take wire cutters right into the area and also you will have the ability to see all the catch the wires are linked to. V the cable cutters girlfriend can cut all the wires linked to the catch to open the chest safely.

Q. Just how do friend organize chests in Terraria?

Chest have their own organize button yet it organizes by block id not necessarily what renders sense. Ns recommend having actually dozens of various chests. Rename the chests through what you desire them come hold, and also place every item you want the chests to organize in a grid that renders sense come you. As long as the chest is no full, click the “quick ridge to surrounding chests” option listed below your coin inventory will move any item in her inventory to her lineup the chests.

Q. Just how do you do a trapped chest in Terraria?

To do a trapped chest, take everything variant of chest friend would like to turn into a trapped chest in addition to ten piece of wire. Stand next to your heavy workbench and also you will see the trapped different of your chest show up in your crafting menu. 


Chests space super intuitive and can help you organize the mess the your inventory will inevitably become. Having actually dozens the chests complete of items favor ore and bars; structure blocks; alchemy materials; lot drops; misc. Items will help you save time v the rapid stack option. Ns would also rename chests come ensure the you execute not lose track the what you have actually placed where.