Players can dye armor, hair, and other cosmetic items in Terraria from dyes that can be created, mixed together, or purchased indigenous a Dye Trader.

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How come Dye armor in Terraria
Terraria has a large selection the armor and also weapons the players have the right to use in the game. In between all the cosmetics Terraria armor options, football player can totally customize exactly how their character will look. Castle can also use dyes to adjust colors of armor and also even include animations come them.


In Terraria, dyes duty a lot prefer equipment. They space equipped come armor and vanity items in their third item slot. This means the dyes room not usable items, and also can be conveniently switched out or eliminated at a whim. Football player who choose to change the color of your armor and outfits can just keep numerous dyes at the ready, transforming the colors whenever they wish. Countless of even the rarest Terraria items have a dye slot available.

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making or to buy Dye

Players deserve to purchase dyes and make castle from life materials. Dyes have the right to be purchased because that 5 gold from the Dye Trader, who was among the plenty of NPCs added during Terraria"s upgrade 1.2. The Dye trader will generate at a player"s home only once the player has a Strange tree in their inventory.

making dye requires a Dye Vat make station. Players deserve to purchase the Dye Vat from the Dye Trader because that 5 gold. The Dye Vat have the right to be supplied to make dye from raw materials or the can combine dyes together to make new ones. One of two people way, football player will should summon a Dye businessman to gain some colorful transforms to their outfits.

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Forest in Terraria

developing Dyes

There are a huge number of dyes the players deserve to make in Terraria. While there space a grand complete of 65 different colors and combined colors the dyes, right here is a perform of the basic dyes that players can create from discovered materials.

Red - Red Husks Orange - Orange Bloodroot Yellow - Yellow Marigold Lime - Lime Kelp Green - environment-friendly Mushroom Teal - Teal Mushroom Cyan - Cyan rice peel skies Blue - sky Blue Flower Blue - Blue berry Purple - purple Mucos Violet - Violet husk Pink - Pink Prickly Pear Black - black color Ink

many other dyes space made by mix dyes together in the Vat or by trading a strange Plant v the Dye Trader because that a arbitrarily Dye. Players can additionally create other colors by mixing these an easy colors together. Because that example, mixing Yellow, Lime, and also Orange Dyes together will make a Yellow Gradient Dye, or mixing any color that dye v silver dye (which have the right to only it is in purchased) will make a Bright variation of that color. When dyeing armor come a new color won"t make a player"s Terraria builds any better, it will make lock look cooler, which is a worthy cause in itself.

Terraria is out currently on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and also Switch.