I’ve to be seeing a ton of fun resin crafts lately and I wanted to produce something the looked like resin but without having to usage resin which can be facility and requires special protective gear when handling. That’s as soon as I came up with the idea of producing these funny faux resin keychains. This DIY acrylic keychains space super easy to make and also don’t require too plenty of supplies. This is a rapid 20-30 minute craft that deserve to be excellent by all ability levels. This short article contains affiliate links, and also I might be compensated if you make a purchase through my link. See complete disclosure here.

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DIY Acrylic Keychains Supplies

Acrylic Keychain Blanks SetTweezers (optional)

Directions because that Faux Resin Keychains

While the repaint is still wet, include the polymer clay slices. I provided a pair the tweezers to make placement also easier.Once the paint is dry, add a thin layer of mod Podge over the optimal of the polymer slices. Finally include your keychain ring and now you have a beautiful faux resin keychain.

If you choose this keychain project, checkout my Cricut keychains. You might also add a Cricut design to this keychain project as well. Make sure you space following together with my on Instagram, facebook or tik see much more colorful and also crafty projects.

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