Determine your Storage Needs

First points first, her own an individual storage needs should be determined. You, one of two people knowingly or unknowingly, have actually purchased a smartphone through the choice to expand and replace both its inner storage and its battery. Because that now, decide if you even need an ext storage 보다 the phone offers by default. Since the S4 seems to be largely sold in that is 16GB configuration, that is most likely the lot you have as well. However, all 16GB is not available to you, the user. ~ Android 4.2 and all of Samsung's myriad apps, features, and also gimmicks have been installed, friend have around 10GB of interior storage left v which you deserve to work.

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So why would certainly you need more space? There room three key use scenarios in which friend would:

Your call is replacing or is ending up being your mp3 player.Your call is ending up being your media player (videos/games).Your phone will certainly be provided as a video camera.

If you intended one or much more of this to be true for her phone, then you will need expandable storage. If not, you're probably not a call "power user", and can go about your day.

Purchase the appropriate Card

OK, because you're quiet reading, ns assume that way you know that you need to expand your S4's storage. Great! currently you have to pick the end a Micro SD card to get in your phone. Below is where a very important difference must it is in made; purchase a Class 4 or slower micro SD card. Execute a rapid Google search, and also you will see a host of world complaining about their phones unmounting their cards or offering them formatting error messages. The factor for this is the the S4, for whatever reason, does no play nice with class 10 cards. Either because of the speed or simply the interface, the phone, as I experienced first-hand, will certainly suddenly prevent accessing files on the SD card and also give a card format error if the is course 10 type. Ns think this is a huge oversight by Samsung, however it is the reality of the situation now. The an excellent news is, course 4 cards work great! So when shopping for a card, do absolute sure it is course 4 or slower. I reverted my course 10 card for a course 4 kind and have had actually zero problems since.

Class 4 micro SD cards are available in capacities as much as 32GB (over 3 times the user-accessible call storage because that the 16GB model!) and also cost around $22. As a side note here, never purchase SD cards (or really any kind of cell call accessories) native the save you to buy the call at. Lock price gouge hard, conveniently taking a 300% markup native the sale. Avoid them at all costs.

Installing your Card

Installing an SD card into your Galaxy S4 is exceptionally simple. Keep in mind that the phone walk not have to be powered off for this process, either, making that that lot easier. Here's exactly how to execute it:

Remove the plastic ago cover native the phone. That has little plastic tabs that store it in place. The easiest way to carry out this is to pry a little bit from the finish of the phone where you affix the charging cable, as there is a space there which permits for part leverage. Once you've gained it started, proceed popping the ago off that the tabs till it come free.The Micro SD card slot is located over the battery and to the left that the center card slot (Verizon model). On slide the micro SD card challenge up, yellow contacts down right into this slot.You're done! pop the cover back on the back, and also we're in business.(Optional): If it would certainly make you feel better, or if you space using an currently micro SD card v old data on it, you can format the card when it's been installed. Be warned--formatting an SD card will erase all contents on it, so just do so after a full backup of the SD card! Then, rotate on the phone, and also swipe native the optimal to access the phone call settings. Tap the equipment icon in the height right, climate tap top top the "More" tab. Scroll under to the bottom and also tap "Storage". Scroll under again and also tap "Format SD card". Confirm, and you're good to go!


A good look in ~ the earlier of the S4 v no cover. The Micro SD card slot is located above the battery, and next come the sim card slot.

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jz on November 02, 2016:

thank you, an extremely helpful information

bobcat ~ above January 06, 2015:

don't think you have the right to get course 4 64gb cards though!

Miro Slavz ~ above November 10, 2014:

From what I've read the S4 have the right to accommodate up to 64gb...does this sound accurate...I setup on placing all my music top top the map does anyone understand of any type of issues that the phone call accessing the music v the player?

Goldleafs top top September 04, 2014:

I have actually s4 deserve to I do like this to usage microSD card.

Gloria top top September 03, 2014:

I formatted my S4, lost some apps that came v the phone. Now I'm trying come download and also install these apps again. When I shot to download the apps the phone runs out of warehouse space. I checked my application manager native SETTINGS and also found just 1.1 GB of inner memory. The apps I mounted on the phone space few.

I would prefer to know what went wrong with the interior memory and how it deserve to be remedied

uforje on august 27, 2014:

I just bought a course 4 microSD 32 gb. I have actually a 16 gb microSD & desire to know just how to do a smooth transfer?

Allison on august 20, 2014:

Thanks again! The folder licensed has been granted "Android" no copy over. Any type of ideas? I've to be dragging the folders native one SD card to the other using mine laptop. I tried that and a copy and paste - no worked.

Kevin (author) indigenous USA on respectable 17, 2014:


It need to be entirely fine come copy the data from your existing SD map to a brand-new one, assuming the brand-new one functions as expected. In my experience, the concern is through the transfer rate interface, no the data framework of the card.

Moving data fromone card to another on august 16, 2014:

Thanks so lot for this good info! simply ordered the card you recommended. I've to be having issues with storage/SD map (not sure which class my current 8GB map is) and also photos obtaining deleted randomly. :( Luckily, I have actually dropbox, yet I'd rather not have actually the concerns at all. Hope this solves the issue.

My question: is it ok come copy everything (apps, photos, papers etc) from mine existing Micro SD to my brand-new card (using my laptop)? i was worried the the problem with randomly deleting might be due to some sort of corruption that the files?



Kevin (author) indigenous USA on July 28, 2014:


According to Wikipedia, the S4 can resolve up to a 64GB MicroSDXC card.

emmett top top July 27, 2014:

Anyone have data top top the amount of SD card an are the S4 deserve to address. (As a maximum?)

roni ~ above June 26, 2014:

I simply bought one sd map coz i was running short of storage an are but the ~ inserting it still the fon shows an symbol that space is running out on mine device. What to do.

Samantha: Formatting the SD card will erase any data ~ above it. However, if the phone recognizes the card once you put it in, no layout is necessary. There is typically no have to perform a format.

Samantha top top June 22, 2014:

I just bought a micro sd map cuz I'm the end of warehouse on my Galaxy S4 (I only have actually an 8gb phone) and when ns go to storage to style the sd card, it states "deletes all data ~ above sd card, including music and also pictures). I don't want any of my pictures deleted and also I don't know if formating the brand-new SD card will do that. Please let me recognize so I know whether or not I have the right to add more storage to mine phone. Thanks

Eric top top June 08, 2014:

Hi, great article i uncovered it very useful the only issue i have now is that i cannot get movies from video player to conserve to the sim and not the interior memory i have tried to set it under applications manager. Any type of ideas ~ above the matter?? Thanks

Gary on march 27, 2014:

Thank you an extremely much because that the article! i would have gone out and also bought the class 10 64gb because that my new galaxy S4, however instead i went through the course 4 32gb on amazon ($18.99, plus $3.99 for overnight shipping).

lauren top top February 26, 2014:

So ns purchased a course 4 8gb and also fire some factor I am having the same problem. Once I first put the in that haf mounted fine and then unmounted itself and also hasn't an installed since. :/

Kevin (author) native USA ~ above December 10, 2013:

Not sure where you mean, in the "Purchasing the ideal Card" ar I mention cards are around $22. Looking on Amazon it seems you can gain them because that a little bit much less than the too.

David on December 10, 2013:

Thanks again. I made decision to build ahead and buy two 32 gig course 4 Kingston cards indigenous Amazon. Note that the price is $21.19/card together opposed come the $15.99 presented above.

Kevin (author) from USA top top December 10, 2013:

Hey David,

I have actually seen that part people show up to have had problems with SD cards regardless of whether they were class 10 or not (you didn't specify). However, that was the finest advice ns had, together that is what operated for me. Glad you chosen the article.

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David ~ above December 10, 2013:

Thanks for the beneficial information. Mine wife and also I both acquired Galaxy S4s at acceleration store and I set up an old micro SD map from both our phones--albeit small capacity. Mine has worded fine and hers has operated sporadically till she gets the dreaded error message about blank SD card.