JT is a well known American rapper. JT together with her partner Yung Miami is well known by the name of City Girls. They initially came right into the limelight after, they acquired an possibility to show up in the video clip of the tune In My emotion by Drake. Castle themselves have released numerous hit songs.

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JT or Jatavia Shakara Johnson to be born ~ above 3rd December 1992, in Op Locka, Miami County, Florida, United claims of America. This provides her 28 year old as of today. There is no information about the names and professions of she parents. However, there room reports that her mother was a medicine addict. The fact made she childhood a little bit miserable. She likewise has a brother named Jai. She holds an American nationality and also follows Christianity. Further, she belongs to the African-American ethnicity and has Sagittarius as her zodiac sign.

Talking about her academic qualification, she has actually not attended any kind of college for greater studies. She has not also completed her schooling. When she has actually attended college in her very own hometown.

Professional life

Career-wise, she has chosen to involved the music industry. That was her sheer zeal and also passion because that music that led she to enter and establish herself together an artist here. From she initial days, she has partnered v her friend Yung Miami and also performed v the surname of City Girls. She along with her partner very first recorded the voice in-studio track, “Fuck documents Nigga”. In 2017, she to be jailed because that 24 months. She was arrested and also found guilty of identification theft.


After offer the complete term the 24 month in jail, she released she debut studio album through Yung, called “Period”. Further, she went on come sing an ext songs. In 2018, they also released their second album “Girl Code”. Recently, they have actually released City on Lock-in 2020.

Net worth

JT resides a luxurious and also comfortable life v her boyfriend. The main source of her income is indigenous her document sales and additionally other various projects. She has actually been able to amass a full net worth of around $2 million united state Dollars together of 2021.

Apart native earning fortunes, she in addition to her companion Yung has been nominated for different prestigious awards for various occasions. However, they have won BET society Awards in the year 2019.

Personal life

Keeping a glance at her personal relationship, she is no married but in a relationship. She has actually publicly announced her partnership with Lil Uzi Vert. Lil is additionally a renowned American rapper and also a songwriter. They have not engaged and married yet. Moreover, they carry out not have any kind of children too. She is straight regarding gender choices. Likewise, she has actually not been attracted to any kind that controversies other than for her acquiring arrested and being jailed for 24 months.


Caption: JT and also her boyfriend Lil Uzi Vert in a display (Source: AceShowbiz)

Body measurement and also Social media

JT has a beautiful appearance along with her rapping talent. The rapper is 5 feet and also 2 inches tall. She weighs 55 kg. Moreover, the color of her hair is dusky brown and she has actually brown colored eyes too. Likewise, talking about the human body measurement, she has 36 customs breast, 27 inch waist, and 36 inches hips.

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JT is also active in social media via different platforms. She has a on facebook account under the name Thegirljt. The has more than 85k followers. Likewise, she has actually Twitter account
thegirljt has actually 4.4 million followers. Let’s no forget her YouTube channel with her friend under the surname City girl which has actually 1.62 subscribers.