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by Chelsea Bacci


The fall season is right roughly the corner and it is never too early to gain into the autumn spirit. Night in the Woods is the perfect video game to obtain yourself into the mood because that the fall season. That is a beautiful story video game with exorbitant art, spectacular music, and also lovable characters. It speak a relatable story for those in their early twenties who feel a little bit lost in the world and also are simply trying to find their place. However, hiding behind the beautiful facade, darker secrets lie within this town. This article may save story spoiler in some sections, so check out at your own discretion. 

Night in the Woods follows 20-year-old Mae Borowski roughly her tiny hometown the Possum Springs. Mae has just moved ago from college to live with her parents and also she sees just how much she hometown has changed. She is the town delinquent, that is well-known for her previous shenanigans and sometimes current ones together well. Mae has no difficulties breaking into places she is not an alleged to it is in or “borrowing” items once she demands them. This is among the times i have played a video game where the main character has their very own problematic traits and also may not be in the right the entire time.

Aside from Mae, there space a few other lovable main characters. Yes sir Mae’s finest friend Gregg, a lovable goofball with little going on up in his head however a most love in his heart. There’s likewise Gregg’s friend Angus, a quiet nerdy personality who appears to be over there right as soon as you require him. My personal favorite that the non-playable characters is Bea, an edgy girl with a soft side. Every of these personalities has their very own school ties to Mae and their own an individual stories you find out along the way. You start to autumn in love v the characters and feel poor for them when some the their past comes out. 

The town of Possum springs has actually so lot to explore. It’s recommended the you go almost everywhere you have the right to to explore and also talk to everyone feasible every day. Walk along the power-lines as much as feasible and walk to every feasible destination in the game to acquire the complete play-through experience. Small details given to you with conversations and other items will provide you tiny indications to the weird points happening approximately Possum Springs. 

Aside native the darker sides of the game, the art format is something come marvel at. The game attributes a layered two-dimensional format that looks almost like it was cut-and-pasted. There room pleasing mute colors, perfect because that the loss season in which the game takes place. Overall, the video game is really pleasing come the eye. There room beautiful muted shades that blues oranges and also reds throughout the day, but when girlfriend play through the dream scene it is filled v black and accents of shining blue and also red. The color palette create a beautiful soft tone through spooky accents, similar to the game story itself. 

The music in the game may be one of the ideal parts. Mae, Gregg, Bea, and Angus are all component of a band, in which you have the right to play the base at tape practice. This takes ar in the form of a rate game, which you execute not have to be an excellent at in order for the video game to progression (trust me, I’m destructive at rhythm games). Over there is a exorbitant mix that music transparent the totality game, there’s relaxed songs, spooky songs, and songs the make you want to rock out. This eclectic mix is enjoyable for anyone who desires to provide the game a try. 

The play-through of the game is really simple. There is very tiny platforming, which seems to it is in the most challenging part of the game. Ns played the on mine Nintendo Switch, which in ~ the time had actually drifting controllers, and also I controlled to make it through just fine. Anyone with a note of video game experience will have the ability to play with the game easily. I think I only spent roughly four or five hours ~ above the game in full to end up it. 

Aside native the usual surface-level elements of a game, there are other reasons ns love Night in the Woods. For starters, i love autumn. The is my favourite season and the game captures the emotion of walking about in fall and also getting right into the spooky mood. The game centers around the work leading up to “Harfest”, a celebration comparable to what we understand as Halloween. There is no saying also much, the rising action begins the night of Harfest and also is as soon as the major turning point of the video game occurs. This is whereby the video game turns native sweet v a hint of hesitation to full on mystery. 

The game also deals with different topics and also struggles because that each character. Mae is a university dropout, the totality town pressures her to gain a job and to discover out specifically what she wants to do. Her parents space going v financial troubles and also it is in part because of she negligence. Bea’s mother died and also she is still grieving, compelled to job-related at her household store “The Ol’ Pickaxe”. There room themes of communities falling apart and cities fallout’s down. The decline of a tiny town regardless of all the citizens life there. The darkest secrets come at the end of the game, i m sorry I will leave as much as those that play to uncover out for themselves. 

Night in the Woods is a beautiful video game to pat in the night of the autumn season. It is just one of my favorite gamings I’ve played and I introduce it come anyone that likes story games. That is beautiful music, straightforward play-through, and also gorgeous scenery do it a gentle video game for casual playing as a break from new school work and also the state the the world. Overall, ns adored the game and will probably play through again shortly to uncover all the tricks Possum Springs needs to offer.