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Trip Summary

There space 2 day-to-day trains native Washington DC to Woodbridge. Traveling by train native Washington DC to Woodbridge generally takes approximately 36 minutes, however the fastest Amtrak Northeast regional train deserve to make the pilgrimage in 34 minutes.

Distance21 mi (33 km)
Fastest train0h 34m
Lowest price$14.00
Trains per day3
Most constant serviceAmtrak Northeast Regional
Train lines1

In the last month, $14.00 was the mean price the a train ticket native Washington, DC to Woodbridge, VA. This is about as cheap as train tickets ever before get. You can expect to find tickets at the price or reduced if you publication your expedition at the very least 10 job in advance. Otherwise, mean to pay roughly $10.00 more than that for a same-day booking.

over the following 30 days, the average cost of a one-way train expedition from Washington DC to Woodbridge will certainly vary between $14 and also $18. To plan a train pilgrimage to Woodbridge in ~ the upcoming week? The cheapest train ticket girlfriend can find from Washington end the next 7 work is $14. Make certain to publication your expedition as quickly as possible as train fares often tend to walk up as you gain closer come your take trip date.

Traveling from Washington DC come Woodbridge by train will price you around the same regardless of the time of year for which you arrangement your trip. In general, train ticket prices for that path don’t fluctuate lot throughout the year, so mean to pay approximately $15 anytime you decision to board the train to Woodbridge.
due to the fact that the average price the train trips from Washington DC come Woodbridge continues to be pretty consistent throughout the year, there’s no require to book your ticket too much in advance. However, us still recommend you acquisition your train ticket at the very least 48 hours ahead of leave time to avoid surprise last-minute surges and also the danger of the train offering out.

Amtrak Northeast regional is the one and also only train heat which associate Washington, district of Columbia to Woodbridge, Virginia. The schedule is relatively restricted as the train just runs double a day.

The Northeast regional is Amtrak’s passenger rail organization that runs between Boston, MA and Virginia Beach, VA, connecting end 50 cities in the Northeast and also Mid-Atlantic areas of the unified States. When the line’s downtown-to-downtown train service makes traveling between the biggest cities in the Northeast convenient and hassle-free, the train’s amenities do the trip comfortable and also relaxing as well. Amtrak passengers have the right to enjoy big seats through extra legroom and also power outlets, as well as free WiFi and clean bathrooms. With 2 day-to-day train trips from Washington come Woodbridge, the Northeast local is the busiest and also most popular amongst all Amtrak routes.

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Our train partners have implemented several different policies to store you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Native limiting car capacity to improving cleaning protocols and also upgrading waiting filters, train carriers space committed to preserving a safe environment. For details ~ above what each firm is doing to ensure your fleet remains safe because that travel, click here.

In addition, federal legislation requires every train passenger to wear a face covering because that the whole duration that the trip. Please make certain you are wearing a confront mask or you may not be enabled to board the train.

please visit our COVID-19 Travel guide for more information on all carrier policies and the latest take trip advisories approve by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and European country.

The distance between Washington DC and also Woodbridge is about 21 miles, or 33 kilometers. The median train journey between these 2 cities bring away 36 minutes, return the absolute fastest you can get there is 34 minutes. It's a short and also pleasant ride; the train is a perfect means to obtain to Woodbridge.