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View a map through driving directionsusing your preferred map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You deserve to use to gain the fulldriving distance from Houston to san Antonio with directions.

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Driving street from Houston, TX to mountain Antonio, TX

The total driving distance from Houston, TX to mountain Antonio, TX is 197 miles or 317 kilometers.

Your trip starts in Houston, Texas. It end in mountain Antonio, Texas.

If you are planning a road trip,you might additionally want to calculation the total steering time native Houston, TX to mountain Antonio, TXso you deserve to see as soon as you"ll come at her destination.

You can additionally calculate the cost the driving indigenous Houston, TX to mountain Antonio, TX based upon currentlocal fuel prices and also an estimate of her car"s finest gas mileage.

If you"re meeting a friend, you could be interested in detect the city that is halfway in between Houston, TX and also San Antonio, TX.

Planning to paris a plane instead?You might be much more interested in calculating the directly linedistance come fly indigenous Houston, TX to san Antonio, TX.

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A road expedition from Houston to mountain Antonio is fairly short contrasted to trips to various other cities. While in Texas you need to not miss Blue Bell ice cream. Obtain off I-10 and also take a side expedition on Highway 290 come Brenham, a historical town and home to Blue Bell.Blue Bell to be Brenham Creamery agency until 1930 as soon as it was renamed Blue Bell Creameries after ~ the native Texas bluebell wildflower. Guided tours are accessible on day of the week on a first come very first served basis. You deserve to visit Brenham heritage Museum, Giddings rock Mansion, Giddings-Wilkin House and also Ross Carroll Bennett House. For dining choices there is The Cannery Kitchen, Los Cabos mexican Grill & Steakhouse and also Must it is in Heaven. Saddlehorn Winery and Pleasant Hill Winery is simply a brief distance from Brenham.La Grange is an additional town precious visiting. It has actually a wealthy German and Czech history that dates earlier to the 1800s.