Fill your book shelves through magic!

The take care of Potter books are some of the most popular publications of every time, and also this method there are numerous editions to choose from! including some really fancy ones.

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If you space anything prefer me, girlfriend will have several non-matching bother Potter books that were bought at various times and also from different places. This list is partly me planning out my dream library the the future and partly wanting come share every the exceptional Harry Potter publications I have actually come throughout on the Internet!

I expect you gain this perform of impressive Harry Potter books! leave me a comment at the bottom informing me i beg your pardon is your favourite.

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This beautiful hard cover set of bother Potter books comes in its very own magical chest! These are high quality, difficult cover books. A good option if girlfriend love re-reading bother Potter over and over again (like i do).

The chest is do of cardboard, so you most likely don’t desire to be taking it on the hogwarts Express or anything, however it will certainly look exceptional on your bookshelf!


This box collection contains the first 3 Harry Potter publications in the depicted Collection. The artwork in these books is amazing, and all done by the talented artist Jim Kay.

So much only the first four take care of Potter books have to be released in illustrated editions, and also this set has the first three. Girlfriend will must buy take care of Potter and the Goblet of Fire separately.

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These are my favourite version of the harry Potter books. The artwork is so magical, and also much closer to just how I photo the personalities in my mind.


Are girlfriend a brave Gryffindor, a difficult working Hufflepuff, a wise Ravenclaw, or an ambitious Slytherin? ns a Ravenclaw v a touch the Slytherin, however I love all these covers, and I’m not certain what one I would certainly actually pick.

Celebrate your home loyalty with a Hogwarts residence themed publication set. This covers space beautifully designed with each house’s properties in mind and are high top quality hardcover books.