We have collected these amazing Guardians of the Galaxy Lego to adjust in 2021 so girlfriend can pick your favourite scene to recreate.

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Lego have developed some stunning battles that recreate major scenes from MCU movies. This spectacular sets below feature the Guardians that the Galaxy and the Avengers.

Do you know someone who is a fan of Avengers: Infinity battle or the Guardians of the Galaxy movies? this collectible Lego sets make the perfect gift for Marvel fans.

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LEGO sets because that Guardians pan 2021

LEGO continue to do a great job creating wonderful sets to recreate her favourite scene from the Guardians of the Galaxy and also Avengers movies. Below you will find the ideal LEGO sets because that Guardians Fans easily accessible in 2021.

The Guardians the The Galaxy Ship

LEGO Marvel at sight Heroes 76193

MCU Movie: Avengers: Infinity War

Includes 6 Minifigures: Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Thor and Chitauri warrior.


When super villain, Ronan the Accuser is work by the evil Thanos come hunt under the Orb, Peter Quill and also the Guardians of the Galaxy were all that stood in his way.

Discovering that the powerful Orb contained one the the Infinity Stones, the Guardians the the galaxy operated together to protect against it getting into the hand of Thanos.

In this superb Lego set, Ronan the Accuser with his army of Sakaaran Soldiers seek the heroes in an epic room battle.

The Lego collection includes the Milano spaceship i m sorry the Guardians the the Galaxy usage to defeat Ronan in his an individual Necrocraft.

The Lego Milano contains a detailed interior room to fit 3 Minifigures, adjustable wings, a removable cockpit, ice cream recorder, 2 x stud missiles and 2 x flick missiles.

Ronan’s Necrocraft features adjustable wings, opened cockpit and also 2 missiles.

With Star Lord’s boot thrusters and room blasters, he is totally equiped to take it on this enemy. Drax is armed with two daggers while Gamora has her sword.

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Ronan the Accuser holds his big hammer and his Sakaaran Soldier has a space blaster.