As among the biggest game advance and publishing companies in the world, it is more than likely safe to say that many gamers are acquainted with Ubisoft"s products. With the unavoidable release that For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands (heralded by their usual, mildly obnoxious, marketing push through YouTube contents creators), the is most likely that plenty of will be widening their existing library that Ubisoft games as well. End the past pair of years, however, the high quality of the games that come out the Ubisoft have actually fluctuated, if not outright reduced quite a bit.

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You would only have to take one look in ~ the Metacritic ratings and sales numbers of every game arisen by Ubisoft since Assassin"s Creed Unity to watch that even their most well-known franchises are not exactly busting records, come say nothing of the Assassin"s Creed movie.

For example, Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft"s large release after Assassin"s Creed Unity, acquired solidly average scores throughout every communication on Metacritic with an median rating the 75, yet it is hardly a game that marketed well. It is doing reasonably decently at retaining its present audience, at the very least if subreddit activity is to be believed, yet it is certainly not going come appeal to audiences the are searching for a game that you deserve to pick up and play because that an hour or two. Assassin"s Creed Syndicate did slightly much better than its predecessor in terms of ratings, scoring an median of 76 across all communication on Metacritic, however Unity had obviously taken quite a bit of wind from the Assassin"s Creed franchise"s sails by the point, and also it showed in the game"s launch mainly performance. Then come The Division, a video game that had actually promising very first impressions, yet it flopped hard because of a series of post-launch content and also balancing blunders, to add its heavily advertised "PvP" content finished up turning into a jogging simulator, finish with people who just want to mess with you in every conceivable way.

That, the course, is among the key obstacles facing Ghost Recon: Wildlands, a video game that watch exists just to embody the rest of Ubisoft"s games in a single package, and also to milk the Tom Clancy and Ghost Recon name till they room desiccated husks of their previous selves. Open world, "realistic," and also with a modern setting, one have the right to only imagine exactly how the game could"ve performed had it to be released year ago, but based on previews that the game, it just looks like one more generic armed forces shooter that will most likely suffer from being too comparable to every other game that Ubisoft put out: drive/fly here, shoot this terrorist/bad guy with a funny accent, journey there, execute some customization, fire this gun that has been in every modern-day themed video game ever, ~ do so to be a real cool guy and also not look at explosions, discover hundreds that collectibles choose you"re the world"s most heavily armed garbageman, and repeat ad infinitum until you discover some XTREME at sight COOL and HIP and also TRENDY way to kill your character since there"s nothing else to do.

Oh look, there"s most likely 50 collectibles in this screenshot because that Ghost Recon: Wildlands alone

Fortunately because that Ubisoft, For Honor appears to it is in a bit more promising, also if it could ultimately become the next Rainbow Six: Siege in that it appeals come a relatively niche, but dedicated, audience. Naturally, a many the game"s success will at some point hinge on whether or not Ubisoft is ready to make certain that the game"s multiplayer matches go smoothly, a weakness of theirs together of late, however For Honor at the very least tries to be different in a industry that is conquered by an initial Person Shooters.

Whether or not the sales figures and reviews show actual attention is an additional matter entirely, but given the it is the only upcoming Ubisoft video game that isn"t part of a preexisting franchise is a nice readjust of pace.

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It go nothing for how Ubisoft is still going to be perceived as the developer of games that room predominately open up world, part of one existing and also likely stagnating franchise, set in a historical or contemporary setting, and also of relatively average quality, but For Honor can lead to a shift in focus for the company if it performs well, in an ideal world anyways. Climate again, Steep was the last Ubisoft relax that make the efforts to break from their usual video game formula, a game that most people probably forgot about because the online, open up world, excessive winter sports industry isn"t specifically the most well-known genre ever.