I"m do the efforts to generate ics-files, see sample here: http://deap.nu/myprogram.ics

It validates alright here: (URL removed: service no much longer exists)but when trying to import it right into a google calendar I gain the message

"Failed to import events: unable to procedure your ical/CSV file."

which isn"t an extremely informative. I"ve tried come slim the paper down, and also googled a lot yet can"t uncover whats wrong. Any type of input ~ above this is appreciated.

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Importing to outlook doesn"t work-related either.



After some sleep and more trial and also error I controlled to accurately decide the problem to the Organizer facets in the .ics file. Therefore I eliminated them for now, adding the info to the description instead.


I just acquired past a difficulty with the exact same description. I can leave Organizer in, but, editing and enhancing the file with emacs top top linux, i noticed the the Description had carriage returns (^M), conversely, the other line breaks had been normalized come linux standard once I had saved the .ics file. I eliminated the ^Ms and also it climate imported fine.


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