The patch name ‘1.0’ argues that it’s possible this is the last patch we’ll get before early access. The latest ESO job notes include a number of critical pest fixes. Many of the game-breaking quest bugs beta testers have encountered in the low-level areas should be solved according come the patch notes.

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There was an exciting pair of transforms to some racial skills as well:

The Dark Elf gyeongju passive Flame Talent was resolved overall, but also received rise to fire damage bonus. The High Elf gyeongju passive Elemental Talent to be nerfed. Two of the critical ranks for the passive were reduced, which puts it more in line with the other racials in game. Until this allude Elemental Talent on its very own was a big enough reason to select to pat an Altmer if you to be planning ~ above mainly casting elemental spells – all at once it raised your elemental damage by 6%. It will probably end up being +2% because that the an initial rank and also +1% because that the last two ranks, putting it come +4% full increase to element damage, i beg your pardon is tho a really decent bonus.


The Elder Scrolls digital v1.0 features many fixes and improvements come existing contents in ready for launch. This is a short overview the what awaits girlfriend in this test:

Implemented the last cinematic you’ll see at the beginning of the game.

Added all staying orchestral music and also VO. Fixed many problems that were impeding quest progress.


Alliance War


Enemy players will certainly no longer have the ability to get past Elder Scroll gates while the door is closed, protecting the scroll within the temple.Keep assets must no longer show up invisible.

Art & Animations


Fixed an issue where the camera would get in third-person view when jumping and also strafing ideal in first-person view.Fixed some problems with character computer animation transitions after ~ dodge-rolling.Fixed an concern where shoulder pads ~ above NPCs would certainly float in the wait while they scratched their head.Fixed frame-rate concerns with Dark Anchors.Fixed an worry with woman Khajiit through 3 face piercings no animating during conversations through NPCs./torch has been temporary disabled, however will return in a future patch.



The staying voiceovers and orchestral music have been combined into the game.Balanced the audio level in-game.Fixed plenty of audio concerns with UI, monsters, and ambience.

Combat & Gameplay


You have the right to no much longer use /stuck while you are involved in combat.Attempting to use /stuck when in Cyrodiil or any of the Cyrodiil delves will give you one error message.Note: This change is temporary. /stuck will be coming ago to Cyrodiil soon, yet it will use a different system.Fixed an issue so you can now break a group control capability while in the waiting from a knockback.Fixed an issue with charge abilities the could reason you to fee inside of monsters, quite than as much as them.Fixed an worry where partly charged heavy assaults were doing more damage ~ above sneak strikes than fully charged hefty attacks.


Fixed an worry where the Dark Elf gyeongju passive flame Talent would certainly not boost the damages of numerous spells. It should now boost all fire damages caused.Fixed an worry where the Dark Elf gyeongju passive flame Talent was adding a flat damages to fire damage rather 보다 a percent increase.Increased the bonus fire damages for the Dark Elf racial passive fire Talent.Reduced the bonus elemental damage for the last two ranks the the High Elf gyeongju passive elemental Talent.


Fixed an concern where the FX for Igneous Shield could end up being permanently grounding on you.


Fixed an problem with Shadow image where summoned shades were no disappearing properly once the capability was re-cast.


Fixed an concern where you could become stuck once using round Lightning repeatedly.


Increased the wellness restoration of heal Ritual, and also increased the magicka cost to match.Slightly diminished the radius of healing Ritual.Adjusted the effect of irradiate Weaver ~ above the Healing routine ability. Rather of to reduce the ability’s cost, the now reasons Healing ritual to give 2 can be fried to you and each allied it heals.Reduced the damage debuff ~ above the ultimate capability Nova.


Fixed an issue where Vampires could reset the an illness back to phase 1 as soon as they died or checked out a various zone.


Fixed an worry where girlfriend could come to be stuck and unable to attack for a few seconds after casting the werewolf capability Pounce.

Crafting and also Economy


You have the right to now trade the Breton gyeongju Motif.Fixed an problem with jewelry enchants that reduce the expense of every spells. The progression must now be consistent throughout all levels and also veteran ranks.

Dungeons/Group Content


Crow’s Wood: resolved an concern where Rulantaril would certainly not correctly spawn ~ above the Subdue Rulataril quest step in A son’s Promise. Darkshade Caverns: fixed an worry where the protective Instinct capability could it is in interrupted, and also was absent its telegraph in The Hive Lord.Blessed Crucible: fixed an problem where Talres Voren would obtain stuck if gladiators were killed prior to quest was activated in Fire the Battle.Wayrest Sewers: solved an worry where Uulgarg the Hungry’s ‘Terrifying Roar’ can be interrupted, and if friend were the end of range, the would actors the ability repeatedly until it struggle you.

Veteran Dungeons

Veteran Spindleclutch: fixed an concern that would stop the Blood spawn boss from making use of his charge/cave-in ability.



Should our megaserver ever before reach capacity, you will certainly be presented v the alternative to either play on an overflow server (if the queue times have actually reached a enough length), or join the queue because that the megaserver. Any kind of progress made v your personality on the overflow server will be conserved for the following time you play top top the megaserver. In order to optimize performance, the overflow server has actually the following features disabled:CyrodiilFriendsGuilds (this has related functions such together guild bank and also guild store)



Replaced the weapon rack in the tutorial through tables. These tables now contain a sword and also shield, a staff, and a 2 handed maul because that you to choose up.Fixed an worry with several searches that would incorrectly despawn her pets, fairly than removed the NPCs connected with that search that necessary to walk away.Found an concern with hundreds of occasions in-game that might sometimes lead to the search breaking. These fixes have to resolve the complying with situations:Missing NPCs.Despawned or lacking monsters that are an important for completing a quest.Missing objects that are vital for completing a quest.Groups completing pursuit content asynchronously.Moved the NPCs the take you earlier to her starter island come a closer and an ext visible location.Fixed an concern in number of zones whereby monsters could stop spawning as soon as a specific set of criteria is met. Areas impacted include:Auridon – Veiled KeepGlenumbra – Angof’s SanctumGrahtwood – Cathedral of the golden PathGrahtwood – Reliquary VaultFighters Guild – MzeneldtFighters Guild – Stonefang CavernFighters Guild – BuraniimMages Guild – Glade that the DivineMages Guild – Cheesemonger’s HollowMain pursuit – Heart’s GriefStonefalls – Tormented SpireAuridon The Veiled Choice: resolved an problem where Eranamo could become your follower permanently.Harsh Lesson: addressed an issue where Ilara would certainly not spawn if someone else had currently helped her.Entila’s Folley: resolved an issue where the ceo Bakihg would certainly not spawn, preventing you from obtaining the achievement.Rightful Inheritance: addressed an problem where Sorondil would not path appropriately when following the quest pin come his mother.Abandoned Mine: fixed an problem where bosses and other monsters would not spawn in the routine room if someone else had recently cleared the room.New in Town: solved an concern where Malareth’s search marker would not upgrade to her new location when transforming in the quest.

Bal Foyen

Tears the Amaya: resolved an concern where your solution to Niima’s greeting claimed you had done something that you hadn’t excellent yet. Resolved an problem where Trynhild Earth-Turner was swinging together if stop a sword, however actually had actually a bow in his hand.


Unearthing the Past: fixed an problem where the quest can be clogged if the Abomination of Hate ended up being stuck.


The Judgement of Veloth: fixed an issue where The Keeper would not spawn at every on the search step “Free the Spirits,” even after attempting to relog.Cold Blooded Vengeance: solved an issue where you could not burn ships to advance the quest.Vision Quest: fixed an issue where the Maulborn basic Darvasen would not spawn on the quest step “Find the Maulborn General.”Ritual the Anguish: resolved an problem where skull quest items could not be put on the designated altar.Trial of the Ghost Snake: resolved an worry where the dream effect would no clear after ~ you defeated the zero Snake.Challenge the Tide: addressed an problem where you could not connect with the signal horn an ext than once if someone else killed Gruznak. Bad Medicine: addressed an issue where Grell would not appear, impede all pursuit progress.


Lost Crown: changed the challenge of the fight through Malana.

Fighters Guild

Anchors indigenous the Harbour: addressed an worry where the Guardian attack sequence would sometimes start and stop incorrectly.


The Dagger’s Edge: fixed an worry where Foulwing in the Shrieking Scar would not spawn, also if you offered the picked bones.The Dagger’s Edge: solved multiple concerns that would occur after Foulwing was killed and also you go back to Lord Diel’s camp: On quest step “Talk to Bumnog,” Bumnog need to now spawn without needing come relog first.On pursuit step “Talk to mr Diel,” lord Diel have to now development the quest properly without having to leave the area or relogging. Cutting turn off the Source: addressed an worry where Veilen would not always spawn.Wolves in the Fold: fixed an issue that would avoid refugees from transforming into werewolves when you used the quest amulet on them.The Lion Guard’s Stand: fixed an concern where the rescue patrols would certainly not always spawn.Wyrd and also Coven: solved an issue where mother Murk would not constantly spawn .White Mask of Merien: solved an worry where the journal necessary for the quest would no spawn.Reclaiming the Elements: addressed an issue where Guardians would certainly not despawn if the search was abandoned after they were summoned.Reclaiming the Elements: solved an concern where Guardians the Earth, Air and also Water were no interactable.The heritage of Baelborne Rock: resolved an concern where Ellina would certainly not constantly spawn, in spite of a quest arrowhead indicating she position.


Scuttle Pit: fixed an concern where the Spider Queen respawned too quickly.Bosmer Insight: addressed an problem where girlfriend couldn’t get in the final room to obtain Brackenleaf’s heart.

Khenarthi’s Roost

Cast Adrift: fixed an problem where the pursuit step through Nistel would certainly break if you made decision the dialog alternative “Sergeant Firion claimed Torchbug Treacle can help. I’ll watch for part on the beach,” and also brought earlier treacle because that her.Mistral: resolved an issue where the banker in Mistral would not let you access your guild bank.Storm on the Horizon: fixed an concern where Razum Dar would spawn many copies of himself on the quest step “Talk to Ealcil.”Storm on the Horizon: solved an problem where Razum Dar would periodically not advancement the pursuit or take trip to the next location after the search step “Talk to Razum Dar” that Captain Tremouille’s quest.Storm top top the Horizon: addressed an worry where a pursuit marker would occasionally not show up for the Boatswain to take it you ago to Auridon.Storm top top the Horizon: resolved an problem where pursuit markers because that Razum Dar would occasionally not appear throughout the starter area pursuit line.

Mages Guild

Fixed an issue where Shalidor was missing his greeting dialogue before offering a quest.

Main Quest

Tutorial: update the pursuit to give you a selection of 3 weapons at the start of the tutorial.Daughter the Giants: fixed an concern where Lyris’ Axe was sometimes missing, blocking your progression.Daughter that Giants: resolved an worry where leave Coldharbour and also returning midway through the quest would avoid you native advancing.Daughter of Giants: fixed an issue where Lyris would not knock down the rock wall during her backstory quest, staying clear of you from advancing.Castle the the Worm: addressed an issue where Lyris would certainly not follow you, and would instead stay in the shack after you come in Coldharbour. Halls that Torment: resolved an issue where dark companion bosses and theDutchess that Anguish would become stuck in the world and immediately respawn, perhaps breaking the quest.Shadow the Sancre Tor: solved an problem where Mannimarco would come to be invisible if you passed away by his cold hand at the very least one time.

Malabal Tor

Enemy of my Enemy: fixed an problem where waypoints didn’t match the following step that the quest.Arithiel: addressed an worry where the quest can be blocked if Cassio Varo dropped out the the world.

Reaper’s March

A Door right into Moonlight: addressed an concern where you gained stuck cowering after praying, and also ended increase blocking the quest.


Blood Cursed Town: solved an issue where the message “MONSTER” would show up in the conversation v the Mayor.


Stonefang Cavern: addressed an problem that was leading to floating rocks and a big indent in the terrain.Proving Trust: resolved an worry where you can not communicate with the peasants to heal them.Divine Favor: resolved an concern where you would be can not to summon either of the guard captains.Restoring the Guardians: resolved an concern where Blaze and Ragebinder would certainly not constantly spawn.Restoring Order: solved an problem so that interacting with the dresser will development the pursuit for those play either solo or grouped.Davon’s Watch: relocated Holgun so he’s a small easier to find.


Gift native a Suitor: solved an problem where you would come to be stuck if friend logged off in the middle of “Defend the Countess.”Norvulk Ruins: resolved an worry where Nariam would not respawn because that a quick amount that time because that those the did not get the accomplishment for death him, if an additional member in their team killed the first.Simply Misplaced: fixed an issue where you would need to leave the Mages Guild building and also re-enter to make Valaste show up in bespeak to development the quest.

Stros M’Kai

Izad’s Treasure: fixed an worry where the hidden Treasure can not be communicated with as soon as dug up.

The Rift

Fixed an worry where Soralfa Meadblood was lacking her VO lines.

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User Interface


Added the last opening cinematic.Added the final credits.Updated the profanity filter word list.The ar dropdown in the team Tools window has been expanded to far better support localized text.Fixed an problem where completing a search while in a conversation would not immediately track a new quest if one to be granted during the very same conversation.Items that have actually a market value of zero no longer display a value in their tooltips.Fixed an problem where a crash would take place when start spawned portals in first person mode.