Emmy Raver-Lampman, an American actress and singer, began her exhilaration career in theaters and also received her large break native The Umbrella Academy (2019- Present). She dram Allison Hargreeves, a an essential character in the Netflix series. The Virginia-raised actress climbed to notoriety with theatrical performances and also Broadway duties in mirrors such together Hair, Wicked, and Hamilton.

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Emmy Raver-Net Lampman’s worth in 2020

Emmy Raver-Lampman, one American actress, has actually a network worth the $300,000 together of respectable 2020, according to virtual sources. Her primary resource of earnings was her theater career, which earned her a sizable amount of money. Emmy’s income skyrocketed after she was cast in The Umbrella Academy.

Emmy renders tens of thousands of dollars per illustration as among the major cast members in the web TV series, amounting come a six-figure salary because that each season. Back the actress has yet to sign an main sponsorship deal, she generally promotes Crosstown Doughnuts and Goorin Bros. (hat makers) top top her 1.1 million-follower Instagram (
emmyraver). Each sponsored post has the potential to pay she $2,223 – $3,705 in earnings.

Is Adopted: Parents, Age, and Educational Background

Raver-Lampman was embraced as a newborn on September 5, 1988, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Her adopted parents room Greg, a teacher, and also Sharon, a professor in ~ Old dominance University. Emmy is an American through nationality, return she is of mixed ethnicity, v African-American ancestry. She is 31 years old and also stands 5 feet 6 inch tall together of respectable 2020.


CAPTION: Emmy Raver-Lampman an American actress and singer, started her exhilaration career in theaters and also received her large break native The Umbrella Academy (2019- Present)(SOURCE:You tube)

Emmy supposedly traveled to much more than 50 countries as a kid as a an outcome of her mother’s employment. In her hometown that Norfolk, she attend Governor’s school for the Arts and also Maury High School. Raver-Lampman later on enrolled at Marymount Manhattan college in new York City, whereby she earned a Bachelor of arts in theatre in 2012.

With ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ you’ve do a breakthrough

Emmy, who has actually been a professional since 2010, made she on-screen debut in an episode of Odd mom Out 6 years later, in 2016. Adhering to that, she made brief appearances in the TV mirrors A Million small Things (2018) and American Dad! (2019). The Netflix superhero series The Umbrella Academy, i m sorry premiered ~ above February 15, 2019, to be the catalyst because that her exhilaration career.


CAPTION: Emmy Raver-Lampman on umbrella academys (SOURCE:bossip)

Emmy Raver-Lampman plays one of the vital characters in Allison Hargreeves / Number Three, alongside Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castaeda, and Aidan Gallagher. An additional season (Season 2) that The Umbrella Academy was released ~ above July 31, 2020, and received wonderful reviews from critics. She appeared in the film aTypical Wednesday in 2020 and also is supposed to star later on movie Untitled fear Movie (UHM) (under post-production).

Emmy Raver-Previous Lampman’s Work prior to Her TV Appearance

Emmy committed herself totally to theatrical and also Broadway performances prior to obtaining the on-screen project. While attending Marymount Manhattan College, she landing a function in the Off-Off-Broadway production youngsters of Eden. Later that summer, she made she Broadway debut v Hair (2010- 2011).

Raver-Lampman then appeared in the nationwide tour and also Broadway revival of Jekyll & Hyde (2012-2013). Native 2013 come 2014, she played Swing in A Night v Janis Joplin and had a one-year contract with Wicked (2014- 2015).

Emmy appeared in the initial Broadway production Hamilton (2015-2016), adhered to by the Chicago production and also national tour from 2016 to 2017. She most recently appeared as Martha in total & Powder, i beg your pardon ran at Signature Theatre native January to February 2020.

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Emmy Raver-Lampman Is Dating: who Is She?

The Umbrella Academy has actually yet to marry, yet she has a wonderful connection with she boyfriend, Daveed Diggs. The duo is alum that Hamilton’s theater production and also collaborated once the present premiered in 2015. Emmy frequently shared Instagram pictures with Diggs and her other pals throughout the years, however they didn’t begin dating until 2019, follow to Yahoo!


CAPTION: Emmy Raver-Lampman and her friend Daveed Diggs(SOURCE: LA Times)

They are, however, no overly open around their connection in public. The duo mutual a red carpet minute with Diggs’ co-star Janina Gavankar in ~ the 2019 film Independent heart Awards. Emmy asserted their romantic is still going strong in one interview with Refinery29 in 2020 after ~ she mentioned quarantining v Diggs in their Los Angeles home.

Facts the Emmy Raver-Lampman Date that Birth: Age: Birth Nation: Height:Birth NameFatherMotherNationalityBirth Place/CityEthnicityProfessionWorking ForNet WorthEye ColorHair ColorBoyfriendMarriedChildrenEducationOnline Presence
1988 , September-5
32 years old
United states of America
5 Feet 6 Inch
Emmy Raver-Lampman
Norfolk, Virginia
Actress (stage & TV)
The Umbrella Academy
Dark Brown
Daveed Diggs
Marymount Manhattan College
Instagram, Twitter