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obviously he"s introduce to Elliott Gould, who currently looks certain nothing like will ferrell


.James Brolin................................................................................Christian Bale
My friends and also I think that there"s a factory in Iowa that cranks out generic leading white men for TV.Mark Valley
The scary point is that they"re around the same height and their birthdays are nearly a year apart. Aaron Eckhart is older.
Liza Minnelli in this old clip: looks a tiny like ann Hathaway."s hardly fair considering they"re brothers.
This is in reality a great thread. Absolutely blew my mind that there would actually be great similarities in here!I"ve constantly thought the Matt Damon and also Mark Wahlberg looked rather alike.
People speak Kevin Spacey and also John Cusack, or probably it was simply that one girl who assumed that? Too tired to post links & shots :lol
My friends and also I believe that there"s a manufacturing facility in Iowa that cranks out generic top white men for TV.Mark ValleyJoel GretschColin Ferguson
Beat me come it.I swear the wife in Luther looks favor some kind of bizzaro variation of Brenda from 6 Feet Under.
The scary point is the they"re about the exact same height and their birthdays are almost a year apart. Aaron Eckhart is older.
Winona Ryder vs Keira KnightleyI use to think the beatle juice girl to be the same human in pirates that the carribean.
still no Jim Belushi/Bill Murray pics?GAF am dissapointwhen ns was a child i provided to think those males were the very same person. It wasn"t till i review the actors at the finish of numerous movies with them that ns noticed.

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Emma Watson
is actually starting to become a little of Keira Knightley look alike. They type of have the exact same tone in your voice together well. Keira has a lot stronger interval though.