Spend any time poking about landscaping forums, and you’ll quickly notification that two brands seem to increase to the optimal in every conversation: ECHO and also Husqvarna. Both providers are human being renowned for developing some that the ideal tools in the business, which makes it complicated to choose between the two when it’s time to make a purchase.

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Today, we’re going to shot and make the decision a bit much easier as we pit two of the finest mid-tier blowers against each various other in the battle of the ECHO PB 580T vs Husqvarna 350BT.

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ECHO PB-580T OverviewHusqvarna 150BT Overview

Why You need a Gas leaf Blower

These days, there’s electric versions of essentially every gas-powered device you can want. When there’s something come be stated for the economic and environmental services of electrical tools, the truth is they simply can’t complete with gas once it concerns power.

If you require a high-powered sheet blower that deserve to tackle anything your yard have the right to throw at it, the an option is clear.

ECHO PB 580T vs Husqvarna 350BT: crucial Differences

ECHO PB-580T $339.00CLICK here TO to buy
Husqvarna 350BT $329.95CLICK below TO purchase

At very first glance, these two blowers are an extremely similar. Castle both backpack blowers that pack some significant power, and they’re both priced roughly $300. They also follow the same shade scheme. But, under the hood, there space some clear differences between these 2 models.

Both blowers attribute two-stroke engines in the 50cc range. The ECHO’s engine is slightly larger and also clocks in at 58cc compared to 50cc for the Husqvarna. Both blowers are relatively similar in size, although the Husqvarna is contempt smaller and also heavier 보다 the ECHO.

While the Husqvarna engine is smaller, that employs your patented X-Torq engine style which boosts power if reducing emissions. Despite its little size, the Husqvarna engine has actually no problem contending in the strength department, which is one of the crucial areas the separates these two blowers.

While the ECHO blower clocks in through a preferably air speed of 215 MPH and a max air circulation of 510 CFM, the smaller Husqvarna blower deserve to dwarf those figures and also provides a preferably air rate of 251 MPH and also a maximum airflow of 710 CFM.

Another far-reaching difference in between these blowers is noise — the Husqvarna blower clocks in at 104 dB, i m sorry is pretty typical for a blower in this category. However, the ECHO is incredibly quiet and generates just 70 dB. This is a significant plus because you have the right to use the ECHO blower there is no hearing protection.

Another an essential difference is the warranty of this blowers. The Husqvarna warranty is a tiny on the lighter side and also will cover friend for 2 years. Meanwhile, the ECHO blower offers a much an ext comprehensive warranty the covers friend for 5 years.

The fuel tank ~ above the ECHO blower is about 33% larger than the Husqvarna’s tank, which may be crucial to girlfriend if you’re looking to maintain a large piece of residential property without having actually to run back to your gas deserve to in the middle of the job.

Which Blower is finest For Me?

Sometimes, the differences are so clear in between two models that it’s simple to decide on a winner. Through these 2 blowers, that isn’t the case.

Each blower has actually its pros and also cons, and also choosing the ideal blower for your needs boils under to evaluating which one has actually the functions that you care about more.

The Husqvarna blower uses the many power, but it’s lot louder and also carries a much shorter warranty.

Meanwhile, the ECHO blower no deliver and also the Husqvarna in the power department, yet it’s among the quietest blowers top top the market, and also it features an industry leading warranty.

So, what’s much more important come you? power or tranquility of mind? If you’re in search of the most powerful blower, go with the Husqvarna. But, if you’re looking for the tranquility of mind that comes with discovering you’re spanned for five years need to something go wrong, the ECHO may be far better for you.

ECHO PB-580T Overview


The PB-580T indigenous ECHO has high-end features that make this blower a delight to use.

It functions a large 58cc engine and a preferably air speed of 215 MPH v a maximum airflow of 510 CFM. Regardless of the huge size the the engine, this blower weighs in in ~ a lean 20 ½ pounds. The padded and also vented backrest and also shoulder straps make this blower easy and comfortable come lug around, also if the large 62 oz fuel tank is at complete capacity.

Other intuitive functions like Posi-Loc pipe connectors, a sheet guard, four-point vibration palliation system, and also an automotive-style waiting filter help administer reliable operation and also long-lasting durability.

As a testament to their durability, this blower tote an industry-leading five-year warranty, so you’ll have the tranquility of mind that comes with learning you’re covered should anything go wrong.

What we Like

Comfortable to wearGreat warrantyLarge fuel capacity

What might Be Better

Mediocre power

Husqvarna 150BT Overview


The 350BT indigenous Husqvarna gives impressive power and also performance at a price suggest that’s commonly reserved for much less powerful blowers.

While the engine size of this blower is ~ above the little size at just 50cc, it’s still incredibly powerful thanks come the X-Torq engine system. This patented system gives an engine that’s significantly an ext powerful than other 50cc engines when reducing emissions by as lot as 60%.

The proof is in the pudding once it involves the 350BT’s power. That produces an outstanding airspeed the 251 MPH and also a maximum wait volume that 710 CFM. You’ll have actually a tough time finding a blower in this class that can keep up with the 350BT.

This blower is reasonably small and clocks in in ~ 22 ½ pounds. The ergonomic strap device makes this blower specifically comfortable to wear, even during longer jobs.

Two locations where this blower might be improved are the fuel tank capacity, which is only 42 ounces and also the warranty, i m sorry covers you for 2 years. Exterior of these two tiny caveats, the 350BT is one of the most capable and also value-driven blowers you will do it find.

What we Like

Incredibly an effective for that is sizeComfortable to wearCruise control

What can Be Better

Warranty is just two yearsFuel tank is small

Final Word

When it concerns the fight of the ECHO PB 580T vs Husqvarna 350BT, picking a clear winner isn’t easy. The ECHO blower is really capable and features an outstanding warranty when the Husqvarna functions far more power, yet a much shorter warranty.

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If power is more important come you, the Husqvarna will more than likely be your finest choice. But, if you prize an extended warranty, climate the ECHO might be a better choice.