metal Slimes offer a ton that XP in Dragon search 11, yet are several of the rarest monsters to encounter. We've got the tip to aid you farm them for simple levels. Also by the final act that Dragon pursuit 11, you will more than likely still be a long method off from level cap. Unless you desire to spend a ton of time grinding out encounters, leveling up her party high enough to take it on the final boss and endgame content will certainly take a really long time.

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However, Metal Slimes are among the few enemies that can show up in random battles the actually provide a ton the XP, assuming you deserve to both find and also kill them before they flee. While metal Slimes can technically appear anywhere at any type of time, there are a couple of places you deserve to go to rise your chances. Plus there room multiple species of steel Slimes the all provide different quantities of XP, and also a few methods come make acquisition them down practically guaranteed.

Updated ~ above September 1, 2021 through Renan Fontes: Metal Slimes space a Dragon search staple and also are your many valuable source when level grinding. Dragon pursuit XI is no stranger as soon as it involves Metal Slimes, special a great variety of lock — every one of which sport their own distinct stats. Dragon pursuit XI breathes brand-new life no only right into the series but that monsters. Steel Slime agriculture is less complicated said than done, therefore you'll desire to understand what you're up versus in advance.

metal Slime Stats

Metal Slime
there is a wide range of metal Slimes in Dragon quest XI and also they all sport their own distinct stats and attributes. Vicious variant stats will certainly be marked down in parentheses.

Metal Slime

HP: 4 MP: 999 ATK: 25 (121) DEF: 999 AGL: 152 (327)

Metal Slime Knight

HP: 100 (162) MP: 12 (18) ATK: 93 (138) DEF: 154 (220) AGL: 82 (118)

Liquid metal Slime

HP: 8 (10) MP: 999 ATK: 43 (112) DEF: 999 AGL: 287 (362)

Metal Dragon Slime

HP: 199 (386) MP: 36 (56) ATK: 179 (264) DEF: 167 (283) AGL: 146 (190)

Metal King Slime

HP: 20 (40) MP: 999 ATK: 200 (260) DEF: 999 AGL: 494 (801)

King of steel King Slimes

HP: 800 MP: 376 ATK: 177 DEF: 500 AGL: 189

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depending upon which action you're right now in, there space a couple of locations to rise your opportunities of finding metal Slimes. In act One, you need to hunt because that normal steel Slimes in the Insula Orientalis and also Champs Sauvage areas. Liquid metal Slimes can likewise be discovered in these 2 locations, and the royal Library. These species are worth 2,010 and 10,050 XP, respectively.

Act Two has actually Hardy hands in Laguna di Gondolia and also Mount Huji because that 34,400 XP each, and Metal King Slimes in The Battleground for 70,070 XP. Finally, in act Three, there room Vicious Liquid steel Slimes in The Disciple's Trial and also The devilish Crypt worth 80,640 XP. Vicious metal King Slimes, precious a whopping 161,610 XP, can show up in The Luminary's Trial and Citadel the Spite.

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recognize a metal Slime is hard already, yet these slippery little guys love come dodge her attacks and run from battle the an initial chance castle get. Plus your defense is so high that even if you control to soil a hit, it can only carry out 1 damage. If you're unlucky, you might not even get a opportunity to assault at all prior to they flee. To assist avoid this, always have at the very least Erik and also Jade in her party due to the fact that they should acquire their turns first, but additionally because they have actually the best an abilities to in reality hit a steel Slime. Erik's an important Claim capability is the best method to take down a metal Slime in a single hit.

It renders his next hit guaranteed to be a crit, for this reason as lengthy as that lands the slime should go down in one. Jade's light Thrust and Multi Thrust room her best options. Bright Thrust is similar to Erik's vital Claim, yet not rather as reliable, when Multi Thrust is weaker but has far better odds to hit due to the fact that she strikes multiple times. Because that your other party members, any sword user have the right to learn metal Slash conveniently enough, which will be an almost guaranteed hit.

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There's one somewhat lengthy process that have the right to take all the guesswork the end of farming steel Slimes if you're ready to placed in some prep. This an approach can an increase even late-game characters' multiple level in a solitary encounter if done correctly. Things will additionally go much faster if her Hero has actually learned the Pep Up capacity and you have some Pep Pips in your inventory, despite neither is required.

To begin, get in random battles and also simply safeguard until you have actually Hero, Erik, Sylvando, Jade, and also Rab every pepped up. Once one is pepped, swap them out to maintain their pepped state. As soon as you have actually all characters pepped up, flee or end the battle and save her game.

Next, discover a ar where you have the right to encounter lot of weak adversaries in a solitary battle — the much more the better. Enter fight with Hero, Jade, Sylvando, and also Erik and also use the pep power Hallelujah, which will rise the rewards you knife from battle, including XP, by in between 1.5 and three time normal. This pep move will expense Hero, Erik, and also Jade's pep states.

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Now, either guard until Hero and Sylvando are pepped again, or use Hero's Pep up skill and a Pep Pip top top Sylvando. One of two people way, when both are pepped again, swap in Rab for Erik and use the pep skill Electro Light through Hero, Jade, and Sylvando. This ability turns all opponents into either metal Slimes or mechs. If you acquire mechs, reload your save and also start the process over.

If you obtain a quite lineup of metal Slimes, hope Rab gets a turn rapid so you can use Dirge the Dundrasil to put them every to sleep. This will save them from running away immediately, so friend can speak to in Erik and also start using critical Claim, light Thrust, and Metal Slash attacks to wipe them all out with no pressure.

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This setup is technical and time-consuming if you don't have Pep Pips, however is by much the most reliable method to take down steel Slimes. When linked with Hallelujah to do each success worth up to three times an ext than normal, this is by much the fastest method to gain levels.