Dr. Babbitt is a clinical psychologist in Baldwin, WI and may see patients through Life Coaching, Sleep Disorders, Infertility, and also more. Learn much more About Dr. Babbitt

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Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt PsyD (he/him) is a clinical psychologist in Baldwin, WI.

For new and currently patients, please see recommendations on just how to schedule an appointment with Dr. Babbitt online. Together a clinical psychologist, he may specialize in Life Transitions and Obesity, in addition to other conditions.

Dr. Babbitt gained his patent to practice in Wisconsin. The is right now working v Western Wisconsin health to administer care.

If you want to watch Dr. Babbitt, please contact him to book an appointment. You can additionally see exactly how Dr. Babbitt compares to various other clinical psychologists in Baldwin or gain matched come an online treatment provider.

Conditions Treated


Anger Management


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Dr. Jennifer L. Neuhof PsyD

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Dr. Sharon L. Schulman PsyD

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Dr. Justin D. Ross PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

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Practice and also Hospital Affiliations

What are Affiliations?

Affiliated Hospitals

1.Western Wisconsin Health

1100 Bergslien StreetBaldwin, WI 54002

(715) 684-1111

4.7(3 Ratings)

4.2(17 physician Ratings)



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1100 Bergslien Street


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Call:(715) 684-1111

Conditions and also Issues Treated

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Babbitt may see patients through the adhering to 40 issues.Please constantly check through Dr. Babbitt directly around what issues he treats, because he might treat extr issues not detailed here.


Online Therapy










Relationship Issues





Here room some added conditions the Dr. Babbitt might treat:

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Career Counseling

Childhood Behavioral and also Emotional Disorders

Compassion Fatigue



Gender Identity

Guilt and also Shame



Life Coaching

Life Transitions



Receptive Language Disorders

School Issues


Separation stress and anxiety Disorder

Sleep Disorders

Spirituality and Religion

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Clinical Psychologist

A Clinical Psychologist is a mental health care specialist who provides counseling solutions to adults, couples, children, and communities. Through a Ph.D. In psychology, they occupational in research, teaching, and also clinical practice to help patients recognize themselves and also cope v day-to-day issues, mental illness, abuse, addiction, and loss. They are responsible because that the assessment, diagnosis, and also treatment that psychological concerns within the clinical setting. While no a hard and fast rule, clinical psychologists often tend to focus and also have much more training 보다 other types of psychologists on serious mental health concerns that might require hospitalization.

Frequently request Questions

Where is Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt's office located?

Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt"s office is situated at 1100 Bergslien Street, Baldwin, WI 54002. See a map and also get directions on doyourpartparks.org.

What conditions does Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt treat?

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt may treat Amnesia, rage Management, and Anxiety, in addition to various other conditions. Please examine Dr. Babbitt"s profile to check out all the conditions he treats.

Which hospital is Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt affiliated with?

Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt is affiliated through Western Wisconsin Health. Please check out Dr. Babbitt"s profile to see extr affiliations.

Does Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt sell telehealth services?

Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt has not yet indicated whether he provides telehealth services. Please contact Dr. Babbitt to watch if he offers telehealth services.

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Does Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt accept insurance?

Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt has not listed information around what insurance the accepts yet. Please call Dr. Babbitt come verify eligibility.