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Maybe the speak converter?When I obtained one changed in one Intrepid that whines v acceleration and stopped as soon as locked the end at highway speed.Really loud and I was worried that it to be bad, however the transmission male said it to be fine.I think I hear it just a tiny in my Ram, but the noise i still acquire from the rearend drowns it out.KP

I have actually a hands-on transmission, which means I have actually no speak converter, so i dont that would be the reason of the noise. The noise come me sounds prefer a supercharger whine. If you not know just how that sounds, inspect out this video: no as loud as an really supercharger, but comparable in the feeling that the winds higher with the RPM"s. Kinda weird the so many people are experiencing the same problem but dont have actually a solution. It drives me crazy! i wonder if its a noisy wheel somewhere, waterpump or ac compressor, something along those lines. Or if it has something to carry out with the throttle body. Who knows!
I have had this problem before. Once it was the water pump bearing. The 2nd time it to be the to trust bearing in the former of the manual transmission. Hope this helps! Andy
How around something totally outside package of thinking in this thread.... The behind axle? I"ve obtained a distinct whine coming from both axles. Much more with acceleration, and a lot much less with deceleration.BTW - that"s a bad arse Stang.

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