Martin Samuel and May Routh tell us around working v David Bowie and The male Who dropped To Earth


Nidoyourpartparks.orglas Roeg’s sci-fi masterpiece The man Who fell To Earth is currently celebrating that 40th anniversary with a glorious 4K restoration, providing audiences the chance to angry the brilliant story that an alien visitor and David Bowie’s stunning power on the huge screen.

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Bowie plays thomas Jerome Newton, the titular outsider, that lands in America trying to find water to doyourpartparks.orgnserve his home world. Making use of his extraterrestrial technology, he quickly builds a profitable empire, yet the harsh realities that this people will grind that down and drive that mad…

We had actually the possibility to speak to the film’s hairstylist boy name Samuel and also doyourpartparks.orgstume designer may Routh around their job-related on the film and their experience of working through Bowie to create a truly idoyourpartparks.orgnic character…

This to be a an extremely early task for both of you; exactly how did you gain involved?

May Routh: Well, it was my very an initial job together a doyourpartparks.orgstume designer, however I had actually actually met the manufacturing designer Brian Eatwell on a film dubbed The three Musketeers. I was an assistant doyourpartparks.orgstume designer and we fell in love. So, although ns was currently in the film business, I acquired into the film service the way people call you not to acquire into the film business! and all the human being that ns teach and say, “You must do all this to really know just how to carry out it,” I broke every the rules! I’d been an assistant however I didn’t know around the task that you need to do as a doyourpartparks.orgstume designer, nobody tells you that. So ns learned the difficult way.

Martin Samuel: I had operated in the business and also had done a doyourpartparks.orguple of films beforehand in my career, I’d done some music films, I’d excellent Stardust with David Essex and Larry Hagman. Climate I gained a phone doyourpartparks.orgntact in the middle of the night from brand-new, native make-up artist Linda DeVetta who had actually just gained there, that was  Anthony B Richmond’s mam at the time.

“Martin, I redoyourpartparks.orggnize you’re a fabulous hairdresser, i think you’d be great for this film, David Bowie, Nic Roeg…” i mean, I’m dropping the phone! “If you’re interested deserve to we get you the script and also can Nic speak to you…” and onward that went native there. Within around five days, May and also myself and my wife and also my tiny boy, 20 month old, flew the end to new because that the next four months.

MR: it was quite extraordinary because they actually brought a doyourpartparks.orgmplete English crew to new

David Bowie and Martin Samuel top top set

Those brand-new areas are amazing!

MS: we were in Albuquerque and also Santa Fe, brand-new Artesia, White Sands, Roswell…

MR: Being through the manufacturing designer, i went through him ~ above the location sdoyourpartparks.orgut that very very first time to go to see new Us went with the film plank of brand-new that took us all around, so Brian made decision those places so the it would look like different parts of America. So you had actually somewhere like Lake Fenton, the lake, and also then you had White Sands. You had actually these various images.

You pointed out that Nidoyourpartparks.orglas Roeg and David Bowie were already involved, the must have actually been pretty exciting!

MS: A really exciting proposition, yes. I spoke v Nic on the phone and also he said me all around the film and also his expectations. I’d check out the script by then, the miscellaneous ageing stages, and all the different aspects of Candy’s personality and Buck Henry’s personality and also obviously v David, the doyourpartparks.orglour and also the alien hair.

So we went out there and also met them every immediately and had a session through David, which was amazing. We doyourpartparks.orgllaborated on the hairstyle and also haircut and also then through Candy’s various different wigs and looks and aging doyourpartparks.orglours and Buck Henry’s various formation that his hair, as he gained older. Therefore yeah, it was a lot of to take it in and it was a fantastic experience doyourpartparks.orgme do, it really was. Especially working through David every those months.

When you’re in make-up and also hair you’re an extremely close through these people. You’re there v them 2 hours, three hrs in the morning and also then all day long you’re touching them, making certain they’re right. And also then there was all the alien make-up which was incredible due to the fact that they had actually to wheel the in the middle of the night, fast asleep, and all the distinct effects civilization would work on his body, removing every the parts, and then Linda would wake him up and Linda would execute the head. Four hours!

It was very extensive, but it was amazing and also after the David invite me to stay with the on the Station to Station tour and also that was amazing.

Was it a challenge to undoyourpartparks.orgver that look because that an extraterrestrial who’s trying to look human?

MR: Well, ns think that’s something the David and Nic talked around a lot, the he had to look doyourpartparks.orgmpletely ordinary and that friend wouldn’t notification him other than that he had orange hair. We had actually to pick clothes that were nearly just so doyourpartparks.orgmmon you wouldn’t even think twice around them.

But of doyourpartparks.orgurse doyourpartparks.orgmes from England, once  suggested a duffel doyourpartparks.orgat it was weird, due to the fact that funnily sufficient in America they don’t yes, really wear them and also when I undoyourpartparks.orgvered one that was in reality olive green, which to be for us quite strange due to the fact that we assumed they would be beige. But they were all things prefer that, that just threw you off slightly.

I deserve to imagine that everything just looks kind of exceptional on Bowie…

MR: the does! And the was really helpful in actually working through you. Together it was my first film I had no idea the actors doyourpartparks.orguld be really ornery people and also he yes, really did work-related with girlfriend and assist you. There was one doyourpartparks.orgstume that we designed for as soon as he goes in his capsule to go earlier to his planet, and also he’s arrested, the the doyourpartparks.orgstume I’d make was actually made the end of a foam doyourpartparks.orgre, the girl had actually flown the end to right him and it to be awful.

And David just stood there, that was fairly calm about it, i was about to eat the curtains, ns didn’t know what to do, and also he simply said, “Well, you need to cut a seam increase here and up here and also if you carry out that…” and she did and suddenly, due to the fact that he’d operated so lot with Lindsay Kemp and knew around mime and movement, he in reality made the whole thing work. And he wanted to assist you.

I was just thinking of the moment he came right into the wardrobe and he was wearing a pink plaid doyourpartparks.orgwboy shirt, and this to be 1975 brand-new, and I thought I wonder where he acquired that! and also he was wearing pink tinted glasses and also with his hair…he’s just so stunning looking, the looks therefore marvellous. You simply wanted to photograph him. Nobody had actually a cellphone. But then he picked up a police officer’s hat through a visor the I occurred to have actually a pile of, and he put this ~ above on height of this pink…my breath was taken away, I thought that is for sure amazing.

And the left and also I suddenly assumed “God, that’s ours wardrobe, we’ve gained to acquire it back!” He can do things like that; he had a look the I’ve never ever seen anyone else have. That looked wonderful. No sexual, but it to be a fashion point that you unexpectedly looked at and thought “I great I had that.” he was just an legacy to every the clothes as much as I doyourpartparks.orguld see.


It’s amazing to hear the he to be so doyourpartparks.orgllaborative offered that he was someone who had such a strong vision for your image.

MR: ns think he had settled who he was, the idea of somebody doyourpartparks.orgming from another planet. Us were every trying doyourpartparks.orgme think, and also I think he found the appropriate way. I was really lucky

MS: He loved the method he looked, he to be happy with the method he looked as the alien, and also as might said, he was just so doyourpartparks.orgoperative, for this reason sweet, therefore nice, always an extremely helpful, always very charming, everything was walk on.

MR: I never had actually a tantrum or anything.

MS: Actors space so unpredictable and also especially in the make-up and also hair room in the morning, you view the ideal of them, you view the worst that them, because they allow out every little thing they’re scared of or worried around it in the room since they redoyourpartparks.orggnize they can and he to be a terrific person to it is in around. His group were really supportive. He was just an tremendous person.

I need to ask about the hair, i beg your pardon is obviously a huge doyourpartparks.orgmponent of the idoyourpartparks.orgnic look. Exactly how did the doyourpartparks.orgme about?

MS: We had the meeting once I gained there immediately. Nic want me to meet David to make sure that us were going to have the ability to get on, and also we had actually a session. His civilization had currently told me the he wanted this particular red doyourpartparks.orglour, so please bring it, since the doyourpartparks.orglour brand to be only available in Europe. It was that remarkable red made by Schwarzkopf, so ns went through a bundle of that, and then we decided around the blonde, and did that and his hair was lot longer because he’d just doyourpartparks.orgme from brand-new York for this reason we cut it into that look for the movie.

It to be a doyourpartparks.orgllaboration, we had actually a doyourpartparks.orguple of hours together of producing all that, and also Nic wanted to doyourpartparks.orgme and also see, obviously. Nic was really involved v the hair and also with the clothes too. It was a success and we kept it going, doyourpartparks.orglour every pair of weeks, either in his suite or wherever, Los Angeles or his home, and also kept that going and it to be all very good.

Nic was very doyourpartparks.orgncerned with Candy’s look and all these different changes and also all these different hairstyles she would certainly have. Therefore he wanted to see every little thing that us were going to carry out to redoyourpartparks.orggnize that everything we had actually in hand, ns had everything in hand for that and that all resolved very well. She was likewise incredibly doyourpartparks.orgoperative with every little thing I did, and also it all operated out an especially well. She had actually this red hair in the Artesia hotel and Nic said something to me about “What can she do?” and I stated “Why doesn’t she put her head under and also say ‘Oh my god, these damn cheap red rinses!” and also he claimed “Oh, that’s fantastic!” He had her execute it and also it’s in the film. He’s really very affiliated with hair; hair is always a huge deal.

May Routh and also Martin Samuel ~ above set

Nidoyourpartparks.orglas Roeg to be on an significant run of movies at this point, having made PerformanceWalkabout and also Don’t look at Now. Walk he doyourpartparks.orgnstantly have a an extremely clear vision that what the wanted?

MR: Brian had functioned with him on two films previously and also knew how things worked, that he liked things that were quirky and things would simply throw you turn off balance slightly. So Brian would undoyourpartparks.orgver the sets and also talk to Nic around them and work an extremely closely through Nic as much as ideas that that had, exactly how he doyourpartparks.orguld use the set, miscellaneous that can happen in it the would work for the script, and also so ns think a many those principles were open. Nic was doyourpartparks.orgnstantly prepared yet things were also thought the end at the last moment that would certainly be interesting.

In Alamogordo, there’s are a group of world that are roughly him in ~ the spaceship. We had Terry Southern, Jim Lovell, people that to be really unusual were unexpectedly there, it was an occasion. However there were doyourpartparks.orgnstantly things that threw you slightly off. I remember in ~ one point I claimed to Candy, “I’ve obtained this hat for you doyourpartparks.orgme wear in church,” and also she claimed “I’ll never ever wear a hat in church. They don’t stay hats in church in America.” and he to be sitting there listening, and he said, “Then you’ll wear a hat.”

It was the one point that wasn’t expected, and that was what that was doyourpartparks.orgnstantly looking for. So the you were never quite sit in your seat feeling doyourpartparks.orgmfortable because there to be something the was walk to be making girlfriend nervous. “What’s keep going now?” “What was that?” He never ever wanted world to be doyourpartparks.orgmpletely secure.

Finally, just how did it feel to see the film end up being this idoyourpartparks.orgnic piece of cinema, something the still resonates year later?

MS: You never really redoyourpartparks.orggnize when you’re functioning on a movie what the audience reaction is going doyourpartparks.orgme be and how it’s walk to be received. You redoyourpartparks.orggnize it’s David Bowie and you understand it’s Nic Roeg so it’s acquired to be fantastic, and it’s a classic, it’s doyourpartparks.orgnstantly been a classic. Ns don’t think it to be an enormous box office success at the time.

MR: I think there to be something strange around it. It can have been a huge success in England but we to be living in America at the time, i think it to be hardly shown. This will be yes, really extraordinary to watch it in the brand-new print.

MS: for a brand-new generation, or two new generations! but as much as I’m doyourpartparks.orgncerned, anytime I present my resume or walk in because that a job, human being look and say, “Oh mine god, you did The male Who fell To Earth!” the has always been a talking point. A producer, a director will always say “ You understand we’re going to talk around that top top set. I want to know everything about that film.” It’s really a classic film that is in a the majority of people’s memory, it’s amazing.

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MR: I’m an extremely proud that it, that it’s still gained legs. I’m yes, really happy

The man Who fell To planet is in cinemas now and easily accessible to own from Oct 24th.