Birth Place: Bensonhurst, brand-new York City, NYBirth Date: October 22, 1903Date of Passing: January 18, 1952Age: 49Buried: house of tranquility Cemetery, CAHeight: 5′ 5″

Curly Howard to be born Jerome Lester Horwitz to Jenny and Solomon Horwitz on October 22, 1903, in bath Beach, a summer resort in a ar of Brooklyn. He to be the fifth and youngest that the 5 Horwitz brothers. Curly’s interest in show company grew together he watched his brothers, Shemp and also Moe carry out as stooges in Ted Healy’s act. ~ Shemp left the Healy act, Moe said to Healy that his son brother Jerome was accessible and would make wonderful replacement for Shemp.

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Curly at the moment was well-known as “Babe.” as soon as Babe confirmed up to speak to Healy to sign up with the action he had long wavy brown hair and a mustache. In stimulate to join the act Babe i agreeed to shave off his mustache and also shave his head. Now referred to as Curly, he joined the team and also played through the Stooges in vaudeville acts and comedy shorts because that MGM. Later, in 1934, Curly together with Larry and Moe performed in many of the shorts that were developed for Columbia Pictures.

After Curly’s first marriage was annulled, that married three an ext times. ~ above June 7, 1937, the married Elaine Ackerman. In 1938, Elaine offered birth to Curly’s an initial child, a daughter, Marilyn. Elaine and also Curly divorced on July 11, 1940, after only 3 year of marriage. On October 17, 1945, Curly married Marion Buxbaum. After a miserable three months the arguments and also accusations, Marion and also Curly be separated on January 14, 1946, and also Curly sued for divorce. This divorce was rather scandalous and notices were brought in every the regional papers.

It to be after his separation from Marion that Curly’s wellness started its quick decline. On may 6, 1946, he experienced a stroke during the filming of his 97th 3 Stooges comedy, “Half-Wits’ Holiday” (1947). A year later Curly met Valerie Newman, who he married on July 31, 1947. Valerie was Curly’s fourth wife, and also she nursed him with those last, terrible years. Valerie offered birth to a daughter, Janie.

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Finally, in 1949, Curly’s health and wellness took a severe turn for the worse when he experienced his 2nd in a series of strokes and was rushed to Cedars that Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood. Curly Howard died on January 18, 1952. He was 48 years old.