I have actually been trying the end the Covergirl Outlast stay Fabulous 3-in-1 structure (yes, that"s an affiliate link. Don"t it is in scared. It just means I obtain commission if you buy miscellaneous after clicking that attach :) ). The past couple of weeks. This medium-to-full coverage foundation says it has the "lasting power of a primer, coverage the a concealer, and blendability of a foundation" and it"s "Shine free." but is the really? Well, I"ve worn that a few times and also now ns feel comfortable giving a review. In addition to a written review, over there is additionally a video review of this structure below. (Yay for trying other new!) So, walk this foundation live up to what that claims? Let"s rest it down...

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1) Lasting power of a primer Yes! This product will remain all job long. I noticed it will certainly rub off if you"re punch your nose a lot of (but what foundation can live through that?).BUT!This does not do every one of the points that primers can do. I have a trouble with pores showing up on drier locations of my cheeks/undereyes, and also I have to moisturize and also prime there to keep this foundation from sinking into them.

2) Coverage that a concealer Sort of... This certainly covered any type of redness I had on my face, and also minimized the look of mine freckles. However, as soon as I tried come cover my under-eye circles they were more visible than when I use just my Maybelline to the right Me concealer. I didn"t have actually a breakout while making use of this foundation, but I think if you perform a second, light coat over the zit it will be extended up.

3) Blendability of a structure If friend moisturize your challenge (or at least dry spots) first, don"t usage your hands, and also use thin layers, climate yes. The an initial time I used this i tried a lot of product to watch if I can blend it out with my hands... Nope!However, if you use thin layers and use a brush or wet sponge instead of your hands, you"ll it is in golden.

I recommend starting with one pump then use a half or another full pump come cover any type of missed spots or extreme redness. I also use a damp, triangle assembly sponge, but I think a synthetic, duo-fiber structure brush (probably a stippling or buffing type) you have the right to use to spread and pat the foundation with would make mix a million times easier.

4) Shine cost-free Sure...? This does minimize shine, and also it keeps my T-zone from turning into one oil slick. However instead of being a full-on matte finish, it"s more of a satin finish. Ns don"t have actually a trouble with this, due to the fact that it looks much more skin-like 보다 a matte finish foundation on me. I believe if you usage a mattifying primer and also powder with this you can certainly get a true matte finish that you really oily-skinned ladies space looking for.

Watch the video on YouTube here!

Anything else?


My biggest worry with this product is it"s not really true to color.I wouldn"t say the color oxides, yet when the dries it to be darker and also had a much warmer undertone. The was really noticeable for me, because I have constantly been Buff Beige (#825 in this foundation) in Covergirl face assets - Clean Oil regulate pressed powder and also liquid foundation specifically. However, once this structure dried it was a shade too dark for me. I ended up gettingthe lightest color they have, i m sorry is 805 Ivory and also when the dried darker and also the undertones warmedup, it enhance my skin perfectly.

Also, in one keep I wasshopping at,the four lightest shades in the arsenal look nearly the same. However, another store ns went to had actually daylight lamp installed and I might tell the 805 was the lightest and the following three shades (810, 820 & 825) to be the very same depth of shade with different undertones. So, ns would imply that if 810, 820 or 825are too dark because that you, jump every the way down come 805.

I desire to satisfy the personat Covergirl who suggested the pump top top this product and give lock a high five, becauseI wishall foundations came with a pump. It"s therefore much less complicated (and sanitary) to use and you"re less likely to waste a bunch of the product. To add this pump locks, so i think it provides it a small bit easier/less messy to take trip with.

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Something else ns noticed around this product, is it"s very lightweight because that medium-to-full coverage. When it sets that feels favor it has almost a flour finish and also feel - comparable to my ceiling Minerals Matte foundation - yet it"s quiet covers discolorations. It"s nearly like you have an airbrushed finish.