I have just set up XAMPP top top my windows XP machine, and I get an error saying:

Connection because that controluser as defined in her configuration failed.

Before I mounted XAMPP, I had actually a MySQL database installed and it had a password. I adjusted and put the password in config.inc.php because that MySQL, and I acquired this error:

When I shot to access index.php, that seems choose something is wrong with the XAMPP installation. What can I perform to settle this problem?

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Open phpMyAdmin in a browser and log in as root.Create a database dubbed phpmyadminCreate a user referred to as pma and collection the \"host\" to the hostname or IP deal with of your net server (if the internet server and MySQL space on the exact same box usage localhost), make a keep in mind of the password, and grant the new user full regulate over the phpmyadmin database.

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The is recommended the this user does not have access to anything other than this database.Go to the phpMyAdmin surroundings directory, whereby you should find a sub-directory referred to as sql.In sql friend will uncover a document called create_tables.sql. Open it in a text editor.In phpMyAdmin, pick the phpmyadmin database and click ~ above the \"SQL\" tab.Copy/paste the entire text indigenous create_tables.sql into the message box, and also run the query.Open the config.inc.php record in the phpMyAdmin download directory, and include the adhering to lines (or adjust the existing settings if castle are currently there):

$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"pmadb\"> = \"phpmyadmin\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"controluser\"> = \"pma\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"controlpass\"> = \"\";// Note: The list below may thrive as PMA evolves and more control tables space added// usage your usual sense! Don\"t just thoughtlessly copypasta, look in ~ what that means!$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"bookmarktable\"> = \"pma_bookmark\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"relation\"> = \"pma_relation\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"userconfig\"> = \"pma_userconfig\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"table_info\"> = \"pma_table_info\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"column_info\"> = \"pma_column_info\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"history\"> = \"pma_history\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"recent\"> = \"pma_recent\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"table_uiprefs\"> = \"pma_table_uiprefs\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"tracking\"> = \"pma_tracking\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"table_coords\"> = \"pma_table_coords\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"pdf_pages\"> = \"pma_pdf_pages\";$cfg<\"Servers\"><1><\"designer_coords\"> = \"pma_designer_coords\";Save and also close the file.

IMPORTANT - PMA lots the config top top login, evaluates it and stores it right into the conference data so the post will not disappear till you carry out this: