Warnings space spreading digital that insurance claim readers must not expropriate friend inquiry from human being named Christopher Davies or Jessica Davies due to the fact that they room hackers.

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The warning claims that if you expropriate them together a friend then lock can number out your computer IP address. An example of the warning can be watched below.

Do not accept a girlfriend request from Christopher Davies and also Jessica Davies they are hackers tell anyone on her list because if they accept it they will certainly be on your list also he will find out your computer system IP address, for this reason copy and paste to anyone you know even if u don’t care.This was sent to me , so ns am passing it on.

A 2017 version included a few extra names –

DO not ACCEPT A girlfriend REQUEST FROM certified dealer SHARON ANDERSON TERRY, ARNECIA DOWNING, CHRISOPHER DAVIES, and JESSICA DAVIES THEY space HACKERS! TELL everyone ON her LIST due to the fact that IF someone ON your LIST to add HIM, he’ll BE ON her LIST TOO. HE’LL number OUT UR COMPUTER’S i would AND attend to , so COPY & dough THIS post TO EVERYONE even IF U nothing CARE.

(2016/17 version of this rumour additionally appends the “Dance the the Pope” virus HOAX at the end. This is likewise nonsense, and also we discuss it independently here.)

The warning is fake. That is also old. That is likewise unoriginal. And also it is additionally doesn’t make any kind of sense.

The assertion that there space “hackers” top top the net trying to lure you into including them as virtual contacts so they have the right to either offer you a virus or “hack” your computer system is certainly not a new niche that hoax. In truth it dates earlier to the “olden” days, once email – no social media – to be the primary way to keep in call online.

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Chain emails would typically warn that hackers do the efforts to tempt you into including them into your email contact book and doing so would apparently result in your computer security ending up being compromised. Climate the hoax moved on, rather targeting customers of message services prefer the now-defunct MSN Messenger software.

Take, for example, this classic from 2007…

If somebody dubbed add to you come msn dont accept it. That is a virus. Tell anyone on u r msn coz if somebody on r list adds lock u gain the virus too. Copy and also paste to everyone and also fast

Similar hoaxes quoting various names and also emails also disseminated from one user to the next, asserting hackers were making use of the likes that Yahoo Messenger and AIM to entice you right into accepting them as friends. More recent examples have likewise including both Facebook and also WhatsApp, and each of this services have actually all checked out their fair share of slightly-differently worded warnings. Take this nearly identical variation spreading across Facebook that we captured in 2010.

Don’t include anyone named rehana n 27 year from leicister .she is a hacker. Tell anyone on your buddy list because if who on your buddy perform adds her, she’ll it is in on her list too. She’ll figure out your computer system ID and address. For this reason copy and paste this post to everyone on her buddy list due to the fact that if she hacking them your next. I sent out to everyone on my list so please send to everyone on your list

Needless come say, all these “do not accept” warnings all experience from the same basic flaws. Namely, if over there are well-known hackers through such names, why i will not ~ the affected services (e.g. Facebook) just deactivate those accounts? of course, the hackers can just create brand-new accounts, however it would seem counterproductive to develop them using the very same account names.

However, over there is even a bigger, more an essential flaw at the love of this brand the nonsense. And also that is this… accepting someone together a friend/contact on social media sites choose Facebook can’t give you a virus, no one does it approve someone accessibility to your computer. The claim in the warning above that “he will discover out your computer IP” is simply pseudo-jargon nonsense that doesn’t really average anything, since knowing someones computer system IP address doesn’t give anyone access to your computer (your computer IP resolve isn’t secret, any type of website friend visit can achieve it!)

With the said, accepting strangers ~ above sites prefer Facebook is definitely not a an excellent idea (we define why here and also here) and also it paris in the confront of sensible and responsible usage of society media. It have the right to compromise your privacy, and if can potentially reveal you to certain Internet scams.

However, the warning around Christopher and Jessica Davies is one old warning that has been spreading since around 2009 and also is based native hoaxes even older 보다 that. Over there is not an ounce of credibility to it, and also as together we do not recommend spreading it further.

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