Speaking of the patches, I"ve make a custom version that the plugins from LucidAPs patches to include the items indigenous the CACO patches merge.

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If you decide to add that version, Neo, allow me know and also I have the right to send you the plugin replacers if girlfriend want. I can incorporate both in the same plugin if that"s easier as well.

Well, the an easy one that just adds the CACO foods to iNeed allows followers recognize an easy salt-less CACO meats, so its really, really handy.

Just to make certain I walk this ideal I desire to put the "texture folder" indigenous amb forts exterior wall vanilla style 2k right into the royal folder ns made in Spice of Life - Forts. Example: /mods/Spice the Life - Forts/Forts/AmbFortsVanillaStyle/Imperial/Textures. 

​Edit: Nevermind

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Ancient Automatons: Colour repair the automatons to work far better with the cube map, diminished the contrast and also brightness on every speculars (it was bleaching out in solid light) fixed lacking scratch texture from the ballista.Ancient Dwemer Metal: many of the structure created, metal bars have a seam despite :(Also to add the (SMIM) dwarven ingot and also quiver and also arrows.


Did you check yet the new "ancient metal" component for this mode ?


and i check out that the mod name has adjusted from old automaton to ancient metal !



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Hey Neo,


I noticed that the extended Rain sounds from the lively Weathers FOMOD choice are gift overwritten by Lucidity Sound FX. Which mod do you recommend we need to keep the rain sound from?

Lol, Rustic Monuments and also Tombstones update again and reverted earlier to the ahead FOMOD style (where girlfriend can choose individual 1K or 2K options for monuments and also tombs).

Hello Neo


new update for ancient automaton



Did friend check yet the new "ancient metal" component for this mod ?


and i watch that the mod name has readjusted from ancient automaton to ancient metal !



The new stuff watch nice, although he does keep in mind the ingot has actually visible seams atm, therefore we"d most likely want come skip that.

Hello Neo,

I constantly thought lively Landscapes included all of Heins landscape mods but today came across Vivid Landscapes - Woods ( currently only spanned by Noble Skyrim )

It looks very nice, is over there a certain reason this was the just Vivid Landscapes mod you passed end ? otherwise ns think i will incorporate it my mod-list.

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hey Neo you might need to change your CACO unify so that CACO_SkyrimImmersiveCreatures+DLC2_Patch.esp is critical in the pack order to allow proper forwarding the leveled lists.

Complete fast Travel overhaul - It appears the difficulty with the Winterhold transport has actually been fixed https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68221/?

..Personally I"m thinking at using the Ferries only version of CFTO through Touring Carriages which appears to it is in compatible through ICAIO.

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Dynamic monitor Dialogue, AKA DFD"s successor, relationship Dialogue overhaul has entered a semi-public beta test. All the details room in a post by cloudedtruth at r/skyrim mods:



CloudedTruth definitely wouldn"t desire it posted to a public guide, either. It"s sort of similar to a beta because that Reddit folks.

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But that is an excellent news the he has actually made so lot progress ~ above the mod. Ns think he stated late July to early on August for public release, i m sorry is great.

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