Every 4 years, the Jayhawks do the brief trip to Kansas City expecting a pair that wins. This November will certainly be no different.

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What Is It?

The CBE room Of Fame standard (official website)

How Long has actually This event Been Around?

From last season"s primer...

The CBE hall of Fame classic has gone through name, arena (though continuous in Kansas City), and even administration changes due to the fact that its first edition in 2001. Back then, Missouri claimed the very first edition of what was then known as the Guardians Classic, defeating Iowa in a trembling 78-77 final. The nationwide Association that Basketball Coaches (NABC), the tournament"s sponsor came up with its original title to honor its membership, the guardians of the game.

Over that first few seasons, the Guardians classic format generally matched the of the NIT Season Tip-Off, with local winners proceeding to semifinals and a last in Kansas City. There were slight tweaks to this based on the number of participants. In 2002, only eight groups entered, so local final losers Furman and also IUPUI joined Creighton and also Notre Dame in the semifinals, through each mid-major acquisition on the power conference team it didn"t visit throughout the Kansas City round. In 2003 and 2004, over there were just three regionals, so one runner-up ended up authorized the master at Municipal Auditorium.

The 2006 tournament, the very first under the "CBE Classic" surname was the penultimate edition with non-guaranteed locations in Kansas City. That finished in part because of air Force"s victory in the Stanford local on the means to a third-place end up that experienced the Falcons loss to duke (who lost to Marquette in the final) and defeat Texas Tech. Those results aided keep Air pressure on the bubble for most of the season, prior to they finished up in the NIT semifinals.

The Falcons" success and also Gardner-Webb"s success at Kentucky in the Coaches vs. Cancer classic in 2007 brought about the end of non-host schools" chances of progressing to key tournament sites in occasions not named the NIT Season Tip-Off.

Since 2008, the 4 host schools have actually been guaranteed a location in Kansas City. Every welcomes 2 mid-majors to your buildings prior to those visiting schools accomplish at a pre-determined website for a "subregional." In many editions, eight travellers were involved, with each play a single host school prior to being separated into a pair of four-team round-robin subregionals.


The an initial edition that this occasion was play at Kemper Arena, while venerable Memorial Auditorium was house for the 2002 through 2006 editions. The acceleration Center, which consists of the college Basketball endure Hall of call facility, came to be the event"s brand-new host top top its opening in 2007.

Gazelle team ran this occasion on behalf of the NABC native its beginning up till the 2012 tournament, as soon as Blue Ridge Sports and Entertainment took over.

When and also Where Is It?

Each of the 4 visiting groups will play a pair of hold schools, through all yet one the those games occurring in mid-November. The lone exemption is UNC Asheville"s November 25th challenge in Lawrence.

The four hosts will play at Kansas City, Missouri"s Sprint center on Monday, November 21st (semifinals) and Tuesday, November 22nd (championship and consolation games). The visitors" subregional round games are scheduled in between November 20th and also 23rd.

Who"s Playing?

The 4 host schools are provided by semifinal matchup. Together you would expect, Kansas is scheduled for the late game at the de facto secondary home court.

George Washington Colonials (A 10)vs. Georgia Bulldogs (SEC)

UAB Blazers (C-USA) vs. Kansas Jayhawks (Big 12)

Just favor last season, there will not be a single CBE subregional site. In fact, only Siena and also UNC Asheville will take benefit of the full 4 games enabled under the exempt tournament rule, through Furman and UAPB playing simply one challenge apiece versus a fellow visitor.

TeamRoad GamesSubregional Games

Furman Paladins(SoCon)UABGeorgiaUNC Asheville
Siena Saints(MAAC)George WashingtonKansasUAPBat UNC Asheville
Arkansas-Pine Bluff gold Lions (SWAC)UABGeorge Washingtonat Siena
UNC Asheville Bulldogs(Big South)KansasGeorgiaSienaat Furman
Logos from SportsLogos.net

Did any Of These teams Make The NCAAs or NIT last Season?

The nationwide Champion Villanova Wildcats removed both UNC Asheville and Kansas indigenous the NCAAs—with the Bulldogs departing in the an initial Round and Jayhawks in the elite Eight.

The 3 non-NCAA host teams all participated in the NIT, winner by George Washington. Georgia and also UAB both fell to West coast Conference opposition—the Saint Mary"s Gaels knocked the Bulldogs the end in ring two, while the Blazers couldn"t acquire past their first hurdle, the BYU Cougars.

Elsewhere, Siena shed to the Morehead State Eagles in the an initial round the the CBI, while Furman slipped up versus the UL Lafayette Ragin" Cajuns in the CollegeInsider.com Tournament"s 2nd round. Both experienced their seasons finish at home.

Have any kind of Of These teams Made The expedition Before?

Like clockwork, Kansas plays in this occasion once every four years. In 2012, the Jayhawks defeated the Washington State Cougars and also Saint louis Billikens on continually nights to claim the championship. Castle weren"t therefore lucky 4 years earlier, as the Syracuse Orange stunned KU in overtime in the location game. Incidentally, ns made the trip to Kansas City for the 2008 edition, as my two favorite teams—the Orange and Florida Gators—participated. (UF beat the Washington Huskies in the consolation game.)

Georgia and also GW both participated in the 2011 event, but only the Bulldogs served as a organize school and made the trip to Kansas City, wherein they finished 3rd after a loss to the California golden Bears and win end the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. (The Missouri Tigers, one more frequent participant in this event, defeated Cal for the crown.) The Colonials didn"t travel to Athens for the on-campus round, instead they lost in Berkeley, then swept their three-game subregional, held by the Bowling eco-friendly Falcons.

Who"s played In various other Blue Ridge events Recently?

None that these groups played in the Brooklyn variation of the Coaches vs. Cancer standard during its short time together a Blue Ridge-managed tournament.

Any Other significant Recent Meetings?

Just critical season, Furman lost a 67-65 decision in Asheville top top December 29, 2015.

Georgia and also GW separation a home-and-home series in 2013 and 2014, v each winning an early January residence game.

UAB won at George Washington in the final days of 2011, by a 56-49 score. (The Blazers also defeated UNC Asheville in 2014, though the pair won"t fulfill in this tournament.)

Last season, UAPB to be a visiting team in the Barclays center Classic, but the Lions weren"t assigned as one of GW"s opponents. Similarly, Georgia and also UAB"s routes didn"t overcome at the 2013 Charleston Classic.

Who winner Last Year?

The north Carolina Tar Heels took the end the Northwestern Wildcats and Kansas State Wildcats to win the 2015 CBE room of call Classic.

Did any type of 2015 Entrants do The NCAAs Or NIT?

Of the eight participants, just the Tar Heels. The nationwide Runner-Up, got to the NCAAs. In various other postseason action, the Columbia Lions declared the CollegeInsider.com tournament title, when the Fairfield Stags played a single game in that event.

Will It be On TV?

ESPN2 will air both the Kansas-UAB semifinal and also the championship game from Kansas City. The Georgia-GW semi will show up on ESPNU, through the consolation video game on ESPN3. On-campus games loss under the individual house team"s media rights deals, for this reason SEC Network is an alternative for Georgia"s 2 games, when Kansas"s could fall to the Jayhawk sports Network/ESPN3.

Who perform You Think will Win?

There isn"t a 2008-09 Syracuse team in this field, so intend this occasion to be more like 2012"s edition because that Kansas. The NIT champions from the Nation"s funding could make things interesting, however.

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Note that UAB has a new coach, through assistant Robert Eshan supported to the lead function after Jerod Haase"s exit for the Stanford Cardinal.