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The Legend of Zelda: Breath that the Wild is an enormous open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and also Wii U. This guide and also walkthrough will display you every little thing you require to recognize from the locations and solutions for every shrine to captured Memories, the ideal meal in the game, The grasp Trials DLC and also more.

How to uncover The shed Pilgrimage shrine quest

The shed Pilgrimage shrine quest (Daag Chokah shrine) is in The lost Woods (which is in north main Hyrule). The quickest way to get there is come warp to the Keo Ruug shrine, right in the heart of The shed Woods.

Speak to Tasho to start the shrine quest. To discover him, ar a marker in the northwest edge of The shed Woods, and also use her mini-map as a overview as you walk towards your marker. (Check out the video above to view the path you need to take … and additionally everything else we’ve composed here.)

Your goal is to follow Okai, despite you can not let him know that you’re following him. Hence, this is all around stealth. Trail the without being seen, and also you’ll find Daag Chokah shrine, where you have the right to collect an Ancient Core.

Prepare through stealth armor

Before you begin your journey through The lost Pilgrimage shrine quest, we have a recommendation: If friend haven’t already, walk to Kakariko village (in south east Hyrule) and also buy the stealth armor. It’s not cheap …

Stealth Chest Guard: 700 rupeesStealth Tights: 600 rupeesStealth Mask: 500 rupees

… but it’s unbelievably helpful throughout Breath the the Wild — and also especially in this quest, i beg your pardon is all about being stealthy.

You’re therefore quiet if wearing stealth clothes that you can basically jog appropriate up to birds (among the many skittish pets in the game) prior to they notification you. In other words, it’s advantageous everywhere, and you need to own it.

Its not a need for this shrine quest, yet it’s supervisor useful, and also it’s amongst the finest investments you have the right to make in the game. Plus, it makes connect look like a ninja, which is rad. If you have actually anything the value, sell it and also get the 1,800 rupees you need. Friend won’t remorse it, and you can always find an ext gems.

How to follow Okai without gift seen

In short, you should trail Okai. Here’s just how to carry out that there is no being viewed (and without shedding track that him):

Crouch. The whole time. Don’t stand up. Keep her distance. Okai will turn around several times. If you"re as well close, he’ll view you. Don’t take it the bate. In ~ a couple of different points, Breath that the Wild will try to make you carry out things other than quietly adhering to Okai. Don’t. Disregard the wolf. Use grass together cover. Most of the time, you’ll uncover yourself in high grass. As long as you’re crouched down (and you a reasonable street away native Okai), you’ll remain covert from his view. Use trees as cover, too. In ~ one point, Okai will walk with a hole tree trunk. Yes no grass in over there to shield you. The course he is going come look back. Simply wait because that him to pass through, turn, and also walk come the right. Then do your way through. This logic applies throughout. If you worried about being seen, gain behind a tree. Look for word balloon to uncover Okai. You’re crouching, and Okai isn’t much taller than the grass he’s walking through. If you shed sight the him, simply wait a few seconds. You’ll see word bubbles pop up together Okai speak to himself. That’s exactly how you can uncover him. (We tried making use of magnesis and stasis, but neither was an especially helpful — and they do you stand up, which isn’t stealthy).

When Okai arrives at Daag Chokah shrine, approach him, and you’ll complete The shed Pilgrimage shrine quest.

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Get in to satisfy Daag Chokah, collection an Ancient Core and also a spirit orb.