Storming the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Hideout!!!

The royal Knights take part time come rest prior to preparing for your attack against the Eye of the Midnight Sun. However when an foe spy is discovered, the mission is moved up! Is Asta all set for his biggest test of strength yet?

EP 1 The 5 soul Guardians

The contingent of Magic Knights native the Clover Kingdom come in the heart Kingdom, wherein they're combine up with ace soul Guardians for training.

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EP 2 Awakening Powers

Asta access time a wall in his training, while Mereoleona place Yami with the wringer. A group of resistance members attempts to escape the Spade Kingdom.

EP 3 Five-Leaf Clover

As part of his training, Asta speak his instructor just how he earn his grimoire, learned to review ki, and also began come channel and also control the devil's power.

EP 4 The beginning of Hope and also Despair

The freshly trained Magic Knights feather into activity to conserve exploited villagers in a Spade Kingdom fortress as it approaches the heart Kingdom border.

EP 5 Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows

Asta and friends should stop among their very own who's to run amok in the heart Kingdom. A male from the Spade Kingdom arrives in Hage trying to find Yuno.

EP 6 The Messenger native the Spade Kingdom

Ralph share the circumstances of Yuno's bear - and how that wound up in ~ the church in Hage. Tragedy strikes the golden Dawn HQ if Yuno is away.

EP 7 Zenon's Power

Yuno war ruthless Spade Kingdom mages in ~ a devastated golden Dawn HQ, shortly realizing that even his mighty magic is no match for the Dark Triad.

EP 8 The good War division Out

As the Dark Triad's Vanica beginning the heart Kingdom, brothers Dante access time the black Bulls' hideout to satisfy Yami - however finds Asta and friends instead.

EP 9 Dante vs. The Captain that the black Bulls

Grey recalls her dissatisfied childhood and also a fateful encounter. Yami bring away on the ruthless Dante, when Luck encounters off against a marauding Dark Disciple.

EP 10 Battlefield: love Kingdom

With some spirit Guardians the end of commission, Charmy and also Leopold action in come tangle through two an ext Dark Disciples. Lolopechka has actually an unanticipated visitor.

EP 11 Water Crusade

Once Lolopechka realizes what will happen if the Dark Triad space triumphant, she and the ladies in her palace go all-out versus Vanica - and Megicula.

EP 12 Captain: Yami Sukehiro

Noelle finally comes face to challenge with the evil one who eliminated her mother. Yami battles a look at invincible Dante together Asta and friends can only watch.

EP 13 black color Oath

Vanica departs because that the Spade Kingdom, hostage in tow. Asta communes with his inner evil one for a diabolical boost in the fight with Yami against Dante.

EP 14 Stirrings of the Strongest

The Magic knight captains hold an emergency meeting, where a cryptic newcomer presents a arrangement to defeat the Dark Triad and also rescue Yami and also Vangeance.

EP 15 The Devil-Binding Ritual

Time's running out: ours heroes must find brand-new might in just two days. Nacht subjects Asta come an esoteric rite that pits him versus his very own devil.

EP 16 The Faraway Future

The odds are stacked high versus Asta, that must overcome his adversary if he hopes to retain his power: the hit of a lifetime is just approximately the corner.

EP 1 Asta and Yuno

Asta and also Yuno, two orphans living in the tiny Hage Village, re-superstructure a dream—to come to be the sorcerer’s King! but in this civilization of magic, Asta is powerless. Once the time comes for their grimoire awarding ceremony, will certainly his lucky change?

EP 6 The black Bulls

As an main member of the black Bulls, Asta is one step closer to ending up being the sorcerer’s King! however surviving this chaotic formation is walking to be his next challenge. Is he ready to take it on…initiation?!

EP 7 Another new Member

Powerless peasant meets imperial pain! Asta learn he's not the just newbie in the black Bulls but Noelle Silva isn't any ordinary recruit, she's royalty. However, if she looks under on the remainder of them, she's hiding a shameful secret!

EP 8 walk! Go! My first Mission

After shedding a card game, Yami and also Magna present Asta and Noelle through their very first mission as Magic Knights. However what need to be something an easy could rotate out come be your biggest an obstacle yet!

EP 9 Beasts

Asta and also Noelle collection out on their first mission and also learn around Magna's past. But when castle head to Saussy to supply the boars, they find themselves up against dangerous magic!

EP 11 What happened One job in the lock Town

Receiving a gold star puts Asta in great spirits—even despite he'll require a hundred an ext to capture up v Yuno. And what's better—it's payday! through money and a job off, the black color Bulls hit the castle town for part fun…and a small chaos.

EP 12 The magician King Saw

Asta and Sekke take down a thief in the black color market and unknowingly end up helping the magician King! Then, an escort mission because that Yuno's team takes a rotate for the dangerous once they're attacked and also wind up detouring in Hage.

EP 13 The wizard King Saw, Continued

While taking a rest at the church in Hage, sister Lily is bring away by the very same bandits Yuno battled earlier! however when Klaus requirements they leaving to end up their mission, will Yuno follow orders or conserve Lily?

EP 14 Dungeon

A new dungeon is discovered and the magician King put the black Bulls in fee of check it out! Asta, Noelle, and also Luck are put on the case. What prizes will they discover? and can they survive Luck's love because that danger?!

EP 15 The Diamond Mage

It's a race to the treasure chamber! ~ a operation in with Yuno's group, Asta and Noelle are determined to gain to the treasure room first. However as they make their method through, a various threat awaits within in the dungeon!

EP 16 Friends

It's Clover Kingdom vs Diamond Kingdom together Yuno and also Asta's team face powerful mages within the miracle dungeon. What type of deadly power does the Diamond Kingdom hold, and can the Clover knights organize their own?

EP 17 Destroyer

When Lotus manages to escape, Asta and his crew make their way to the treasure room where the battle isn't going well for Yuno! Without any type of magic, does Asta was standing a chance against the fatal Diamond mage?

EP 18 memories of You

With Mars out, the group ultimately enters the endowment chamber and also discovers many fascinating miracle items. Yet when Mars surprises them with new magic, Asta gets a organize of something incredible he have the right to use to challenge him!

EP 19 Destruction and Salvation

While Mimosa functions to conserve Asta, Mars thinks ago on his past, remembering the bloody roadway that led him to his magic. Right once he decides to finish off Asta—Yuno is blessed by one unbelievable brand-new power!

EP 20 Assembly in ~ the imperial Capital

For their work-related in the dungeon, Asta and also Noelle go to the royal capital to give their report and wind up conference the sorcerer’s King! yet when they're invite to the decorate ceremony, they endure cruel comments from their senior knights.

EP 21 funding Riot

While everyone is clashing in ~ the decorate ceremony—the resources is under attack! Hordes that undead to fill the streets, and it's as much as the Magic Knights to protect the kingdom. Will they have actually the power to prevent the wrath that a madman?

EP 23 The King the the Crimson Lions

Facing an additional of Rades' creations takes its toll on Asta, but he refuses to give up! Right as soon as things look dire, the leader the the Crimson Lion Kings shows up at his side, and the reality behind Rades' motive pertains to light!

EP 24 Blackout

Rades isn't the only one threatening the resources as a secret Spatial Magic user transports half of the Magic Knights away. As soon as trying come get an answer from Rades, Fuegoleon learns that the true target is!

EP 25 Adversity

Yuno's new power wears that out, yet luckily, Charmy is over there to cushion his fall. Meanwhile, Asta and also the others shot to discover who the mysterious Spatial Magic user is, only to it is in surprised through the return of a badly beaten Fuegoleon!

EP 28 The One I've collection My love On

To storage a well-deserved break, Finral puts together a mixer for a select few of the black Bulls. However he has actually trouble deciding whom to invite! Is anyone in the worst Magic Knight squad normal enough to go??

EP 31 search Over the Snow

The youngsters of Nean have been led away by mysterious snow magic! Asta, Gauche, and Sister Theresa head right into the hills to find them and also discover the children have had actually their mana suck away. Can they conserve them prior to it's too late?

EP 32 Three-Leaf Sprouts

Sekke is sent out to request backup from the black Bulls, yet his encounter with the formation is less than ideal. Meanwhile, Asta and Gauche face the kidnappers, and also right once they see victory, Sally appears!

EP 33 To aid Somebody Someday

Gauche rushes off through Marie, leave Asta and also Sister Theresa come fight Sally and her planet monster. But, after an encouraging peptalk, Gauche reconsiders his methods and also teams up through Asta for a powerful new spell!

EP 34 irradiate Magic vs. Dark Magic

Licht, leader that the Eye the the Midnight sunlight appears, and right together it appears all expect is lost—Yami arrives! sword in hand, that stands against Licht. Finally, the captain the the black Bulls reflects off his tremendous powers!

EP 38 The Magic knight Captain Conference

After Asta has actually recovered, the sorcerer’s King asks to see him in ~ the Magic items captain's conference. Suspecting a traitor is among them, the wizard King plan to disclose them! Who has betrayed their comrades and the kingdom?

EP 39 Three-Leaf Salute

The traitor to the kingdom is dubbed out! however is it really…?! after ~ apprehending the traitor, Asta and Yami are offered information about what the Eye the the Midnight Sun are after—and whereby the black color Bulls will confront their next mission!

EP 40 A black Beach Story

The black color Bulls struggle the beach for their following mission! but that doesn't typical they're ~ above vacation—this is an essential task from the sorcerer’s King. To enter the Underwater Temple, they can only count on one person—Noelle!

EP 41 The Water Girl grow Up

Noelle only has actually a mainly to manage her magic. Once she and Asta fulfill a girl with tune Magic, Noelle learns that she demands a sort memory to regulate her spell. But that's easier said than done considering her family members history!

EP 42 The Underwater Temple

With Noelle's master spell the black Bulls head underwater! however their encounter v the Underwater Temple's high priest it s okay them wrapped up in a game. If they desire the magic stone, they're walk to have actually to face some major competition!

EP 43 Temple fight Royale

The black color Bulls (minus Yami!) take it on the Underwater temple mages. The Bulls begin off well, yet while Asta deals with off with a dangerous dancer Noelle find herself up against a acquainted face! Then one more group decides to interfere.

EP 45 The male Who Doesn't understand When to Quit

Despite their best efforts Magna and Luck autumn to Vetto! now it's approximately Asta and Kiato to take on the beastly mage. But as they face him the remainder of the squad takes ~ above the various other members the the Eye of the Midnight Sun!

EP 46 Awakening

Kahono and also Kiato show off your combo attacks but Vetto find a means that damages them most! with her friends beaten and broken have the right to Noelle finally display her true power? and will it be enough to take under this beast the despair?

EP 48 Despair vs. Hope

With Finral and Vanessa's help, Asta is may be to save Vetto ~ above his toes. However can they store up this insane speed or will they surpass your limits? The battle keeps heater up!

EP 49 past Limits

Not even the sickening cracked of his own bones will cause Asta to autumn into despair! Right when things it seems ~ the most hopeless, the pushes previous his border to store fighting on. However is the battle finally won?

EP 5 The man Named Fanzell, Continued

As Fanzell continues his find for Domina, he has actually an regrettably run-in with the remainder of the black color Bulls. After stable the misunderstanding, they're happy come send that on his way…that is, until the basic is attacked!

EP 6 Infiltration

Asta is brushed up up by Noelle, Finral, Zell, and Domina and suddenly taken to the Witches' Forest! once they manage to sneak in, they uncover Vanessa at the feet that the Queen who claims they will certainly all fall.

EP 8 Flames that Hatred

The battle heats up together Asta and also the black Bulls face the furious flamed-up Fana! yet when she fire gets too hot and also starts affecting Vanessa and also Finral's magic, it's approximately Noelle to usage her water magic come cool things off!

EP 11 Bettering One Another

Fana reveals the there's a magic stone in the Witches' woodland but prior to Asta and his friends discover it, Ladros reappears! once the Diamond Mage consumes Salamander's power, Asta may not was standing a chance.

EP 15 The an enig of the Eye that the Midnight Sun

It's study session time! Klaus wants his team prepared to confront the Eye that the Midnight sun at any type of given moment. So what much better way to prep than studying whatever their foe has done?

EP 17 fight to the Death?! Yami vs. Jack

Things in ~ the star festival are starting to heat up. Jack, the the green Praying Mantis', difficulties Yami to a deadly battle of marketing the many food! who will make it to the finish of the festival?

EP 18 The Briar Maiden's Melancholy

The Captain that the Blue rose Knights is prepared to display her thorns once she starts attracting the wrong type of fist at the festival.

EP 19 Two brand-new Stars

It's time to announce the rankings of the stars! i beg your pardon Magic items squad will come the end on top? and who will surprise lock all? Then once the king renders his appearance, he announces one exciting new event—a tournament for the Magic Knights!

EP 21 Saint Elmo's Fire

Without any kind of mana, there's no method Asta have the right to make it to the optimal of this volcano! the is, uneven he can manage his mystery power. As soon as everyone lastly makes it to the top, that deserve to only typical one thing—time for a soak!

EP 23 Flower that Resolution

Asta is fired up because that their very first match, but Xerx seems more interested in a nap! Looks favor it's increase to simply Asta and also Mimosa to carry the team. Luckily, Mimosa is bringing part brand-new an abilities to the fight!

EP 25 Mage X

Rill surprises everyone by beginning the competition! are the knights ready to confront a Magic items captain? Or will certainly Rill make everyone question a captain's capabilities? Meanwhile, Luck and also Klaus obtain ready to start their first match.

EP 28 pops Delinquent vs. Muscle Brains

After taking treatment of Kirsch, it's time because that Asta and Magna to face off! Magna is all set to display he's been obtaining stronger and also surprises Asta through a brand-new technique. Can Team B defend the decision or is this their last match?

EP 29 Special small Brother vs. Failed huge Brother

It's a fight between brothers together Finral and also Langris challenge off! however a dark strength lies in Langris that could quickly turn the battle.

EP 30 The Life the a certain Man

When the black Bulls step in to stop Langris from dealing a final blow come Finral, the sorcerer’s King needs the fight between Asta and also Langris happen in the semi-finals! It's Team B matches Team G to check out who is superior, and who will certainly survive!

EP 31 Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special!

While things space heating up in the tournament, Charmy is having actually her own dangerous encounter! Well, in her dreams at least. Get ready for an illustration filled v charm…y, la!

EP 32 Burn It into You

Xerx surprises everyone through a hidden seal top top his body. Yet even mirroring Langris' magic ago isn't enough to protect against the enraged vice Captain! have the right to Asta's black form stand up against this powerful spatial magic?

EP 34 together in the Bath

Asta is quiet in shock end his ns in the tournament. Shot as lock might, the black Bulls can't it seems ~ to gain their girlfriend to snap the end of it. But Yami has actually a suggestion, bath time!

EP 35 Yami and Vangeance

Yami reflects on the moment he spent working alongside wilhelm Vangeance, captain the the golden Dawn, and the mystery mission they to be given. Deserve to the 2 strong-willed mages job-related together to do the magician King proud?

EP 37 Storming the Eye that the Midnight Sun's Hideout!!!

The imperial Knights take some time to rest prior to preparing for their attack versus the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Yet when an foe spy is discovered, the mission is relocated up! Is Asta all set for his best test of stamin yet?

EP 38 The black color Bulls' Hideout

Gauche, Gordon, and also Grey room holding down the ft when the hideout is attacked by some acquainted faces. The trio must work quick to safeguard their home.

EP 40 Mereoleona vs. Ryha the Disloyal

Fierce fighter Mereoleona bring away on Rhya that the third Eye and also his wide range of formidable Copy Magic spells as Zora make the efforts to figure out just how they work.

EP 41 The sorcerer’s King vs. The Leader of the Eye the the Midnight Sun

It's a battle for the periods as the Clover Kingdom's mightiest mage bring away on the dynamic leader that the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and also an unforeseen guest.

EP 42 Julius Novachrono

The battle rages on in between the sorcerer’s King and also Licht, that holds a kingdom's precious of innocent people hostage. Julius recalls his biggest motivation.

EP 43 brand-new Future

Yami rushes to Julius's side as the sorcerer’s King's fight with Licht draws to a close. Yuno's team approaches the facility of the terrorist's hideout.

EP 44 Reincarnation

A look right into the origins of Licht's hatred of humans and also the complex ways whereby the third Eye, and Licht together he is today, pertained to be.

EP 45 The black Bulls Captain vs. The Crimson Wild Rose

It's Yami matches the elves: an initial Marx and also Owen, climate an elf-possessed Charlotte who appears bent on damaging the royal capital and everyone in it.

EP 47 The resting Lion

The vice-captain of the Crimson Lion Kings, now a reincarnated elf, transforms on his squad mates with an effective Air Magic. A mighty beast awakens in ~ last.

EP 48 The Desperate course Toward Survival

Mereoleona is left to challenge five powerful elf enemies alone, placing her "undefeated" title to the test. Mimosa's imperial Knight teammates turn on her.

EP 49 we Won't lose to You

Asta confronts his rival Yuno, among many golden Dawn members to have actually been taken over by elves. Licht is spurred to action, as are Yami and Finral.

EP 50 The resides of the village in the Sticks

Even remote little Hage town is no immune native the chaos overcome the Clover Kingdom. Asta and also Yuno are established to hit for your hometown.

EP 51 two Miracles

As Asta and Yuno fight a Poison tree mage, sister Lily recalls the letters they would send home. The priest is in a negative way; deserve to Asta's knife help?

EP 4 route of Revenge, path of Atonement

Fueled through Charmy's magical meals, Asta's team detours to protect Hecairo on their method to the royal capital and also picks increase a trio of many unlikely allies.

EP 6 Battlefield Dancer

Noelle should think outside the box to get the top hand in the pitched fight at home Silva. Thoughts of her mother assist her push past her limits.

EP 9 The eyes in the Mirror

Vanessa leads a team of black color Bulls trapped in a deadly dream civilization while Sally operation some quick experiments. Henry is identified to save his friends.

EP 11 Storming the shadow Palace

A team of formation captains and also talented Magic Knights invade the zero Palace, whereby a couple of formidable elves await the come of the final magic stone.

EP 13 Mastermind

The elf Ronne's betrayal pulls back the curtain to expose a important fiendish puppet grasp who's not nearly done pulling the strings, no by a long shot.

EP 16 A Reunion across Time and Space

A flashback to the truth behind the very first Wizard King's battle against the demon serves together prelude for a brand-new face authorized the fight versus the devil.

EP 17 The final Attack

Foes turned allies, knights, captains, and rivals alike push past their limits, finding new abilities together the epic devil battle reaches a fever pitch.

EP 18 Dawn

The hit is no yet over: the kingdom is quiet rife through elves bend on revenge. Patry watch within because that a solution--then it's time come bid farewell.

EP 19 3 Problems

Yami is agog in ~ what--or who--has taken the location of Julius's body. Asta and Secre room called before the Magic parliament for their devilish dealings.

EP 20 as Pitch black color as it Gets

Asta's black Asta type does the no favors in the court of Damnatio Kira. It's approximately a powerful few to save Asta's head indigenous the chopping block.

EP 22 Nero Reminisces... Part Two

Secre shows on Patry's reincarnation and that that his other elves, the utter havoc they wreaked, just how it every ended, and also what she future might hold.

EP 23 Return

The black color Bulls go back to a hideout in dire need of rebuilding, but an initial they must track under Yami's escaped beasts, now most likely feral--and hungry.

EP 24 The Blue Rose's Confession

Yami's visit come the Blue climbed Knights' HQ couldn't come in ~ a worse time because that Charlotte, who deserve to no much longer hide she feelings because that her other captain.

EP 26 to the heart Kingdom!

An exploration to the heart Kingdom uncovers a beautiful, mana-rich land that is a small less 보다 welcoming. Finral resolves to turn over a new leaf.

EP 27 The devil Megicula

The adversary Megicula is in the Spade Kingdom! Princess Lolopechka the the love Kingdom expose what the will require to defeat him and also lays out a deadline.

EP 28 The brand-new Magic Knight squad Captains' Meeting

The sorcerer’s King summons the Magic article captains to brief them ~ above the alliance through the love Kingdom versus Megicula and also to plan their following steps.

EP 29 A new Resolve

Asta, Yuno, Noelle, and Secre are dispatched to Hage Village, where Sister Lily presses the quartet into organization at the village's newest institution.

EP 30 The Lion Awakens

Mereoleona take away a couple of fiery handsful of black color Bulls to join her formation in a cultivate session in ~ Yultim Volcano, where several surprises await them.

EP 31 The Lion Awakens, Continued

The trainees split into teams hoping to uncover a particular magic item in the Yultim dungeon--if the gigantic spider lurking there doesn’t find them first.

EP 32 Those Who have actually Been Gathered

Asta and also Noelle come at the Fuegoleon residence for a secretive gathering, insignificant requests, and also an all-out brawl between two hefty hitters.

EP 33 The One Who has My Heart, mine Mind, and Soul

Finral asks Asta to aid him rest his very own curse: his flirty nature. Blue climbed Knights and Black Bulls come with each other for a meeting--or is that a mixer?

EP 35 Charmy's Century that Hunger, Gordon's Millennium of Loneliness

Charmy apprentices v the royal chef in the wishes of upping her food game, if Gordon go out looking for regained toughness through solitude.

EP 36 A Witch's Homecoming

The Queen that Witches agrees come teach Vanessa magic to buff she squadmates--but only if she can drive the substantial magic beasts the end of the queen's domain.

EP 37 A Favor because that Julius

Julius enlists the aid of an skilled in dark magic items and also sends two Magic article captains to inspection reports that bandits near a distant village.

EP 38 In Zara's Footsteps

While visiting his dad Zara's grave, Zora meet a civilian youth who's determined to sign up with the Magic Knights regardless of upper-class opposition.

EP 41 The Tilted Scale

Asta is in a deep sleep together a arbitrarily of black Bulls searches for the kidnapped Marie and Secre. Julius supplies both a promising lead and a warning.

EP 42 Those that Wish because that the Devil's Demise

The search for Marie and also Secre continues, stymied by villagers that resent the Magic Knights' inaction during the elf invasion. Time because that a brand-new plan.

EP 43 Rescue

Marie and also Secre challenge execution in the general public square for their purported dealings with the devil. The Magic Knights spring into action to rescue them.

EP 44 Those who Worship the Devil

Asta and friends find for Secre, abducted by a group of magic-poor world who think the power of the evil one can adjust their lives for the better.

EP 45 all set to Die

Asta ideologies the devil Believers, intent on talking points out together they close to the Spade Kingdom--and the mighty adversary dwelling in ~ its borders.

EP 46 ending up being the Light the Shines with the Darkness

A cohort that the mightiest Magic items captains intercepts the evil one Believers come dissuade them from your journey. Bow and Dazu discover their fates.

EP 47 Two points We have to Find

Secre recalls Prince Lumiere's plans because that Clover Kingdom equality. Asta and also friends examine in v Lolopechka as they prepare come train v her mages.

EP 48 The Maidens' Challenge

Grey asks her black Bull squadmates for aid overcoming she shyness. The Blue increased Knights train because that the Spade Kingdom fight. Julius gets an idea.

EP 49 Clash! The fight of the Magic Knights squad Captains!

Two teams of Magic knight captains put on an outrageous display screen of strength as they're pitted against each other in a new take on the royal Knights test.

EP 50 come Tomorrow!

Last year's new recruits to visit the Magic Knights enntrance gate Exam and also reflect on the year unable to do by. Vangeance return something that belongs to Yuno.

EP 51 The liked Ones

The Magic items captains recommend candidates for soul Guardian maintain in the heart Kingdom, and also several impressive mages are supported in rank.

EP 52 Vice-Captain Langris Vaude

With Yuno rumored to be the next golden Dawn vice-captain, the existing vice-captain obstacles the new Senior Magic Knight, very first Class come a face-off.

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