This 1,326-acre park is house to the arts museum, the zoo, scenic lakes, bike trails, and, that course, lot of of element picnic grounds. While this one may be acquainted to most St. Louisans, couple of have completely explored all that forest Park needs to offer. For picnics, us recommend the grassy areas on arts Hill, right external the Saint Louis art Museum and overlooking a relaxed grand basin. When you’re on arts Hill, check out the Shakespeare in the Park manufacturing of King Lear, coming up in June 2021. 

Art Hill can be overfilled on sunny days and also the weekends, therefore if you looking for much more privacy, check out the grass lawns in ~ Pagoda circle or the areas surrounding Post-Dispatch Lake. For a thorough malfunction of attractions, check out this useful and also easily navigable map. 

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2. Tower Grove Park4257 Northeast

Tower Grove Park is an city public park and also arboretum with large stretches of green meadows and varied plant life. There is no shortage that stylish pavilions appropriate for fun gatherings, celebrations, or ar events. The park also hosts various cultural and educational events including the Summer children Concert series and Tower Grove Farmers" industry on Saturday mornings and also Tuesday evenings. The full occasion calendar have the right to be uncovered here.

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Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

3. Citygarden801 Market

Between that breathtaking landscape, around the world renowned sculptures, and state-of-the-art water features, there’s a many to take in at Citygarden. Situated in downtown St. Louis, Citygarden is a regional favorite when it concerns enjoying public arts amidst stunning plantings, wide grassy lawns, a water fountain, a children spray plaza, and also a hardscape that granite, bluestone, and limestone. Bonus: There"s a 14-foot long limestone wall surface that displays movies, photography, and video clip art by neighborhood artists. Inspect out your website to see what’s on view.

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4. Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park13725 Marine

At 2,145 acres, Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park is the biggest park in St. Louis. Picnic ~ above the sand beach, reap the breathtaking lake view, and visit the “Dripping Springs” waterfall along the south-east shore. Desire to check out the lake? monitor a water trail throughout the lake and up the creek to suffer the area’s herbal flora and also fauna. 

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5. Laumeier Sculpture Park12580 Rott

Immerse in both nature and culture with a Laumeier visit. Occupational on a luncheon when gazing in ~ en plein air contemporary and modern sculptures, or grab a few friends for an artsy picnic. Arrangement to arrive in the at an early stage afternoon so you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset watch on Sunset Hill. If you’re there, take it a peek at their brand-new art exhibition, "The Future is Present: art and global Change," which explores the intersection of arts and an international climate change.

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An skip in Castlewood State Park. Picture by kris Naffziger

6. Castlewood State Park1401 Kiefer

Castlewood is perfect for a good old household gathering; the park functions several picnic sites, complete with a picnic table and also pedestal charcoal grill. The site is also an excellent for fishing, biking, and a organize of river activities such together canoeing and also rafting. 

" src="" title="LafayetteSquarePark.png">

Courtesy that Gabriel Mireless

7. Lafayette Park2023 Lafayette

One that the oldest public parks in Missouri, Lafayette is a quaint small nature getaway in ~ the love of Lafayette Square. Minimally adorned through a couple of bronze sculptures and also pavilions, the park is an excellent for those wanting peace and quiet for your picnic outing. Visitors deserve to enjoy a lake view, whereby a pair of love swans have the right to be seen, or turn their eyes towards a heat of victor townhouses top top Lafayette Avenue.

8. Faust Park15025 Faust Park

Home come a 1920s carousel, a butterfly house, and also a huge playground, Faust Park will save your children busy and also happy while girlfriend gaze in ~ trees and also sip your coffee. Amongst the top attractions is Faust historic Village, which showcases a selection of architectural styles and also buildings native 1840 come 1910. If you"re plan a family outing this summer, inspect the neighborhood calendar for funny events.