These Red Ribbon Week tasks were developed to aid supplement her drug education and learning lesson plans v engaging, no prep activities as friend educate your students about drugs and also the importance of preserving a healthy and balanced body. This printables comply with this year"s theme: "Be Happy. Be Brave. Be drug Free."

This bundle grows annually with additional tasks added to reflect the present year"s theme. It additionally includes the activities from the ahead years! as soon as purchased, you can download the file year after ~ year to obtain the to update FREE!!!!


⭐ native Searches

⭐ Word search Keys

⭐ composing Prompts with various Line Widths because that Differentiating

⭐ Bookmarks

⭐ Acrostic Poems Handout (Can be used to introduce acrostic poems to your students or for Interactive Notebooks.)

⭐ Acrostic Poems

⭐ Red Ribbon Week concepts for dress-up days

⭐ Lapbook Craftivity

⭐ architecture a Banner


⭐ Social living Lesson Plans for Red Ribbon mainly in October

⭐ Morning Work

⭐ an initial Five/Bell Ringers

⭐ proficiency Center

⭐ daily 5 Activities

⭐ Emergency Sub bath tub Lessons

⭐ inside Recess Activities

⭐ quick Finisher Activities

⭐ Homeschooling class



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Fire safety Packet v Close reading Passage

"Great source to help students learn about fire safety. Us all hope we are never ever in a circumstance where there is a fire, but in the unfortunate does happen, this packet offers excellent information to aid them prepare prior to a fire occurring and/or assist them understand what to carry out in the event of a fire. Really helpful, especially because we have had so numerous fires in ours area." ~ Angela R.

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K-5 sight Word shade by password Year Long growing Bundle

"Kelly! This is so great! ns absolutely love the these are distinguished for all my learners. I teach second grade and these will certainly be great for word study exercise for mine on level, listed below level AND above level readers!! ns am therefore excited to start prepping castle for next year! many thanks for your difficult work in developing these!" ~ Jennifer K.

Year lengthy Writing Prompts and also Word work-related Cards

"Love these! Looking forward to using these both in ~ home and also with my students! give thanks to you!" Buyer

World collection Baseball Bundle with STEAM/STEM Challenge

"I can"t wait to use this in mine classroom. Ns love the technology task cards.

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I"m always looking for more ways come use technology and this is a perfect systems for this unit. This is a good way to lug in current events also! many thanks Kelly!" ~Susan E.